Note the fact that Trump supporters, the vastest of majority whom self-identify as White, (how many times have you seen a Black person at a Trump rally who wasn’t being strong-armed and stutter stepped out the door or sucker punched by a supporter) feel like they are losing out to Blacks, Immigrants, Asians and pretty much any of America's demographic cohorts like owners of three-legged dogs and blind in one-eye cats.   And while not always at the top of the “real world facts” list of proven data and statistics, about this one, they are right.  Right if you mean population data wise.  Whites are “losing out” to minorities when it comes to a demographic proportion of American’s population: they are declining.  Have been for a while now.    Hispanic Americans, 55 million of them, for example, make up 17% of our population right now and demographically, they are young with an median age of 27.  The median  age of our White population is 37 and unless a few new medical miracles appear on the scene, they are pretty much past the child rearing age, statistically speaking.  Latinos?  Not so much.  And in the future, illegal or not, they are going to be having more children than Whites.   

But this "loss of America" to young Hispanics is not what Trump supporters really mean.  Well, sure, that too.  But what they mean goes something like “we feel as if America’s government, culture, media and life in general is being hijacked by Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Gays, Trannies, and a whole bunch of other non-White actors and we aren’t going to take it anymore.”  Me?  I say good luck with that.  When The Donald emerged from his make-up room on the set of “You’re Fired!” (sorry, "The Apprentice") and started ranting against the Mexican government sending rapists and drug dealers across our southern border, he found a gleefully receptive audience in the old White guy segment of our population who believe that they have been pushed aside by Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Gays and Trannies. 

Realizing that he had hit a resonant cord, The Donald – ever attuned to audience ratings - expanded his reportorial outrage to include Women, Muslims and Angela Jolie  - “She’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby... And, I just don’t even find her attractive" – to round out his ongoing tirade against Fox’s Megyn Kelly and to illustrate that he is an equal opportunity Female Basher since Kelly is a blonde and Jolie a brunette.   And THEY loved it!  Forget that Trump doesn’t seem to recognize the meaning of the term “fact” or that his brainless, blustering, bullying, braggadocio is blazingly lacking in policy proposals (apparently “policy” is another term not included in The Donald’s English lexicon), to them, he’s “tellin’ it like it is” in a wholly non-politically-correct fashion, the same fashion that they too would like to have been engaged in for decades now.  He is expressing the feelings that they have harbored while they have seen their America ripped from their “cold, dead” hands in the unforgettably pungent words of NRA spokesperson, Charlton Heston.

Donald Trump has inherited the Tea Party racists, those who say things like "if only Black people obeyed the law, they wouldn't wind up dead at the hands of the police" or "All Lives Matter" rather than "Black Lives Matter" (which slogan they consider the pinnacle of racism) who apparently live in all White communities and never have to be served in a restaurant by some 17 year old guy from Ecuador or have their lawns cut by three Mexican illegals.  Or maybe if they do encounter such foreigners, at Walmart, let's say, they simply can't figure out that the dark skinned women with the long black pigtails rummaging through the Blue Light Special bin right next to them, isn't out to screw them and "we the people," but is simply trying to make a better life for her and her children.

Where, one might ask, is the Trump Tsunami going?  For me, it’s on the same debris strewn shore that the Tea Party and their palpable hatred for Barack Obama has wound up on.   Once, with a favorable poll rating of nearly 30% back in 2010 when their anti-Obamacare tirade was in full flower, their poll numbers have dropped to less than 17% today.   For years we suffered through all the "Obama is a dictator," "the most criminal President ever," "he's a secret Muslim" rants of the Tea Partiers as they and their erstwhile leader, Ted Cruz, vowed to "Take America Back Again" a futile attempt to ignore the realities of demographic data. The same phenomenon will likely befall the Trump Supporters as well even if Trump wins the Republican nomination.  Why?  Because, just like the Tea Party, The Donald's supporters' extreme views just don’t reflect the views of most of us Americans.  Yes, and just like the Tea Party, it might take time for their non-PC, tellin’ it like it is adoration of The Donald to fade, but there is no question that The Donald’s views and those of his supporters simply cannot withstand the inevitable harshness of the cold reality of the real world - the one that the rest of us live in along with America's Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Gays and Trannies.   

The current wave of Trumpism is like being at the top of a 10 story Ferris wheel – it’s an exciting, gut churning, wild apogee of a ride that must inevitably wheel back down to earth where the rest of us live. 

 Have a good day!

PS: Here in the capital of the Free World, winter-like weather has descended upon us once more.  With nighttime temps scraping the freezing mark, and daytime ones barely making it out of the 50’s (we had 80 degree temps just a week ago) we are forced to retrieve all the wooly outwear from the back of our closets where we thought they would remain until next November.   


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