In a stunning revelation, Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, admitted to using a private e-mail account for official Defense Department business for over a year.  He stopped when it was revealed that former Secretary of Hillary Clinton had engaged in the same practice endangering national security and possibly engaging in treason.   Carter’s name joins the list of other government employees, namely Secretaries of State like Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and staffers of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.   

Reaction to Ash’s potentially criminal and treasonous use of an off-system e-mail account, was swift and damning.

From Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Chairman of the House of Representatives Select Committee established to investigate Hillary Clinton’s responsibility for the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya and her treasonous use of a private e-mail server (and Tea Party darling):

“In this time of terrorist attacks around the world, this is an egregious act that has endangered not only the Department of Defense security but the nation’s national security interests as well.  I will be convening a Select Committee in the House of Representatives to thoroughly investigate this potentially treasonous act by the Secretary of Defense.”

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was equally irate about the Ash Carter revelations:

“The Obama Administration’s flagrant violation of United States’ laws has a long history going back at least a decade.  Now we have another top Obama Administration official who has blatantly violated his sacred contract with the People of the United States.  No effort will be spared to bring Secretary Ash to justice.”

Darrell Issa (R-CA) who successfully investigated the Obama Administration’s crimes in the IRS’ targeting of right wing 501(c)3 and 501 (c) 4 tax exempt organizations for blatantly partisan, strong-arm tactics, said this:

Once again, we have another in a long, long series of Obama Administration officials who simply violate the law of the United States at will.  This kind of lawlessness must be stopped at all costs.  As a former used car salesmen, I am intimately familiar with the difference between lawful and un-lawful behavior.  Carter must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Well there you have it.  Immediate condemnation of another Obama Administration official caught with his fingers banging out e-mails to transmit on an illegal account.  I mean, thank God for the Gowdey’s, Issa's and McConnel’s of the world who are ever vigilant when criminal activity by people in public office is suspected. 

As for me, I’m quite sure that the investigation of Ash Carter will be as thorough, wide ranging and fruitful as the investigations of Secretary of State Colin Powell, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her staffers, as well as the ongoing investigation over the million e-mails that were mistakenly deleted from the White House servers back in the Bush Administration have been. 

What?  Oh. Wait.  There aren’t investigations into these breaches of national security?  Of endangering the lives of the American people?  Of putting our entire governmental system at risk of international hackers and terrorists?  

You mean it’s only Hillary Clinton who has been subjected to such in-depth scrutiny for these potentially deadly infractions?

Really?  Only Hillary?  Well, I'm sure this will be corrected in short order just like the mystery of the million White House e-mail disappearance was!  

Meanwhile, back in the real world, here’s some real news: 

San Francisco’s Mayor, Democrat (of course) Ed Lee, announced that no city employee will be allowed to travel to North Carolina on city business as a result of the North Carolina State Legislature passing the most anti-LGBT legislation in the country that barred cities in the state from adopting LGBT positive municipal regulations to prevent discrimination.  Said Lee:

“We are standing united as San Franciscans to condemn North Carolina’s new discriminatory law that turns back the clock on protecting the rights of all Americans including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.”

And that, folks, is really all there is to say about this issue.  Well, wait.  Let’s remember that San Francisco Board of Supervisors member, Harvey Milk, was the first openly gay individual elected to public office in the nation and it happened in San Francisco.  He was murdered, however,  in 1978 just a year into his term. 

And in more breathless breaking news:

Massive wild fires spread from Oklahoma to Kansas yesterday, (I mean, what is it with wildfires? They know no boundaries?) sparking the largest fires in the State’s history.  The fires have wrecked destruction in both states burning more than 620 square miles of land in both states. 

Now, if this disaster had happened in California, let’s say, (or any other Blue State) it would be billed by a certain ignorant slice of the American populace (the "We The People Slice") as divine retribution for all the evil liberals in Blue State California accomplish from constantly engaging in behavior (fucking, sucking, protesting, whining, welfareing) that directly contradicts God’s will as revealed in a 2,000 year old fictional work of artifice.  I think the Old Testament "Book of Conservatism" covers this.  

So, from my point of view, I believe that these wildfires are God’s retribution for Oklahoma’s rank as the second most conservative state in the union after Jason Chaffetz’s Utah and the Kansas State Legislature recently passing one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.  I think it's the New Testament "Book of Liberalism" that covers this, but I'd have to check to be certain.   

Apparently God has taken note and is angry. 

Good for him, I say.  It's about time, man!

And to wrap up today on a positive note, here’s absolute proof of how evil us Godforsaken liberals really are:

So now that you've watched the above Rush video, tell me again that it's us "Libruls Who Are Destroying America?"

PS: The full – and real - Ash Carter story is here:


HAVE A TRUTHFUL NEWS DAY THIS EASTER SUNDAY!  And may God Bless us All. (Well, except for Rush - I just can't go that far.) 


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