Why the fuck does the Washington Post’s editorial board think that on the day that Donald Trump is about to snag the lion's share of the 800 or so delegates up for grabs today to add to his already snagged 82 (compared to Cruz’s 17 and Rubio’s 16) do they have the delusional idea that this “strong,” “down-and-dirty,” “tell-em-like-it-is” editorial is of the least interest to us?  The Washington Post, just like virtually every other news organization on the planet, has treated Trump’s six-months long campaign as a joke, gleefully reporting his every bigoted mouthing, every forcible ejection of protestors from his rallies, every dumb-ass economic and foreign policy proposal as a passing phenomenon that would go nowhere.   As a joke.  A bad one, maybe, but nonetheless a joke.

Well “nowhere” winds up today in 11 state primaries across the country and The Donald is going to clean up.  Maybe if the Washington Post and all the other news organizations gleefully reporting on Trump’s Birther Campaign after Obama was elected as something other than a joke and a passing phenomenon, maybe Trump wouldn’t be the Republican front runner today.   Perhaps the Post’s editorial board have forgotten – or were home schooled and weren’t given the World War II chapter of world history to read – that Adolph Hitler did not rise to power through a coup.  He was elected by the German people.   So this remaining icon of “liberalism,” the august Washington Post breathtakingly takes on Donald Trump as “assaulting American values” in a blistering editorial.  Well, Posties, from my point of view, your alarming declaration smacks of being way too little and much too late. 


You know, I’m not happy about devoting another piece to Trump but now that it seems to have finally dawned on the less radical Republicans (let’s call them “The Establishment Republicans” should they actually exist) that The Donald is well down the pathway towards the Presidential nomination and probably can’t be stopped, panic reigns.  And apparently not only in the Republican Party but it news boardrooms too.  (At least one.)  But in rather glaring example of irony gone wild, this morning’s Post includes this Trumpette piece:

“Rhetoric About Muslims A Rallying Cry For Trump Crowds”

Yes, as a group of 30 or so African American college students were ejected from a Trump rally in Valdosta, Georgia the other day (they were standing silently on bleachers in protest) and a Time Magazine reporter was attacked and wrestled to the ground in Radford, Virginia, the irony of The Donald’s “Free Speech” stance (you know, “telling it like it is”) that so endears him to his followers, is apparently lost on his followers.  Then too, there is his insane and inane mouthings about Muslims and Islam. 

(Now Brietbart and other right wing "news" outlets, are headlining this as "Reporter Chokes Secret Service Agent" and "Reporter Says "Fuck You" to Secret Service agent apparently forgetting that the guy - a credentialed reporter who was attacked for stepping over the line of the reporter pen - was demonstrating a principle of the right wing: to defend yourself when attacked, preferably with a gun.)

Here are the opening paragraphs to the piece: 

At a rally in southwest Virginia on Monday, Republican front-runner Donald Trump again told an apocryphal story about a general killing Muslim terrorists with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. In Tennessee on Saturday, he promised to bar Syrians from the country “until we find out what the hell is going on.” In Oklahoma City the night before, he launched into a passionate defense of waterboarding after a protester flashed a sign reading “Islamophobia is not the answer.”
And every time, the crowd roared with deafening cheers.
And a few more choice mouthings from the Republican frontrunner:

Trump has not only promised to “bomb the s--- out of ISIS” — he would also kill the loved ones of suspected jihadists. He would bring back waterboarding — which is forbidden by U.S. and international law but which Trump considers “minimal, minimal, minimal torture” — and would do “much worse” to suspected terrorists. He would temporarily ban most foreign Muslims from entering the country and would heavily surveil and possibly close some U.S. mosques.

At another rally in New Hampshire, Trump declared that as president he would kick all Syrian refugees out of the country and bar any more from entering, saying they could be a secret terrorist army. That provided some of his loudest applause of the night.

In November, Trump repeatedly promised to bomb the Islamic State. Then came the Paris terrorist attacks and the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., both of which were tied to the Islamic State. Trump called for greater scrutiny of mosques and newly arrived Muslims, along with urging the United States to kill the relatives and loved ones of terrorists.

And here’s what Trump supporters have to say about his anti-Muslim ravings:

“We’re being attacked. We are literally being attacked,” said Linda Barnett, 67, a Trump supporter from Moore, Okla., who works for a ministry group and has long been skeptical of Islam. She is encouraged by Trump’s approach.

“I totally agree with him,” Barnett said. “The ones that are already over here, they say, ‘We’re peace-loving people.’ I’m sorry, I’m sorry — if they believe in the Koran, there is nothing peace-loving about them, because the Koran is not peace-loving. The Koran is to destroy everybody that is not Muslim. ... So if they throw a fit about us watching them and following them around, well then go back to where you’re supposed to live.”

“Mr. Trump is not against Muslims. ... Not all Muslims are bad, but ISIS, they are Muslims, so I have to think we have to group them together now,” said Charlie Shane, 21, a junior at Texas Tech University who decided to vote for Trump when he promised to bomb the Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL.“He’s trying to keep Americans safe. Our lives are more important than theirs, and that’s just the reality.”

“I think we need to, because that’s where it’s coming from,” said Jan Osban, 68, a retired nurse who attended Trump’s rally in Oklahoma City on Friday and plans to vote for him. “They use a religion to justify killing people. ... They’re so insidious that they can be right here and you don’t know it until too late.”

 The entire piece is here:  FREE HATE SPEECH BY DONALD TRUMP

And Donald Trump's supporters absolutely love it.

As if to end all speculation about whether Trump is leading the charge to “Make Amerika A Great Fascist Country Again,” there’s this:

“You see, in the good old days, law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this. A lot quicker. In the good old days, they’d rip him out of that seat so fast — but today, everybody’s politically correct,” Trump said, adding that police are afraid to do their jobs. “Our country’s going to hell with being politically correct. Going to hell.”

Two thoughts: 

One: the rise of Trump and Fascist Right Wing politics that seem to enthrall the right wing, Tea Baggers, Evangelicals and Republicans in general, has been a long time in the making.  It didn’t start with the election of Barack Obama in 2008 (although that event caused the paranoia, hysteria and panic already felt by the right wing to explode) but waaaay back when Ronald Reagan demonized unions, demonized welfare recipients, demonized gays, demonized government, blah, blah, blah, and the demonization has continued until today when we are now faced with a real demon in Donald Trump.

Two: I’ve been mystified by the fact that us Baby Boomers seem to realize that the election of 2016 might be the last gasp chance we have to reverse the direction that the country has been headed* for three decades while Millennials seem to think that only Bernie Sanders can right the direction of the ship of state and if he’s not the Democratic nominee they are not going to vote.  But let me say to you:  Do you realize that this is what the batshit Republicans are depending on?  Their radical right wing, Tea Baggin’ base WILL vote and every Democrat, Democrat-leaning, every Liberal and Progressive American who doesn’t vote is simply allowing them to win. 

And despite the Washington Post’s vigorous but too late, too little, warning about Donald Trump, this outcome would be a tragedy of the first order.  If you think that American is headed in the wrong direction today – let’s say toward increasing conservatism – then if Trump or Cruz or Rubio becomes President you may as well just call it a day and put all of your hopes and dreams on hold and hibernate for another thirty years.

Have a good day.   

* My take on the “Wrong Direction” homily.


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