For a long time I have tried my best to understand Republicans, you know, in some liberal posture of thinking that “Well, maybe government is too big.  Maybe the private sector can do it better.  Maybe cutting taxes really does create jobs.”  And trust me, given the Sara Palin’s, Michelle Bachmann’s and Jason Chaffetz’s who populate the Republican world, it’s not been an easy task.  I have tried.  Believe me.  But when Republican candidates for the office of the President of the United States – allegedly the most powerful position on the planet - call for the “banning of Muslims from entering the United States” and recommending the “patrolling of Muslim neighborhood to root out terrorists” something has changed. Radically.  

Is it our poisoned political environment?  Maybe.  But even so, the fact-less homily “cutting taxes creates jobs” that is the bedrock foundation of Republican economic policy despite not a single factual study that bears this out, any thinking, thoughtful human being  should dismiss this as so much political pandering.  But now? Today?  No.  It seems that Republicans are not able, much less willing, to change course despite data, statistics, and factual information that tells us that their three decades campaign to convince Americans that "cutting taxes creates jobs" has simply been an abject failure.  But the the current insanity of Republicans  goes way too far.  I can come to no other conclusion – despite all my best efforts – that Republicans have simply lost their minds.  And, I might add, without even the briefest nod to the irony of Nazi patrols of Jewish neighborhoods in Cracow, Poland or Berlin, Germany, or the walls constructed around Jewish neighborhoods to keep “them” under control or the development of the most efficient mechanized slaughter of human beings ever invented is in any way connected to the current Republican front runners for President.  

Now I realize that conservatives and Republicans are not big on the history thing, especially concerning lessons that one could – conceivably – learn from a study of past historical events.  But World War II did not occur during the Middle Ages.  In fact, there are still Germans, Americans, Japanese and Brits alive, not many to be sure but nonetheless a few, who actually served in that war and suffered mightily from the insanity of German ascendency on the world scene.  And, I suspect, there are still survivors from Nazi concentration camps.   None of this is historical fiction, Holocaust deniers be damned.

But never mind. Hey, Fuck That Shit.  Nope.  No more.  I will try no longer.  To hell with all of them. They are simply off their bloody rockers.  

They can criticize Obama’s “leading from behind” or “weak leadership” or for not voicing the term “jihadist terrorist” or whatever the fuck they seem to think he can’t name, but these fools have gone absolutely too far and it’s time that they paid for their stupidity.  None of us should remain silent in the face of such abject insanity.  We, unlike during Richard Nixon’s days, are not “The Silent Majority.”  We are the disgusted and very angry and the very loud majority who aren’t going to stand for this embarrassing bullshit any longer. 

The bodies were not even cold in Brussels and these dimwits couldn't  keep their stupid mouths closed long enough for the Belgian government to identify all the victims of the latest terrorist attack.  God forbid what they would have done when Al Qaeda attacked us with the loss of 3,000 lives.  (Of course, they don’t seem to know that of those 3,000 lives there were many Arab, Indian, African, Asian and God knows how many other nationalities and ethnicities represented among those 3,000 dead Americans. If they had listened to the roll call on the first anniversary of that atrocity, reading all the names of those who died in alphabetical order, as I did, they might know this.)  They also seem to have forgotten that it wasn’t their hero, George Bush, who got Osama Bin Laden even though the Bush Administration had 7 years to accomplish this task.  No.  It was America’s first Black President, Barack Obama who did.

It’s enough already.  Trump and Cruz can go on and on about how “Americans are angry” and want to “Take Our Country Back” or “Make America Great Again” but what I detect is something very different.  What I detect is a growing flood of us intelligent Americans who are sick to death of Conservative/Republican/Tea Party fear-mongering, hate mongering and just plain dumb mongering.  Yes.  Dumb-mongering.  What else can you say about “patrolling Muslim neighborhoods” and “building a wall that Mexico will pay for”?   Have you ever heard such insanity in your life?  I have not and I suspect that I am many years older than you are.

And on the international scene while Belgians are coping with the horrific events that have befallen them and vowing to go on living in defiance of the terrorists aims to destroy them, what the hell must they think of these two clowns, Trump and Cruz?  Some spontaneous retrograde genetic adaptation maybe?  It is embarrassing.  It is cringe worthy.  It is beyond the pale of modern, liberal, civilized civilization. 

Proposing – seriously, it seems – to patrol Muslim neighborhoods and banning Muslims from entering the United States is no different from the pogroms that Hitler undertook back when there was no internet or Snapchat or  Facebook.   And these guys have the gall to claim to be Americans?  Really?  They have absolutely not a clue about what it means to be an American.  What it means to live up to the revolutionary precepts and concepts contained in our Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution.  Maybe they each should go back and read these two documents.  I’m assuming that Trump and Cruz can read, of course, a supposition on my part that I could be wrong about.

Frankly, these two should be locked up so that the poison they are spreading – not unlike the Ebola virus – is contained.

And that’s my screed for today!

Actually, Roger, this is precisely what Fox News has engaged in under the auspices of "Fair and Balanced" reporting for a couple of decades now.  Somehow folks seem to be catching on that Fox is simply a conduit for propaganda and lies meant to support every conservative lie that crosses the airwaves with no concept of what it means to be a struggling worker bee.

Have A Good Fox News Free Day!


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