Just came away from reading a Rolling Stone’s article entitled “The War On Planned Parenthood” and it pretty much sums up the sorry state of affairs in our Red States – and Purple State, Ohio – when it comes to protecting women’s health.   Of course the new de-funding and restrictive clinic standards efforts have nothing to do with protecting anyone’s health but are simply tactics to get rid of abortions altogether.  Since abortion (up to 20 weeks, let’s say) is still legal in the United States, Ohio, Mississippi, Texas, etc. can’t legally outlaw abortion with state laws but they are doing a pretty good job of eliminating clinics where abortions take place.  In 2015 alone, 27 Planned Parenthood clinics have closed.

“The War On Planned Parenthood: Inside the Republican Stealth Campaign to Dismantle Reproductive Rights,” by Alex Morris in the April 13, 2016 issue of Rolling Stone is a combination survey of Red State legislative and regulatory efforts and her personal account of what she went though while researching the story.  She was pregnant at the time and her pregnancy did not end well.   Below are a few of the key elements from the story.  


Those requirements that abortion doctors require admitting privileges in hospitals?

Sounds reasonable.  Except that unlike hospitals who are required by law to admit anyone who appears on their doorsteps – gunshot victims, heart attack victims, stroke victims, accident victims – abortions are one of the safest “surgical” procedures around. 

Should abortion clinics have to meet all the requirements for ambulatory surgical centers?

Again.  Sounds reasonable doesn’t it.  But abortions aren’t actually “surgery” and one quarter are accomplished by the taking of a pill.  There are no surgical incisions with an abortion.  Then, too, someone having wisdom teeth extracted by a dentist are three times more likely to experience complications. 

Five state, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming have only one clinic in the state that performs abortions.  And Ohio might be next.  Although 65% of Ohioans oppose de-funding Planned Parenthood, Presidential Candidate and Republican  Governor John Kasich has signed 17 ant-abortion measures since he took office in 2011.  Today 82 of Ohio’s 88 counties have no abortion provider.  Since Kasich took office, half of Ohio’s 16 abortion clinics have closed. 

Since the much publicized and since proven wrong Planned Parenthood videos taken by the Center for Medial Progress back in 2015, twelve states have conducted investigations into whether or not Planned Parenthood was profiting from the sale of fetal tissue.  Plus there were the Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) lead House public hearings where only Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards testified and was subjected to a disgusting display of disrespect, bullying and ignorance.

Who Gets Abortions?:

36% are Caucasian; 30% are Black; 25% are Hispanic.  40% of all women who get abortions live below the poverty line.

In Ohio, when the State Legislature was considering HB 294 which is designed to remove all state and Federal funding for abortions, a list of 300 alternatives to Planned Parenthood was circulated in an attempt to show that where were plenty of options without Planned Parenthood.  The list included “dentists, food banks, drug rehab centers and retirement homes.”

One bright spot in all this mess occurred recently in – of all places – Texas.  Yes, Texas.  The Red State where 41 clinics existed in 2012 and where only 18 -  soon to become 10 – exist today, is subject of a lawsuit that is currently in front of the Supreme Court.  But a Grand Jury who was empaneled to investigate Planned Parenthood as a result of the Center For Medical Progress videos, wound up charging the Center for Medical Progress instead. (Those San Antonio libruls just won’t quit!)

 I think we all realize that the Red State Republican push to “protect women’s health” is no more than an attempt to eliminate abortions.  Period.  The entire effort runs exactly parallel to the “preventing voter fraud” push with strict Voter ID laws and anyone with a functioning brains understands that Voter ID laws are nothing more than a Republican effort to prevent minority, elderly, (and presumably LGBT) Democrats from voting. 

Both efforts are remarkably similar.  In both cases the facts of the matter – in nearly a billion votes studied there were 10 cases of voter fraud that photo ID’s would have prevented and Planned Parenthood does not sell baby parts for profit – don’t matter.  Republicans have a penchant for ignoring factual information and data.  As you know “cutting taxes creates jobs” is my favorite piece of Republican fiction.  But this trend is beginning to catch up with them.  It’s why Bernie Sanders has become a real threat to Hillary Clinton because a whole lot more folks today than even five years ago understand that the Republicans aren’t promoting sound economic, social and political policies, they are selling snake oil, sloganeering and propaganda.  

Republican hypocrisy, obstructionism, and lack of attention to working and middle class folks has emerged full blown onto the American scene. Apparently America is beginning to catch on. 

Let’s hope it’s not too late. 

Have a good day.

PS: Just saw that Ringo Starr joined Bruce Springsteen by cancelling a concert in North Carolina.  


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