One Final Orlando Post And Then I’m Done

I Find This Article Deeply Offensive

This was the headline to a recent “Queerty” article about the Orlando killings.  For those of you who may not know of “Queerty,” it’s a gay themed news and entertainment web site and is probably one of the most popular among the gay community.  It’s heavy on the entertainment side of things for the most part, news articles like this one not all that common.  I’ve reprinted the short article below:

June 2016
“Despite rumors that Orlando massacre gunman Omar Mateen used gay dating apps, watched gay porn and even had a secret boyfriend, federal investigators say they’ve found zero evidence to support these claims.
After scouring Mateen’s laptop, cell phone and the long trail of communications he left behind, nothing has emerged to suggest he led any sort of secret gay life, according to an anonymous official tied to the ongoing investigation.
Electronic devices belonging to men who claimed to have communicated with Mateen online were also reviewed but no links were made.
Investigators are still actively following leads about Mateen’s purported interest in gay clubs and gay men, but it’s looking like all that talk of him being a closet case may have been just that, talk.
At least one person who claimed to have chatted with Mateen online is sticking to his story, however.
Cord Cedeno was one of the first people to come forward and tell the media that he’d definitely spotted Mateen at Pulse prior to the massacre and had also interacted with him online. He is standing by that account, despite what federal investigators say.
Kevin West also told media he’d chatted with Mateen on Jack’d, and that he believes the gunman either scrubbed his device of any records or used a different phone.
“It’s almost certain that he covered his tracks,” West said. “Lots of people are still secretive about it. They say they don’t show their face online because, ‘I’m not out to my family, or because of my career.’ ”
Federal investigators say they believe men making such claims are either confusing Mateen with someone else or are not credible.”

I found this article incredibly offensive.   You all know that I have been profoundly disturbed by the swift erasure from the media of all motives of anything that smacked of “gay” to the universally acceptable “Islamist Jihadist Terrorist” theme related to Omar Mateen's killing spree.  It seems that “Queerty” is also wiping out any other theme but the jihadist one.  In a New York Times article this morning, the FBI states - anonymously - that they have found no material to back up the “gay/closeted homosexual” claims.  On the other hand, I’ve yet to see any evidence backing up the jihadist terrorist claims as well, absent Mateen's 9-11 calls.  But for a web site that is pro LGBT, I find it mysterious that they simply discount any and all statements and information that doesn’t support the religious terrorist theme. 

Here’s how I see the equation:


As I read the article, I wondered what it was that “Queerty” and the commentators were afraid of?  Are they afraid of tagging the LGBT community as enablers, perhaps, or afraid that any and all associations with “the gays” in this most horrific of mass shootings would rebound to their detriment as some collective condemnation of “the gay lifestyle” as the right wing contuse to insist upon calling it?  I just don’t know.  But in reply to the article and most of the comments, this is what I posted:

·       scott747
It is disturbing to me that so many folks want to ignore all the people who have stated that they saw Mateen at Pulse, used gay hookup apps, chatted with him, drank with him, one or two men (impersonators) saying that he’d been seen at Pulse for three years. Yes, the Geraldo guy with the wig and mustache who claimed he’d slept with Mateen was strange and not fully convincing Both his father and his wife alluded to Mateen’s having gay feelings. Frankly it seems to me that simply dismissing such statements as lies, some sort of fantasy concoctions, as folks merely seeking their 15 minutes of fame in the wake of a horrific tragedy is insulting to gay men and women and the LGBT community as a whole. What you are saying is that gay men are lying, untrustworthy, human beings who can’t even be serious in the face of the worst mass killing in our history. This dismissive stance reinforces the “acceptable” theme that Mateen was a self-radicalized jihadist Islamist terrorist despite – as of yet – the lack of any clear evidence that this was the case unlike in the San Bernardino shootings. All America and the media is rallying around the “easy motivation” that everyone can celebrate. But add another factor – that of someone at war with himself as opposed to simply at war with the West – and the popular motivation gets more complicated. But we in the LGBT community owe no apologies for Mateen’s murderous rampage what his motivations might have been but by ignoring that “difficult” part of Mateen’s humanity does exactly this.
Jun 25, 2016 at 8:25 am · @Reply ·

·       Here are two replies my post generated:

Baba Booey Fafa Fooey
@Captain Obvious: OMG PLEASE LET HIM BE GAY!! Yes, all of these people that knew Mateen can’t produce any evidence of it and they wear disguises! I want him to be gay because I want the world to know how evil and vile gay men are – more than they already think, PLEASE GOD–LET HIM BE GAY!!!

Captain Obvious
Do not think for yourself. Do not listen to anyone who isn’t a government sponsored father figure.
The patrons of the club and others who say they knew Mateen prior to this incident are all idiots who just don’t know any better. Listen to Uncle Sam or else!
Make ‘Merica great again by giving up your weapons and supporting the bombing of other countries in the name of Freedumb! Baaah baaah!

Even if Omar Mateen was a closeted homosexual torn by self-hatred, denial and internal conflict, the LGBT community owes no apologies to anyone for his murderous actions.  To do so, as the Queerty article (and many others) imply, would be like condemning  Christianity for being at fault for all the other mass killings that have been committed by Christians.  No one posits this and we should not fall into this blame trap.  I had thought that we had made sufficient progress in recent years that we no longer had to be afraid of being smeared with the tags of “immoral,” “sinful,” “dirty,” “condemned” or the still popular meme among too many folks that we are all pedophiles.  The fact that 49 gay men and woman, Latino for the most part, were slaughtered by this man is no reflection on the LGBT community nor the Latino community.  Let’s just have the courage to face whatever the real deal is about the motivations of Omar Mateen whether they fall under closeted self-loathing or Islamist terrorist and let the chips fall where they may. 

We are better than this article implies.  Gay men and women are not inveterate liars, we do not engage in seeking 15 minutes of fame any more than any one else, are not so fragile that we cannot face facts and reality, or that we are simply untrustworthy.  I have no idea if Mateen was secretly gay, secretly engaged in sex acts with other men, torn by internal conflicts or simply a self-radicalized Islamist terrorist and quite frankly I honestly don’t care given that the carnage is just unimaginable no matter what the motivation.  But I have to say that I have as much faith and trust in gay men and the LGBT community as I do in the FBI.  If not more.  

Tony Perkins of American Family Association fame, nor the Westboro Baptist Church bigots nor all those despicable preachers who took to YouTube with vile condemnatory videos after Orlando don’t and can’t define me, my sexuality or my life.   And neither does Omar Mateen.

NOTE: Here’s a Huffington Post piece I ran into yesterday that expresses my views both eloquently and precisely:  

 That's it on Orlando for me.  I'm done. 


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