Will Cruz's Distaste For 'New York Values' Hurt Him With New York Voters?

Since I am originally from upstate New York, Rochester, my first exposure to NY Values was at the age of 16 when I lied to my parents and took a five hour bus ride down to the Big Apple.  I've lost count of the number of times I've been there since. The city has changed a lot since my first visit, but I have to say that I don't see a whole lot of change in the values of New Yorkers.   They have impressed me as always being a bit rushed, a tad tough, sometimes rude, but always and forever helpful to others when needed, even if they have a New York attitude when then do.  Plus, New Yorkers are immensely proud of calling themselves denizens of the most wonderful city in the world. I just came back from my last visit a couple of weeks ago and, true to form, had a great time: saw "Kinky Boots," the 9-11 Memorial, and Santiago Calatrava's spectacular new Transit Hub in the Memorial Plaza and did the round of museums and art galleries. 

But here's what Republican candidate for the Presidency, Ted Cruz (R-TX), had to say about New York Values in this campaign ad: 

I think Ted might just have lost every single Republican vote among the 8.4 million folks who call New York City home.  Besides, folks from New York City have a well-established relationship with The Donald, (often a loving, adoring one; often a prickly, contentious one), and don't need any advice from The Teddy about their values.  After all it wasn't Dallas or Houston that was hit by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001.  It was New York City. 

Here's Ted On Fox News: 

Now New Yorkers have a habit of switching sides when it comes to the Office of the Mayor.  There was liberal John Lindsey and Ed Koch (who loved dressing in drag) during the 1970's and 1980's but they also elected more conservative types like Rudy Guiliani and billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Just last year New Yorkers elected super-liberal Bill De Blasio who ended NYC's infamous "Stop and Frisk" practices, raised the NYC minimum wage, extended paid leave for city employees, implemented a universal pre-kindergarten program, remained calm when a couple of Ebola cases were discovered in NYC as New Jersey's Chris Christie lost his mind,  settled the infamously and criminally unjust Central Park Five case and has not brought on New York City Armageddon as the Wall Street Journal and other media outlets predicted prior to his election.  True, all of his accomplishments could be called 'liberal" and they've been called much worse by his detractors.  But you could also call them practical measures designed to make life for the millions of New Yorkers who aren't million or billionaires, better.  Wow! How revolutionary is that!

So, yes, New Yorkers may be a contentious bunch, but they are also practical.  Folks on the street knew that "Stop and Frisk" was both useless in preventing crime and targeted minorities unfairly, so they did something about it.  They elected the one guy running for office who agreed with them: Bill De Blasio.

Now here's Ted Cruz's non-New York Values:

The above clip is a year old.  But nothing has changed about Ted's views: He's the same fundamentalist, Tea Party, anti-gay, ultra conservative, uber-Christian warrior, anti-government, Obama hating, bigoted, racist, junior Senator from Texas that he always was.

Personally, I'm thrilled that Cruz won the Republican Primary in Wisconsin. Although it is my fondest wish that Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate since I think he would be the easiest for the Democrats to beat, Cruz is my second choice without a nano-second's hesitation.  He is the True Red Blooded Ultra Conservative that the Tea Baggers have been whining about and pining for since John McCain and Mitt Romney lost their elections because, to them, they weren't conservative enough.

Well, it looks like they just might have to stop whining this year.  Of course when Cruz goes down in flames on November 8 this year, as I predict he will, they will have no one to blame but their own, bigoted, racist, fundamentalist selves!  Oh, no.  Wait!  They will blame Obama!

That's All Folks!


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