Yes, Trey Sims’ girlfriend was only 15 years old and he was16.  She sent him a couple of nude pics of herself to his cellphone; he reciprocated by sending her an Anthony Weiner pic of his dick, not Anthony’s who’s dick we’ve all seen (although, sadly, not in the new documentary “Weiner” that I saw last night.)   Actually, it was a short cell phone video that did not reveal his face but it did, however, reveal another part of his body.  More about that shortly.  Of course it all came crashing down when girlfriend’s Mom discovered the vid on her 15 year old daughter’s phone.  And, of course, as all good mother should do, she contacted the local police office.  So far, so good.

To recap, so far what we have is little more than your typical, inappropriate, teenage behavior but then the very definition of “teenager” revolves around inappropriate, dangerous, wacko behavior of all sorts.  But this is Virginia, don’t forget, an schizophrenic “on again” “off-again” red state that occasionally turns purple for Presidential elections.  The Commonwealth is, howver, a diehard FAMILY VALUES state, this meaning (natch) that the only acceptable means for teenagers to engage in sexual activity of any sort (not that Trey and/or his girlfriend were charged with such) is to “Just Say No!” that tried and true safe sex means of ensuring that teenage pregnancies are still as common as abandoned cotton fields in the Old South.  

The entire innocent-but-maybe-not-all-that-smart case went bad when State’s Attorney, Claiborne Richardson II (the name? We are talking about Virginia, after all) issued a search warrant for Trey’s home and directed Prince William country detective David Abbott to obtain pictures of Trey’s genitalia to ensure that the dick vid that was sent to his girlfriend’s phone was his and not an internet copy of Anthony Weiner’s or some random porn star’s dick.  (Weiner’s, by the way, if you are interested – and with a family name like a brand of hot dogs, wasn’t it inevitable that he would run afoul of the whole sexting trend? - is more fat and chunky than long and skinny.) And Abbot did.  Problem was, apparently and although the article is less than clear on this point, I think we have to assume the following given subsequent events: the photo Abbot captured of Trey’s dick showed his member in its relaxed, flaccid state, which state apparently – again, not crustal clear from the article – was apparently not the state that whoever’s dick it was (recall, if you will that we are trying to match Trey’s real live dick to the vid dick his girlfriend received on her cell phone) that Mom discovered on her daughter’s phone.  So natch, additional investigatory steps were called for.  

Upon issuance of a second search warrant (and can’t you just imagine the judge’s particulars of this second warrant?) to ascertain the true identity of the dick in the dick vid, the search warrant allowed Abbot to violate Trey’s person so that Detective Abbot could obtain a picture of Sims’ erect dick.  And while the story doesn’t delve into the mechanics of how Detective Abbot might have been able to obtain pictures of Trey’s erect dick which, I’m making an assumption here, the search warrant must have specified such since pics of his non-erect dick were already in police custody.  In attempting to secure the “evidence” detailed in the second search warrant, Detective David Abbott of the Manassas Police Department threatened Sims with “forcible injection of his penis with chemicals to induce an erection” at a local hospital.  Sims, at this point, was being held in a juvenile detention facility. And, at this point, the sordid dick vid case exploded, so to speak.

As a result of what turned out to be a spy case worthy of Sherlock Homes (“The Case of The Suspect Dick”), pre-trial, Trey was required to spent a year on home probation, prohibited from using a cell phone, and could not leave his home except to attend Osbourn High School in Manassas where he was a student.

One might conclude that the aggressive pursuit of Trey by the long, manipulative fingers of the law by this time, was a kind of perverted pursuit of justice.  Well, as it turned out, once Trey’s situation made the local news, so did the rest of the county.   The public was outraged that Trey Sims, a young teenager of 16 had been so mishandled by the Prince William Country authorities. Virginia’s state motto “Virginia Is For Lovers” also took a substantial hit in the eyes of the public, many of whom suggested the Virginia State Legislature should amend it into something like “Virginia Is For Dick Pic Lovers” and similar unfriendly and un-touristy suggestions.

Already the story had sufficient salaciousness and weirdness to make it one of the Breaking News Headlines on Fox.  But, it gets even weirder. 

Sims, now 19, has filed a lawsuit against the assistant Prince William county state’s attorney (you remember him, he with the drippy southern moniker of Claiborne Richardson II) and the intensely focused detective David Abbott, who Trey’s lawyer, one Victor M. Glasberg, accused of himself of manufacturing child pornography as a result of photographing Trey’s flaccid dick, and presumably could have been doubly compounded had Abbott been able to manufacture a second photo showing Trey’s dick standing at patriotic, jock-boy attention, let’s say.  Also, while Trey was charged with manufacturing child pornography, his girlfriend, who started us down the weird wormhole that is the case of Sims vs. The Commonwealth of Virginia, Richardson II and Abbott, was not.  So, charges  defense attorney Glasberg, Sims has had his constructional right of equal protection violated and charged that the authorities were guilty of “unreasonable search” (but not seizure!) both acts in violation of the Constitution of the United States.  I mean Damn!  I want that guy Glasberg if I’m ever charged with manufacturing pornography.  Talk about “turn-around” being fair play!  Trey is seeking punitive damages in his Federal civil rights violation case against the “Virginia Is For Lovers” authorities.

Sims completed a second round of home probation and, eventually, all charges against him were dropped.  You would think that the only thing us curious public bystanders have to do is to await the results of Trey Sims’ case against the Virginia officials who manhandles him so badly.   

But you would be wrong.  Indeed, very wrong.  The weird case of charges of manufacturing child porn by both the prosecution and the defense, has been somewhat overshadowed by what has happened to ace Manassas City Detective David Abbott.  You see, Detective Abbot, an unmarried youth hockey coach who lived with his mother, apparently had a habit of conducting “inappropriate relationships” with some of his teen players according to police investigators.  He was charged last December by the police with molesting two young boys in his home.

He committed suicide as the cops were knocking on his front door.

NOTE: Just in case I’ve inadvertently mis-handled, massaged or manipulated the rather complicated series of events in this case, I refer you to the full WashPo article above.


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