Last night, Sean opened Fox’s hour long “investigation” into Hillary Clinton and the scandals attached to her with this statement:

“ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and the liberal media has devoted four times as much time broadcasting Trump scandals compared to the amount of airtime over Clinton Scandals:”

This was accompanied by a simple bar chart projected on the screen, one tall bar in blue showing Trump scandal airtime next to a short red one showing Clinton scandal broadcast time since the start of the Presidential election campaign.    The difference was immediately clear to anyone who wasn’t legally blind:  the lamestream media is biased against Trump.   

Is this simply a lie?  Probably not.  It could be true – there was no explanation about how such “data” was gathered and analyzed - but the message: the mainstream media has a liberal bias - - is precisely what Fox News’ watchers will remember because this is exactly what the piece was designed to achieve, leaving the impression that the media’s reporting about Trump/Clinton is highly skewed to demean and slander Donald Trump.  And It succeeds beautifully.    

But it’s actually a joke even if statistically it might very well be correct.  When it comes to scandal coverage, if you compare the coverage of Trump six month’s campaign to the last few years of airtime devoted to Clinton scandal coverage, the picture is very different.  After all, we’ve been flooded with media coverage of the Clinton Scandals from White Water to Benghazi to e-mails for a couple of decades now.  It’s old news.  And it’s no wonder that the media would latch onto the fresh, new scandals that keep popping up involving  Trump rather than rehashing the stale, old Clinton ones.  As Bernie Sanders famously proclaimed during a campaign debate: “We are tired of hearing about your damned e-mails.”    And, indeed we are.  But only “the rest of us” are tired of this ridiculousness.  The Tumpettes, the Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus and Republicans, particularly as House Committee Chair, Trey Gowdy (R-SC) threatens impeachment,  apparently are not. 

But these are the common, deceptive, misleading tactics that Fox and the right wing media employ to bamboozle their viewers.  Truthfully, I could not continue watching “Sean Hannity: The Hillary Clinton Scandals” last night since right off they were using Donald Trump video clips of his stupid “big speech about Hillary Clinton” last week during which he dragged up every discredited Clinton “scandal” of the past twenty years, including Benghazi, which had and have the all the legitimacy of a bag of marshmallows.

It’s not as if such shading and misrepresentation of reality exists only on Fox News and in the conservative bubble.  No.  In fact we see such misleading “information” all the time in political ads.  But that’s really my point.  One expects to see politicians running for office lying though their teeth about their opponents, about their records, about pretty much everything but in our degraded journalistic world of “fair and balanced” news coverage, there is simply no counterweight to the lies we see and hear every single day on our so-called news outlets.  This situation is due to "free speech" and the Supreme Court’s rulings that have made it increasingly difficult to call lying public officials to account.  But it's not the same in other democratic countries.  Campaign laws in India, for example, would have put Trump under official investigation for campaign violations when he announced the patent lie that “the Mexican government is sending rapists and criminals over the border.”  We don’t have similarly stringent election campaign laws against lies, misleading statements and falsehoods.  In fact, one wonders whether or not we have any restraints at all regarding the public airing of lies and falsehoods.  The Supreme Court just overturned the conviction of former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell on bribery and corruption charges.  And then there's  Congress, both in the House and in in the Senate, where “official investigations”  roll on and on and on for years unearthing exactly nothing as time and money keeps on a-wasting. 

And here's another one. “Cutting taxes creates jobs” has become the bedrock economic policy of every single Republican candidate and has been the conservative mantra to promote national growth and jobs for a couple of decades now.  Even House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Republican economic platform released yesterday, named (ironically)  “A Better Way,” continues this approach.  But in my research (and yes, I have) I have been unable to unearth a single study – a reputable study, let’s say, from a university research organization, and not some right winger’s blog – that actually demonstrates through data and facts that this is actually the case, that cutting taxes results in job gains in the real world.  Now the origins of this bedrock, conservative truism might be lost in the fog of America’s murky political history (actually it began with Ronald Reagan) but whatever the origins, it remains the single most influential economic policy that has determined our collective economic "well-being" and that has seen the virtual destruction of America's working and middle classes.

Me?  I think “cutting taxes creates jobs” is the single most detrimental economic policy we’ve had in place and the one that has led to the stagnating incomes for ordinary Americans, the exploding gap between the rich and the rest of us and our ballooning debt.    These are real facts.  These are the result of decades of this conservative "economic policy."  And these are real world results, the collateral damage of an economic policy based on a lie.  Based on a slogan.  Based on base-less, fact-less propaganda. 

Perhaps the selling and acceptance of the “cutting taxes creates jobs” truism by Republicans and Democrats alike has been more subtle than Fox News’ Sean Hannity’s misleading claims of liberal media bias against Trump, but they both share the fundamental truth that they are both false narratives designed not to inform but to persuade, to convince, to sway based on propaganda. 

Another fiction the right wing, Trump and the Brexit Leave Vote have relied on is that "illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans and Brits:"

And although it matters not a whit, in the end, whether or not there is liberal mainstream media bias against Trump in favor of Clinton, (its politics, after all) it most definitely matters when our principle economic public policy is based on an unproven premise, a fiction, a lie, let’s say.  The damage to ordinary Americans has been enormous.  

And then there's this again:

The Trump campaign has just released a tweet saying that Hillary Clinton murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi despite every single fact to the contrary.  Clinton's responsibility for the murder of Chris Stevens is simply added to her culpability for the murder of Vince Foster.   In what crazy world is such bullshit allowed?    

Have a good lie-filled day here in America!


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