Saturday Apr 16, 2016
Transgender Americans might be interested to learn that in the wake of North Carolina’s HB2-induced tailspin, conservatives have upgraded their threat level to humanity—it’s not just about bathrooms anymore. “Trans Mafia Put North Carolina In A Chokehold,” screamed an alarmist headline on the conservative blog The Federalist, complete with stock photo of a bound prisoner with a gun to his head. Welcome aboard, trans folks—first it was the “gay mafia,” now it’s the “trans mafia” that is overtaking America.

“Aided by media that are both incompetent and often transparently biased,” groused Daniel Payne, “along with a burgeoning corporate culture that has discovered the economic benefits of public moral preening, we have what Stella Morabito aptly terms the ‘LGBT mafia:’ a profoundly illiberal social movement rather single-mindedly determined to stamp out even minor and inconsequential dissent from its orthodoxy. It’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s getting worse.”
Gosh, it’s just a disaster for conservatives now that “corporate culture” is following the dictates of the once-hallowed free market. Turns out unbridled discrimination is a tough sell these days.
Of course, North Carolina is simply the continuation of a story that first made national headlines a couple years ago, when Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was quickly canned after his monetary support for California’s Proposition 8 became an issue. Conservatives charged that the backlash against Eich was unfair and intolerant, but Mozilla’s board had clearly concluded that they didn’t want the face of bigotry leading their tech-forward Silicon Valley-based company. Public perception had changed, and Eich found himself on the wrong side of it.
Suddenly the free market was the enemy of social conservatives. How dare people vote with their dollars! How dare the market foist its will upon the masses! Even some progressives and LGBT advocates worried that the public flogging had gone too far. All I could think was, how long have LGBTQ Americans been modifying their behavior at work to avoid being on the wrong side of corporate culture? And how many have lost their jobs for far lesser transgressions than supporting a discriminatory bill? While I didn’t wish harm on Eich personally, it was downright refreshing to see the other side finally having to bear the burden of a system that had been threatening us for years.  
Not surprisingly, many Republicans still don’t like what the free market is telling them and, in response, they have become enemies of the ideals the GOP has touted for decades—libertarianism, which they seem to have reduced down to the term “common sense” these days. Why? Because religious conservatives were never invested in those ideals. What they are dedicated to is a higher power and the dictates it imposes on people from above.
If social conservatives had been willing to hear it, Eich would have provided a cautionary tale, followed by Indiana’s market blunder nearly a year later. Part of the problem is that social conservatives live in such a bubble, they just can’t see beyond its sphere.
One might have thought, for instance, that North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory and his GOP colleagues would take note of the tens of millions of dollars in revenue that have drained from the state of Indiana based on their “license to discriminate” bill. But no.The fallout from a conservative Midwestern state just wasn’t warning enough for the state’s social conservative bubble heads.
Now McCrory is beside himself, marveling that the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)—which he calls “one of the most powerful special-interest lobbying groups” in the U.S.—has magically bent the business community to its will. This is yet another belief born of ignorance. The wall McCrory has run up against wasn’t built by HRC, it was erected by an army of very pro-LGBT Millennials—or generation juggernaut, which is currently taking over the ever coveted under-40 marketing sweet spot. They aren’t going anywhere and they’re not getting any more conservative on LGBTQ concerns.
Besides, anyone who has studied this movement knows that if HRC was as powerful as McCrory imagines, we wouldn’t be talking about bathrooms but rather ensuring LGBTQ Americans the freedom that is afforded them within the Constitution.
But McCrory, like Payne, is stupefied that his “common-sense” bathroom bill is wreaking so much havoc on North Carolina’s economy. As Payne wrote:
All this because North Carolina affirmed what everyone believed until the day before yesterday: that we shouldn’t allow grown men into women’s restrooms.

Actually, no, people weren’t really pondering men going into women’s bathrooms until you dreamed it up. What everyone believed is that we are all individually capable of making common-sense choices about which bathroom is the right one to use. That’s a principle that Charlotte’s original ordinance affirmed—entrusting trans people and everyone else to responsibly make their own bathroom choices.
In fact, there’s nothing more libertarian and common sense than allowing people to decide the most appropriate place for them to do the most private and intimate of acts.
By contrast, what McCrory and his cronies did was dictate to everyone where they must do their business, so to speak, and now people are understandably taking their business elsewhere. That’s how the free market works.

NOTE: Amusing, isn’t it, the sticky trouble a common sense bathroom bill can cause.  Amazing, isn’t it what, liberals, progressives and Millennials can accomplish by speaking up, speaking out and pushing back!  And the cancellations just keep on rolling in!

Also, what this piece illustrates is the right wing's tried and true penchant for the "shoving the gay agenda down our throats" response when liberals actually get sick and tired of right wing stupidity and decide to push back.    Naturally, Governor McCrory and the North Carolina State Legislature believe that that were upholding old timey American values by making who uses which bathroom a matter of law.  Now, let's not get into the "government over  regulation" and "letting we the people decide" since these popular right wing themes just don't square themselves with a law directed towards the private behavior of the transgender community (700,000 our of 320,000,000) or the LGBT community (3.8% of 320,000,000).  Is it too ridiculous to ask how it is that a fairly small minority of America's population (1.3 million) are forcing an agenda down the throats of the remaining  318 million  mafia-style?  Of course they (we) are doing no such thing.  Just like "cutting taxes creates jobs" it's all right wing fiction.  Yet based on a lie, based on ideology, based on nothing that actually occurs in reality, you and your state somehow deemed who uses what bathroom in your state of vital, utmost importance to the well-being of North Carolina's citizens.  No, the law has nothing to do with protecting North Carolinians from what ever might befall them for using the "wrong" bathroom, but everything to do with your hateful attitudes towards the LGBT community.  And this, Governor McCrory, is why HB2, the Bathroom Bill, has caused such an explosion of pushback.  And rightly so.

Have a Good Day Folks.  And if you are faced with the awful decision of which bathroom to use, just go ahead and use the one you think applies to you.  Don't worry, if you make a "mistake" the world won't come to an end.  



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