After the weekend brawls at Trump rallies in Chicago and Cleveland, television news pundits universally condemned the Republican frontrunner decrying the decay of civility in our political discourse and the rise of violence associated with Trump’s rallies.  One guest pundit on CBS This Morning (my go-to early morning news outlet) said “both parties do it, both parties are responsible.” 

This type of “equivalency” is bandied about constantly even when it's a vain stab at "Fair and Balanced" reporting, as Fox News likes to say, yet like the right wing’s sole economic solution to wealth inequality and poverty wages, “cutting taxes creates jobs,” it's simply untrue.  Both parties have, indeed, contributed to the demise of unions, the destruction of our manufacturing base, the offshoring of American jobs, but one party far more than the other has contributed to the current ”climate” of buffoonery, bullying, blustering and violence that substitutes for discourse in this year’s run-up to the Presidency. 
No, neither Obama (as Republicans recently claimed) nor Democrats are responsible for Trump’s national popularity nor are they responsible for the violence that has accompanied his campaign rallies of late.  You will also hear that it is the protesters themselves who are responsible for the violence while wearing an anti-Trump tee shirt or raising an anti-Trump placard.  “What right do these thugs [code for "Black"] have to come to our rally and act so vile and outrageous?” opined Trump’s supporters totally missing the actual meaning of the First Amendment’s guarantee of Free Speech and Freedom of Assembly.  

Yes, folks, even at your own Trump love-ins. 

The Donald’s latest “analysis” of the “troubles” that seem to accompany his public gatherings?  It’s Bernie’s fault.  Right.  Has nothing to do with The Donald, nothing to do with three decades of right wing demonization of liberals and anyone with sentiments to the left of Hitler, nothing to do with the vile antipathy that Republicans – both in and out of pubic life – have shown President Obama from the day he was elected President the first time, nothing to do with Trump’s very own anti-Obama “Birther Campaign,” nothing to do with the propaganda, misinformation, ignorance and lies that have been the hallmark of conservatives and Republicans for decades now.  No.  The violence has nothing to do with Trump but everything to do with “them,”  the demonized, castigated, reviled “other” who is to blame for everything that is wrong with America.  Trump’s campaign motto “Make America Great Again” is the distillation of "other-blame" into a four word slogan. 

Here’s what Trump has actually said about the violence inspired by his campaign rallies:

“We have some protesters who are bad dudes, they have done bad things. They are swinging. They are really dangerous and they get in there and they start hitting people, and we had a couple of big strong powerful guys doing damage to people. Not only the loudness — the loudness I don't mind — but doing serious damage.”

Trump's own quotes from the campaign trail, including one instance in which he said about a protester: "I'd like to punch him in the face."

"People come with tremendous passion and love for country," Trump said.  "And when they see protests — in some cases — you're mentioning one case, which I haven't seen. I heard about it, which I don't like. But when they see what's going on in this country, they have anger that's unbelievable. They have anger. They love this country."

February 27: 'In the good ol' days, they'd have ripped him out of that seat so fast.' February 1: 'Knock the crap out of him, would you? Seriously, OK just knock the hell — I promise you I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise." 

Trump insisted he had "bad dudes" at some of his rallies, and that it's "usually" the police and event staff, not his personal security, who clash with protesters at his event.

And here’s what he said about Bernie Sanders after accusing Sanders of telling his supporters to protest at Trump rallies:

“Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disrupters aren’t told to go to my events.  Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours.” 

Should Trump supporters attend Sanders rallies as protesters, here’s what Trump had to say:

“They’ll lock you up for the rest of your life and give you the electric chair and say, “Oh, poor Bernie, poor Bernie, he had to endure this.  With us they don’t say that.”   

Demonizing the "other."  Fear-mongering the dangerous "other."  Encouraging irresponsible behavior.  Ramping up hate-filled rhetoric.  Encouraging rage.  Endorsing violence.  

In true to form conservative denial, Trump acknowledges zip responsibility for what’s been happening at his rallies.  It’s not his own divisive, hate-filled, bigoted, xenophobic words that are responsible.  No. 

And this from the leader of the party that for three decades now has drummed into our mushy, misguided, empty Librul heads that we need to take “personal responsibility” for our actions, for our lives and accept the consequences.    

And the Republican Establishment can't figure out how in hell Donald Trump is their front runner and presumptive Presidential candidate?  


Now to dispense with the “everybody does it” bullshit:  When is the last time you saw someone punch a protester at a Sanders or Clinton campaign rally?  How many protesters at Hillary and Bernie rallies have you seen forcibly ejected from the rally venue?  How many times have you heard Bernie or Hillary call for the jailing of peaceful protesters?  Banning Muslims for entering the U.S.A.?  Call Mexicans rapists? 

So, no, both parties do not engage is this crap. 

Have a good day folks!  


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