I apologize for the dramatic “BREAKING NEWS HEADLINE” above but I wanted to get your attention.  And, no even Donald Trump – friend, of course, of both African Americans and “the gays” when he’s not speaking to some Bible Thumping Evangelical Leaders as he was yesterday in New York City hasn't gone this far.  But in his “tellin’ it like it is” and his “jettisoning political correctness” for “truth” he is expressing in slightly less offensives terms the feelings and beliefs of his supporters, The Trumpettes.  This is what they would like him to say in public, (but he doesn't have to) and this is no doubt what they do say in the privacy of their own homes and in the comfortable company of like-minded fellow White Americans.  This is what they are fighting for as they are assaulted daily by names like Jorge and Consuela and Wang and Zang on television and radio and in their local newspapers.   

There was a time in our not so distant, if seemingly fuzzy, historical past when hanging the niggers and offing the gays was a reality.  Not condoned by U.S. law, perhaps, but supported by State laws and not all that uncommon as such occurrences go in America just a few decades ago.  This resurgence of “reality speak” is nothing more than the last desperate collective gasp of a group of Americans, once supremely dominant, who are facing the reality of their passing, who are about to be swept off America's main stage.  It is estimated that by the year 2040 – a mere half-generation from now - White Americans will be a minority among a greater constellation of brown skinned, black skinned, and yellow skinned Latin Americans, African American and Asian Americans.  This is the reality that The Trumpettes simply will not, cannot, accept.  It is a future they see coming that they both fear and loathe. 

Their frustration, their dismay, their pain at no longer being afforded the category of Top Dog in American society is what’s driving them and why Donald Trump with his outlandish mouthings is their savior.  How, of course, even alleged multi-billionaire developer Trump is going to accomplish the regaining of the “rightful place of Whites at the pinnacle of power, influence and entitlement” is not entirely clear.  Sure, rounding up Muslims will reduce one minority group and deporting Mexicans will have the same effect on another.  Still.  Now, the “rest of us’ know that this will never happen and I suspect that the Trumpettes for all their boisterous cheering and frantic sign waving at Trump’s rallies are also aware of this reality.  In fact, the only way that this end could possibly be achieved is the elevation of a Hitler style leader into the Presidency  and even then, without a concomitant street revolution and Congressional revolution even this would not likely change anything.    But they are relishing their brief day in the sun before fading like a pale yellow sun on a cold, short winter's day.  Then too, there is the reality that both corporate and government nexii of power will be pretty much lily White for a few generations more. 

As we roll along towards November and as The Donald’s propositions, proposals and policies are shredded one after another, the attacks against him will only cement his followers into an even more impenetrable Mexican wall of undying adoration, admiration and love.  After all, The Trumpettes, in their view, are ground zero for decades long attacks against them, their values and their closely held religious beliefs so attacks on Trump are attacks on them.  Never mind that America and the world have changed and they have basically and quite simply been left behind as if, unbeknownst to them, the Rapture has already occurred and they find themselves left behind in a barren wasteland of multiculturalism, One World treachery and race-mixing blasphemy.   The sharp winds of progressive change blow across this desolate land cutting them to the quick no matter how hard they try to protect themselves.

The blazing irony of the entire situation is that these are the same folks who, year after year after year, voted into office the very politicians who, year after year after year, enacted policies in the name of Free Market Capitalism, competition,  individual initiative and God’s beneficial righteousness that over the past three decades have crushed them, smited them dumb like the holy wrath of an invisible, evil God let loose among them.  This year, this crazy rollercoaster ride of an election year, they did have a chance to support someone who both understood their plight and in no uncertain terms did “tell it like it is” and had a plan to do something about it: Bernie Sanders (I-VT).  But naturally, being more captivated by slick political sloganeering and catchy catch phrases rather than cold, hard, disconcerting facts, the Trumpettes were deaf to these truths because: Socialism.  Every single Republican candidate this year offered them nothing more than “cutting taxes creates jobs,' "regulations are killing America" and "government is the problem," the very same policies that they have been promising would lead to the “Promise Land of Holy Righteous Conservative America” for three decades now.  In fact, the exact same propositions that have crushed America’s working and middle classes of which The Trumpettes are a part.  The Donald, for all his “tellin’ like it is,” for all his non-PC talk and his straight from the hip attacks on all his opponents is, in yet another blazingly ironic sleight of political showmanship and game show bravura, offering more of the same disastrous recipe that has so utterly failed them for the past thirty years. 

So even though Donald Trump does not let the word “nigger” slip from his lips in public - nor will he - as he embraces all the bigotry, xenophobia, nativism, atavism, racism and niggardliness of his supporters, he doesn’t have too.  The Trumpettes know what he means.  And so does Trump. 

Have a good day.  Sorry that it won’t be a more Socialist day than today was, but there’s still tomorrow. 


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