Fact Checkers Confirm Hillary Clinton Is More Honest Than Any Of Her 2016 Opponents

NOTE: Before you read this fairly factual piece, let me give you some context. Late last year, around October if I recall correctly, Breitbart published another Hillary smear, not that this is unusual among right wing "news" and web sites.  It was about the death of Vince Foster, a White House aide during the Bill Clinton Administration.  Well, along with the dozens of other "Gate" scandals of the 1990's, right wing rumor had it that Vince Foster didn't commit suicide, but that he had been murdered by the Clintons.  More, specifically, Hillary Clinton.  It sort of died out but then Breitbart re-energized the murder scenario with the following:  "Hillary Clinton didn't actually pull the trigger on the gun that killed Vince Foster, she "arranged for his murder."  I promise you, I am not making this up.    

And there you have it.  the latest Breathless Breaking News from the right wingers about Hillary.  Let's move on.

It's trendy to knock on Hillary Clinton, even among those who acknowledge that she’s the most capable and knowledgeable of the 2016 candidates for President, is the accusation that she’s just not honest. Her opponents keep insisting that she can’t be trusted, that she’s not telling the truth, and that there is therefore no telling what she might do while in office. But whenever fact checkers look at what Clinton and her opponents are saying during this election cycle, she rates out as the most honest of the bunch

It may come as a surprise considering how often her opponents have tried to ding her for honesty issues. But according to campaign-long data from respected fact checking entity PolitFact, the picture looks very different. These sites only evaluate controversial or contentious claims made by each candidate, so if for instance they rate a candidate’s statements as being “true” half the time, it doesn’t mean the candidate is lying the other half the time. It’s more accurately an indicator of what percentage of the time a candidate turns out to have been telling the truth when he or she is specifically accused of lying.

PolitiFact has rated 24% of Hillary Clinton’s contentious claims as receiving a perfect “True” score (source link), which may not sound impressive until you consider that just 15% of Bernie Sanders’ contentious claims have rated out as “True” (source link). There are two other passable categories, “Mostly True” and “Half True.” If you add up the numbers from the top three boxes, Clinton comes out at 72% and Sanders comes out at 70%, which are both robust scores. In the bottom two boxes, just 14% of Clinton’s challenged statements have rated out as “False” or “Pants on Fire” while Sanders has fallen into those bottom two boxes 15% of the time.
Again, lest you get jaded, it doesn’t mean that either candidate is lying 14% or 15% of the time they open their mouths. This is merely a percentage of the most highly contested claims they’ve each made during this election. In other words, whenever Clinton or Sanders has been accused of lying, most of the time it turns out they were actually telling the truth. Objectively speaking, these are the two most honest candidates in the race, with Clinton receiving the slight numerical edge. Now for contrast, let’s take a look at the numbers for the top 2016 republican candidates.
It turns out Donald Trump’s statements have only rated out as being fully “True” a mere 3% of the time (source link). In fact he rates out as “False” or “Pants on Fire” an astounding 61% of the time. Ted Cruz is nearly as dishonest, rated “True” just 6% of the time, and “False” or “Pants on Fire” 36% of the time (source link). So what does this tell us?

The factual bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is the most honest candidate in the 2016 election. Bernie Sanders is a close second, making them the two most comparatively “honest” politicians in the race. In contrast, Donald Trump rates out as nearly a pathological liar, and Cruz doesn’t do much better. So much for the notion that Clinton is the one who can’t be trusted. This false perception is largely a function of her longtime status as the clear frontrunner and expected winner, causing the other candidates to take the most shots at her honesty out of desperation. But as the above numbers irrefutably spell out, when the others accuse Hillary of lying, it most often turns out they’re the ones who are lying.


If you don’t understand this or if you think that this is just a “pro-Hillary” PAC favoring her candidacy, then you simply have not a clue about what’s been going on in the right wing world relative to Hillary Clinton for over 25 years.  And if you think that the article referenced here is just more “liberal propaganda” or “paid for” endorsements, you couldn’t be more mistaken.  That’s why us Baby Boomers who actually lived though those horrible 1990’s have paid absolutely no attention to all the slander that she’s been hit with this time around.  It was false then and it’s false now. Not a single one of the 18 lawsuits brought by Judicial Watch over the decades have resulted in a single charge, criminal or civil.  

Why the right wing has such a gigantic hard-on for Hillary is beyond me.  And most Baby Boomers.  And, by the way, as I mentioned and want to repeat here, the “new Hillary stuff” includes an updated Breitbart theory published late last year:  No. Hillary Clinton didn’t actually pull the trigger on the gun that killed Vince Foster; she arranged it.  

Do you believe this?  If you do then you have no business voting because you can’t discern conservative propaganda from fact.  Think that Hillary issued a “stand down order” in Benghazi?  If you do then, again, you do not deserve to vote.  It’s false. Think about this:  In over 25 years of right wing accusations of criminal deeds (not unlike Obama just a hell of a lot longer) not a single legal charge, not a single indictment has ever been filed against her. Google "1990's Clinton Scandals" to get a picture of just how many crimes the Clinton's were accused of committing.   But again, not a single one resulted in any legal charges against either one of them.  Outside of the right wing fantasy bubble of course.  I'm talking reality here.   

So get it together people.  If you still think that after thirty years “cutting taxes creates jobs” then one more time: Don’t Vote.  You don’t have a clue about what’s been going on for thirty years.  Same with Hillary.  We Baby Boomers don't think that Hillary is perfect but she's is not what the right wing would have you believe, but apparently, they've been successful.  One little problem.  It’s all garbage.  None of it is true. 

By the way, I'm no Hillary shill but I do think she is experienced, competent and honest and this campaign against her is so obviously bogus and hateful.  It's disgusting and it's gone on way too long. It's the right wing at work pure and simple.  And I love Bernie. I'm an old timey Socialist from way back.  But I don't care which one gets the nomination just as long as whoever does becomes President!

Have a glorious Spring day!


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