I am struggling this morning with a plethora of Breathtaking Breaking News pieces in this morning’s paper (yes, in this electronic age, I still prefer the inky hard copy) trying to decide which ones to highlight.  Here’s what I mean: 

“Major Opportunity Missed in Brussels: Paris Suspect Wasn’t Pressed On Plots" 

About the failure of the police to question Salah Abdeslam about attacks in the planning stages.

“CDC Issues More Detailed Guidelines On Zika and Sex”  

At first I thought this was directed at some porn star named Zika. 

“Trump Is All Over The Place But Not On The Trail” 

About the Republican front runner’s week long Florida vacation.

“Republican’s Call For Garland Hearings Draws Conservative Fire"

About Congress's refusal to acknowledge that Obama’s Supreme Court nominee actually exists in reality.

“Furious Cruz Blames Trump For Tabloid’s Adultery Accusations” 

Concerning a National Enquirer story about five woman – excluding Cruz’s Heidi – he allegedly had affairs with. LOL!

“Islamic State Attack Kills At Least 24 at Iraq Soccer Match” 

Sadly, self-explanatory.

“Lawyer Of 2 Russians in Ukraine Found Dead” 

Also self-explanatory (Putin)

“NRA Rewrites Fairy Tales, With A Twist” 

The NRA’s latest foray into the arming of all six year olds in America. 

“Doctors Struggle With Possible Patient Fallout From Indiana Abortion Law” 

Your run-of-the-mill anti-abortion passion for fetuses but not for living children.

So you can see what a trying task it is to pick from this cornucopia of juicy news items. But, okay, let’s assume that the Milky Way Galaxy is still winging its and our way through the cosmos on its normal path.  Maybe it’s because it’s Easter Sunday tomorrow?  Is that what’s causing this flurry of news?  Or is this normal?  (The “new” normal, maybe, God forbid?)

But, now that I’ve had my third cup of java and my brain has been jolted back to reality, I’ve decided to focus my attention on this one:

“Conservative Groups Threaten Moran With Reprisals After He Calls For Supreme Court Hearings”

for two reasons: 1) Tea Party bullshit is a topic that doesn’t require much deep thought on my part; and 2) I simply can’t resist pointing out how stupid these people are.  So here’s the entire article from this morning’s Washington Post with my catty notes:

Sen. Jerry Moran learned this week that what happens in a west-Kansas Rotary Club meeting doesn’t necessarily stay in a west-Kansas Rotary Club meeting.
After the Kansas Republican’s comments supporting a Senate hearing on Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland garnered national attention Thursday, conservative activist groups responded with reactions ranging from disappointment to overt threats.
“I think we have the responsibility to have a hearing, to have the conversation and to make a determination on the merit,” said Moran, who is seeking election to a second Senate term this year. The quote was reported by the Dodge City Daily Globe.

That won this reaction Friday from Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots, one of the best-organized grass-roots conservative activist groups: “We hope Sen. Moran will reconsider and stand with Kansans and the American people, rather than President Obama and his liberal allies,” she said in a statement, adding that activists were “furious” with Moran. “It’s this kind of outrageous behavior that leads Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund activists and supporters to think seriously about encouraging Dr. Milton Wolf to run against Sen. Moran in the August GOP primary.”

[NOTE:  The Tea Party types are always pulling this shit about “standing with the American people” as if we, the American people, actually agree with this bullshit.  But here’s the actual reality replicated consistently in poll after poll: 

Wolf is a radiologist who ran against Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) in 2014, coming within 20,000 votes of ousting Roberts in the Republican primary. He has remained active in politics and retains a following among tea-party-oriented voters. Wolf tweeted Thursday that Moran “folded like a lawn chair” on the Supreme Court fight.

Moran, a former chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has been considered a safe bet for reelection. But a challenge from the right in the state’s Senate primary in August could complicate his path to a second term.
It is unclear, though, just how much political damage his stance on hearings might have done. Moran made clear, according to press reports, that he would be unwilling to vote to confirm Garland. “I can’t imagine this president is going to nominate someone I find acceptable,” he told the Rotary Club in Dodge City, according to the news report.

He expanded on that message in a new statement released Friday: “I am opposed to President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee and this administration’s attempt to put another liberal judge on the Supreme Court. As I have said since the vacancy was created, I believe I have a duty to ask tough questions and demand answers. I am certain a thorough investigation would expose Judge Garland’s record and judicial philosophy, and disqualify him in the eyes of Kansans and Americans.”

[NOTE: So what Moran is basically saying is that as the Constitution provides, he’s quite willing to hear Garland at a Senate Judiciary Hearing but will vote against his approval.  Fine.  So what, then are the Tea Party idiots yapping about?  They got what they wanted in Moran.  Also since we’ve had a conservative Supreme Court for a couple of decades now, he doesn’t think that maybe we liberals out to have a turn?  No, of course he doesn’t, because the Fascist Tea Party, Trump and Cruz don’t seem to have any idea of how Democracy actually works or what it means.]

Several recent polls have shown that while most Republicans oppose action on Garland, there is a significant GOP minority that believes the Senate should move forward with the process. Among voters of all political orientations, about two-thirds favor consideration of Garland’s nomination, according to polls released in recent days by Quinnipiac University, Bloomberg, Monmouth University and CNN.

[The Tea Party and Republicans in general just have a problem with facts.  They don't think that facts, data, - let's just say "science" - has any part in our lives in their New American Dream Paradise.]

But Moran’s support for hearings remains a significant break with the strategy that was laid out by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in the hours after Justice Antonin Scalia’s death and that has since been embraced by conservative activists.

Carrie Severino, chief counsel of the Judicial Crisis Network, which has led the conservative response to the Scalia vacancy, said in a statement Thursday that Moran “owes it to the voters of Kansas to let them decide who the next Supreme Court Justice is through their votes for president this November.  “Caving into President Obama, who wants to create a liberal-dominated Supreme Court as part of his legacy, is not serving the people of Kansas,” she said, promising “a robust, multi-faceted TV, digital, and grassroots campaign designed to remind Senator Moran that he represents the people of Kansas and neither President Obama nor the Democratic Party.”

[NOTE:  “Caving into President Obama” is code for Mitch McConnell’s declaration that Republicans will do whatever it takes to obstruct Obama and make him a one term President.  On this point, Republicans have been universally consistent.  Also, this “representing the people of Kansas" as some uniformly monolithic right wing state actually flies in the face of the facts.  McCain won Kansas back in 2008 by only 2%.  Romney won by 60% in 2012.  So one can assume that there are Democrats still living in Red State Kansas despite Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network’s declaration that Kansas is 100% bright red Republican.]   

And Billy Valentine, director of government affairs for the antiabortion Susan B. Anthony List, gave a gentler rebuke to Moran in a Friday statement: “Senator Moran is a steadfast defender of the unborn which is why he must understand the stakes in this fight. . . . We hope that Senator Moran, who represents one of the most pro life states in the nation, will stand with his colleagues and not those trying to ram through Obama’s nominee during his final months in office during a contentious presidential election season.”

[I just love the characterization that someone, or many “someones,” somewhere are trying to “ram” Merrick Garland's nomination down their throats.  Actually, I would be in favor of ramming the Constitution down the Tea Party’s throats.  Perhaps they could read it on the way down their gullets since it is clearly evident that they have not done so thus far.

Well, life goes on.  Let’s hope that come November a better life for us Americans, We The People, let’s say, when we have a chance to rid ourselves of this right wing scourge and live our lives in peace again. 

Have a good day and if you are a Christian, or some confused liberal like me who happens to respect other peoples religious beliefs even if they don't believe in the Bible, Happy Easter! 


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