You know, one of the principle characteristics of the Tea Baggin’ Right Wing Crowd, is their inability to face reality when it comes crashing down on their empty little heads.  Remember how for decades the conservative right wing slice of Americas' “We The People” population railed against granting human status to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender folks?  Of course you do.  For decades they fought and fought while providing much publicity over this issue.  Of course, what they didn’t seem to realize is that by keeping up the good fight and the attendant Breathless, Breaking News headlines as daily fodder, that they exposed them and their batshit stance to public view.  And the public didn’t care all that much for it.

Now it’s true that the LGBT slice of We The People ramped up our efforts to counter this bullshit and lo and behold, state after state after state enacted legislation granting human status to the LGBT community members. Then, of course, the final blow, the Supreme Court’s 2015 decision in Obergefell vs. Hodges that basically ended the entire matter.

But not for right wingers.  Not for North Carolina’s state legislature Republicans who just passed a law banning Charlotte and other cities in the state from passing laws to protect transgender folks.  And NC is not alone in carrying on this campaign.  Both Tennessee and Arkansas have passed similar laws.  So I guess until the Old Testament God issues a stone tablet addendum to the Ten Commandments, the right wingers will continue to wage the good fight against us LGBT non-humans.

But I digress.  What got me started on this is the following:


Yes, folks, it appears that the protector of all things good and wonderful about America, Judicial Watch, is complaining that after – What? 5? 6? 7? I’ve truly lost count – Congressional investigations into why Hillary Clinton slept through the attack on Benghazi yet simultaneously issued a “stand down” order to the CIA folks over there in Libya, (she really does possess magical super powers in case you didn’t know) they have accused that ultra liberal House Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) of “bungling” the House Select Committee's investigation into Benghazi.  Why?  Well according to Tom Fitten, Judicial Watch President, it’s (you can already guess this one) because the criminal Obama Administration headed by Chief Criminal, President Barack Obama, is stonewalling and won’t release documents. 

Here’s what President Fitten said:

“They [Gowdy’s Select Committee] have this almost petty approach to transparency that is at odds with the public interest.  It’s not supposed to be a grand jury-style investigation that the public can’t be privy to.  There’s got to be at least some public forum for gathering testimony and evidence, and that hasn’t happened here to any significant degree.”

Apparently what they want is a kind of Barnum and Bailey "Greatest Show On Earth" style three ring circus.   I mean, Darrell Issa's (R-CA) IRS hearings almost made the grade.  

Now absent a Ted Cruz (R-TX) takeover of the entire Federal Government (don’t laugh.  I’ve seen his campaign proposals.) and the Court Martialing of every Federal Agency Head supplemented by water boarding and mass exposure of illicit sexual dalliances, I think we’ve pretty much wacked the Benghazi case to a flaccid end.  Of course, the Tea Baggin’ right wingers (Ted, Trey) still have a massive hard on for Hillary Clinton and an even “massiver” one for Barack Obama that, apparently, won't ever come to climax no matter how long they massage it. 

There have been seven investigations13 hearings, 50 briefings, and 25,000 pages of documents released on Benghazi. But that won't stop Republicans from re-re-re investigating Benghazi as a part of a crass partisan ploy to turn out the far-right base in November although Trump and Cruz may have “trumped” Benghazi as election issues.  I’m not sure what Judicial Watch and the Tea Baggers came away with from the 9? 11? 13? hours of Hillary Grilling back in September of 2014 before the Benghazi Select Committee.  Well, I do, of course.  She was just lying through her teeth because all America knows that Hillary is a pathological liar.  But just like when she was First Lady, none of the dozens of criminal scandals back then – many brought to us courtesy of Judicial Watch – resulted in anything.  Absolutely Nothing.  Yet the Benghazi drumbeat continues. 

Sound familiar?  Yeah.  Like the overreach over LGBT rights that ended so well for them. 

Again, I suspect that unless and until God himself descends from Mt. Sinai with an addendum to the Ten Commandments these folks are not going to be satisfied.  The rest of us, of course, simply don’t care.  After all this time, after all this money, after all the televised testimony, report after report, endless Breathless Breaking News, there simply isn’t any “There,” there.   

The entire article is here: 

NOTE:  I’ve written here about Judicial Watch before.  I find it curious that the Post article linked above mentions Judicial Watch’s hooking up with the Sierra Club to force the release of documents from the secret Dick Chaney Energy Task Force discussions back in 2002 and their lawsuit against Halliburton (KBR) Dick Chaney’s company for fraud.  In neither case, however, did anything result.  That’s right.  Zip. Undo. Nada.  Not quite the same result that has flowed from Judicial Watch’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over her e-mails.  This inclusion of Judicial Watch’s “bipartisanship” is the Washington Post’s version of “fair and balanced” reporting, “there are two sides to every issue” posture, “we don’t want to take a liberal stance on anything" of importance.  Yeah. Right.  Thanks for the gutless conclusions.  

Fact is, folks, that Judicial Watch – “No One Is Above The Law But We Hold Obama and Hillary To God’s Law” has brought a total of 13 lawsuits against the Clintons since it’s founding in 1994 in the midst of the Bill Clinton Administration.  The truth is that Judicial Watch pursues Democrats, not Republicans, the two cases cited in the Post article notwithstanding.

Well, life does go on, doesn't it even if right wingers don't seem to inhabit the same reality that we do.


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