You’ve seen the guy, Michael Nunez from Gizmodo, magically appearing on media outlet after media outlet (I’ve seen him twice – last night and this morning on “CBS This Morning”) touting his organization’s research findings that a group of “East Coast liberal college graduates” essentially works to ban conservative news stories from appearing on Facebook’s Trending News crawl.  For me, I don’t use Facebook to get my news.  I don’t use Facebook all that much for anything more than exchanging messages with a couple of friends and watching the video clips my cousin in Florida sends me.   For news I turn to PBS, BBC, Huffington Post, Politico, The New York Times and occasionally Al Jazeera.  Although not necessarily my ideal of television news - today "news" has a decided entertainment slant that was nonexistent during the days of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite – every once in a while Fox News just to keep up with what’s happening in the right wing bubble.

Among the list of “news outlets” that Nunez claims the “East Coast liberal college graduates” have banned, is the Drudge Report.  WTF?  The Drudge Report?  Are we talking about the same Drudge Report that back in the 1990’s was arguably one of the leading purveyor of Bill and Hillary “news” exposing dozens of criminal scandals that – oh dear, reality must intrude here – absolutely none have resulted in a single civil or criminal charge?  Except, of course, for the Monica Lewinski blow job in the White House scandal.  This is the same Drudge Report that while no longer at the forefront of conservative “news” continues to follow the Clinton slandering train?  We’re talking here about the self-same Drudge Report that just last year (2015) presented a revised scenario about the murder of Vince Foster?  (If you are unaware of what happened to this Clinton White House aide please Google it and ignore all the “murder” hits you come up with.)  Yes.  Here’s the latest Drudge Report “news” about the 1993 "murder" of Vince Foster:

Hillary Clinton didn’t actually pull the trigger on the gun that killed White House Aide Vince Foster.  No she didn’t actually fire the gun that was found in the car where Foster died.  She arranged for it. 

And there you have it.  The Drudge Report’s latest “take” on the "murder" of Vince Foster at the conniving hands of Hillary Clinton. 

As for me, sure I could see where denying Fox News a place on Facebook’s trending news crawl or feed or whatever it’s called might be a legitimate bias complaint but to include the Drudge Report in a list of “news” providers that prove Facebook's bias is like not including the “fact” that the Earth is 6,000 years old and humans co-existed with dinosaurs as the Fundamentalists would like public school systems to include in their curriculum.   This is not "fair and balanced," this is just nonsense. 

But let’s consider the bigger picture.  Rupert Murdoch’s “Fair and Balanced” Fox News is tagged as a legitimate source of news like, CBS News or the New York Times for example, for our consumption.  I quarrel with this designation when I’m of an age when Murrow and Cronkite were our sources for what was actual news and editorial content was introduced on screen with an announcement like “The Following Is An Editorial” thus keeping news separate from opinion.   But fine.  I’ll let it go since there is no longer any distinction between news and opinion in our media today.  But Facebook is not a news outlet, no matter how one defines “news” in 2016.  Is it “news” that Hillary Clinton was responsible for the deaths of four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi in 2012?  Years of Congressional “investigations,” reports, “news analysis” and taxpayers money have not yet proven that she was.  But the “investigations” continue.  Facebook is not a news outlet.  It is, as we all know, a linchpin of what we term “social media” and probably the largest, most influential of such worldwide social media complexes.  

Now forgive me if I don’t see where a social media outlet must be “Fair and Balanced” as, naturally, Fox News is.  And as far as their “news” crawls (or whatever it’s called) in five years I’ve clicked on maybe one of the stories that appear to the right of the posts, the things that I’m actually logged onto Facebook for.  It’s a sign of the times (Ah!  Prince.  Miss him so much!) where we no longer seem to be able to discern legitimate bias from the right of individuals and organizations to create and promote whatever we and they choose.  Under the implied standards put forth by Gizmodo and Nunez, it would mean that the VNN and National Socialist hate groups, should be required to post sympathetic articles about Blacks (they use the term “Niggers”) and Jews (the use the term “Kikes”) something, trust me, you and I will never see.

So all the broohaha about Facebook “bias” is nonsense.  Sure, Facebook doesn’t select Drudge Report “news” and as far as I’m concerned, thank God for small victories.  Mark Zuckerberg, naturally, has issued an apology and a disclaimer over the whole stupid business.  This is what CEO’s do today.  Zuckerberg should rather have defended their bias since he and Facebook as a social media outlet rather than a “news” outlet, is under no obligation to be “Fair and Balanced” like, for example, Fox News.  And as for the East Coast liberal college graduate crew (Harvard was mentioned) who is allegedly banning conservative news items from appearing in the trending news crawl next to Facebook’s posts, I for one hope that they continue to do their jobs just as they have been.  After all, given the amount of time our “lamestream media” continues to devote to conservative, right wing, Tea Bagger and Republican “news,” I’m thankful for getting a break on Facebook from The Donald. 

Maybe if there was more liberal news rather than conservative news, at some point in our future, both our past and present Republican candidates for the Presidency and the public might come to the shocking conclusion that “cutting taxes creates jobs” is simply not true. 

And so it goes. 


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