Donald Trump, the ever-present presence on the American political scene for over six months now, has described Mexico and Mexicans as raping, drug dealing, lower than life human beings who only want to come to America to spread their rapacious ways upon an unsuspecting America public,  And, as we all know, the American public never draws conclusions from political campaign rhetoric but always delves deeply in to any important issue to discern the truth of an issue vital to the continuation of the American Dream or the very survival of America itself, whether or not the American Dream is real of just a bygone fiction of nostalgic memory. 

Back a couple of years ago, when Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and that pinnacle of honest news reporting, Fox News, were overflowing with reports of drug dealers, criminals, and Central American thugs invading the sanctity of American soil, who - inexplicitly to them were being described as “children fleeing crime, corruption and destitution” in Central America – it occurred to me to research this issue.  So I Goggled “Central American immigrants flocking to America.”   What I got were several pages of hits, the vast majority of which were right wing blogs and intemperate, xenophobic conservative, fact-less, screeds.  But then on the third page of such right wing screeds was “Fox News” and when I clicked on the link, sure enough were the “news reports” I’d seen on the television describing the tsunami of Central American child immigrants as evil, lawless, gang bangers, murderers and diseased drug users. 

Of course in five pages of this crap, there was not a single reference to CBS News, Reuters, Al Jazeera, ABC, Good Morning America, the New York Times, Washington Post or any other source of what I provisionally term “the legitimate media” in view.  So what Fox News was peddling was a lie.  I had proved it.  The children that were fleeing Central America – Honduras, Costa Rica, and Guatemala – as far as I could tell, were not drug dealing thugs but youngsters escaping the violence and deprivation of their home countries.  But three years later, this false meme continues in Donald Trump’s exhortations to build a wall along the Rio Grande River that separates the United States from Mexico. 

The Donald has not been temperate in his commendation of the rapists, drug dealers and criminals (as he terms them) that the government of Mexico has been sending to us ostensibly – in Trump’s view – to undermine the very fabric of American society.  Except for the fact that this entire proposition is 100% fiction.  You, know, made up.  A story.  

But I have to say that my experiences in Mexico and with the Mexican people could not be as far removed as the characterization that Fox News and Trump attribute to that nation of 122 million souls that lies next to our southern border.  It’s as if my experiences took place on some parallel universe that in no way intersects with that of Fox and Trump.   I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Mexico five or six times, the first trip back in the late 1990’s down to Mexico’s southern tip, Cabo San Lucas, in Baja California, without doubt one of the most beautiful places on the face of the planet.  My second trip was with a friend of mine to Mexico City.  It was during the time when in 2005 Mexico was in the semi-finals for the soccer World Cup. Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans flooded the vast open space adjoining the Paseo de la Reforma near the city’s ancient archaeological site, Zona Tlatelolco.  And much to my surprise, I did not witness a single incidence of violence or mayhem even in the hot-house atmosphere that soccer so often produces around the world.  Sure, there were police a plenty but in the end they were superfluous.  Cute, maybe, but largely irrelevant.

Several years and a couple of visits to Mexico City later, I was impressed with the celebration of “The Night of the Living Dead” – Halloween in our parlance – with, once again, hundreds of thousands of Mexicans jammed in the streets, dancing, singing, celebrating and not a single incidence of violence whatsoever.  Had such a gathering of Americans taken place – say after a Stanly Cup win or a Super Bowl championship - it is simply expected that cars, store fronts, trash bins will be savaged and set afire.  But, sorry to say given the Trump Fox News faux depiction of Mexicans, not a single incident of shoving, pushing, cursing or gunfire did I witness among the crowds. 

Then too, there is the spectacular beauty of Mexico.  No, I can’t proclaim to have visited every single corner of the country, but from the Mexican Riviera, to Baja California, to Loreto, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun, and Oaxaca, Merida and Tulum there is no country that I’ve ever seen that comes close to the variety and drop dead gorgeousness of Mexico.  But the beauty of the landscape is simply a side benefit.  What is truly spectacular is the wonderful character of the Mexican people.  In my experience, and knowing about five words in Spanish, I have never run across a group of folks who are so friendly, so willing to help strangers, so just God Awful peaceful and simpatico as the people of Mexico.

I have to say that of the thirty plus countries I've had the privilege of visiting over the years, Mexico winds up at the top of my list of places that I really like.  It’s for this reasons why I am considering buying property in our neighbor the South and hauling my ass permanently down there. 

Frankly, based on my personal experience, I can only conclude that The Donald has never visited Mexico and has never even spoken to the illegal Mexicans he uses for this construction projects.  Either this or he is just pandering to the ignorant fears of the low-info folks who seem to populate an ever increasing slice of the American populace,  But, then that’s where we are today, I guess, in what we call our “political process.”   



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