Now that North Carolina's Governor McCrory has tripled down on HB2 by suing the Justice Department in order to keep discrimination alive in his state and the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, has sued him back, are we looking at the final chapter in our thirty year old national Culture Wars?  Maybe.  And while the "you must use the bathroom that matches the gender on your birth certificate no matter how many surgeries you've had, no matter how many years of hormone therapy, no matter how many years of psychological counseling you've had to change your birth gender, Gov McCrory and the NC legislature, honestly don't care.  And all the rationales about how North Carolinians don't want some random man using the woman's toilet because "sexual abuse" are basically an abuse of reality and common sense.  Yeah.  We all see male perverts hanging outside the door to  women's toilets all over the country.  Sure.  I mean you've seen the lines that form at women's bathrooms just as I have.  To be avoided at all costs, is my view, male pervert or otherwise.

But this whole "controversy" has engendered some pretty spectacular quotes.  Like the following:

McCrory:  "No one in North Carolina was talking about bathroom policy until the Charlotte City Council imposed a mandate on private businesses."  

So then I suppose that the law that mandates the provision of bathrooms at all in bars and restaurants is also some imposition on private businesses?  Well, in fact, it is.  Just like the same mandate that requires private businesses to be handicapped accessible, or to provide parking spaces or to meet fire codes.  Private businesses are imposed with mandates all the time, all over the country.  Of course, Republicans will go on and on about how "gubment regulations" are destroying the Free Market Capitalist System.

McCrory: "It is now time for the city of Charlotte elected officials and state elected officials to get back to working on the issues most important to our citizens."

Yes, I'm sure that the Charlotte City Council anticipated the explosion of national attention their action to accommodate transgender citizens was going to engender. Nor, I suspect, did they think that this issue would wind up as a Huge Deal in the State Legislature.   But, of course, with the loss of revenue, boycotts and anti-North Carolina publicity that McCrory has engendered, it's probably going to be some time before Charlotte, its citizens and its business community get back to normal particularly with the impending lawsuits. 

Lawrence Sheaheen, lawyer and political consultant, thinks that the Charlotte City Ordinance is part of a "radical left-wing agenda that the Obama Administration is enforcing by dictatorship."  

I guess my first question to him would be: "Mr. Sheehan, would you please identify the radical left wing dictators who forced the Charlotte City Council to enact a bathroom law?  Second question:  Was it  Attorney General Loretta Lynch who flew down to Charlotte and threatened a Justice Department lawsuit if the city didn't enact a bathroom bill?  Of course, when in a jam, always bash the "libruls" just as Rush Limbaugh never fails to do.  And naturally, it's all Obama's fault. 

The Charlotte City Council Bill amended the city's non-discrimination law - enacted first in 1968 to bar discrimination based on race, and subsequently amended to include  other forms of discrimination but not sexual orientation.   The ordinance adopted this year added sexual orientation to the law.  It was not the first time that the city had proposed this amendment.  It was not adopted in 1992 when now-Governor McCrory was a member of the city council.  It was voted down 7-4.  McCrory voted against it. 

While the Charlotte Bathroom bill was an anti-discrimination bill that modified the city's non-discrimination ordinance, NC Bill HB2 went much farther than just banning the implementation of Charlotte's bathroom bill.  Sure, it did that, but it also banned all towns, cities and counties in the state from adopting minimum wage laws, hiring laws, voids all anti-discrimination hiring laws except as they apply to state employees, bans jurisdictions from mandating employee benefits, work hours, and vacation provisions.  
Shocking you say?  Sure.  But in North Carolina, all powers not specifically granted to local jurisdictions remain the purview of the state so, yes, such provisions banning cites from enacting any laws not specifically granted under the State Constitution are perfectly legal.   

But, of course the solution to this "tranny bathroom" problem is actually quite simple.  While uber-liberal, predominantly Black DC may not be a model for the rest of the nation, we've handled it without any controversy whatsoever.  How?  Well in the old days most bars and restaurants had two bathrooms:  One designated "Male" the other "Female."  But along came the Federal "Americans With Disabilities Act" in 1990.  So, in order to comply with this legislation, most bars and restaurants converted one bathroom into a handicapped accessible facility and converted the other one into a "Unisex" bathroom.  Problem solved.  Now I don't have any official data on how many transexual people have attacked men, women or children in unisex bathrooms here in D.C. but I can't recall a single one.   


By the way, it will probably come as no surprise to you that Governor McCrory is up for re-election this year.  And, as in many states (let's say Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Wisconsin for example) he dare not upset the Tea Bagger/Evangelical/Radical Right Wing contingent of North Carolina's electorate.  Eric Cantor (R-VA) former representative from Virginia leaned this lesson the hard way when the Tea Party got together and Cantor lost the GOP primary to David Brat who was even more right wing than Cantor.  But apparently current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI) has learned.  Which is precisely why he isn't supporting Donald Trump since he too is up for re-election this year and Wisconsin is a state that has elected ultra conservatives - viz Governor Scott Walker.  

Why do I think that NC's HB2 might spell the end of the Culture Wars?  Well just as with same sex marriage, conservative Republicans just can't let shit go.  Long after the majority of the U.S. population believed that same sex marriage was not a threat to them or their families, the batshit conservatives and evangelicals just couldn't stop.  And bingo!  The Supreme Court - even our current conservative court - basically told them that they had lost the battle.  Plus with the rise of Millennials in our political system, they are virtually unconcerned with the old Culture War issues since they have mountains of college debt and can't get decent jobs, or let's call them "real issues" that actually impact their lives.  

Same Sex Marriage Goes Boom?  Same thing with North Carolina's HB2 Bathroom Bill.  

Have a good day!  But if you're in North Carolina choose your public bathroom with caution!

Here's an interesting take on this whole stupid issue:



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