I had to laugh last night as television pundit after pundit – left and right – were decrying the big win that Trump experienced with Super Tuesday.  How cute.  “How, ” they asked, “can he be stopped?”  “Will there be a huge fight at the Republican Convention in July?” “Why does every time Trump says really stupid stuff does his popularity increase?” “Will Trump be derailed at the convention?”  The Republican panic has become palpable.  Even Tea Bagger suck-up Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has called out Trump. 

There was one Cruz pundit on CNN who claimed that Cruz understood voter’s dissatisfaction with Congress and Cruz was the guy to foment the revolutionary change conservative Republicans were looking for.  Yeah.  I suppose he could just shut down the entire government (he’s good at this) and solve all our problems in a paroxysm of revolutionary fervor. 

But on the positive side, for us Democrats, nothing could be sweeter than the primordial panic Republicans are feeling since Trump continues to win big defying every single prediction of the Republican National Committee and the so-called Establishment Republicans have been making for the past six months.  Sure, maybe we liberals would prefer Cruz as the Republican candidate since this piece of Fascist flotsam would be easy for any Democratic contender to beat, but, hey, if Trump is their candidate do you really think he could survive a single debate against Hillary or Bernie?  No fucking way!

Personally, my go-to Republican candidate would be Ted-never-met-a government-I-didn’t-want-to-destroy Cruz (R-TX) and I am very pleased that he prevailed in Texas last night.  Marco Rubio – the Republican Establishment’s darling of mediocrity – might wind up as the Republican candidate but he has to win his home state’s primary, Florida, which comes up on March 15.  We’ll see how that plays out since Ted is not exactly beloved among the general populace in Florida. 

As for the Democratic side of Super Tuesday?  I’m pleased that Bernie prevailed in four states – Vermont (no surprise), Oklahoma, Nevada and Colorado – because I agree with his proposals.  Hillary is too keyed into the Democratic establishment to propose such off-the-wall things like free college education for all, universal health care coverage, etc. but there is no question in my mind that Hillary would make a far better President than ANY of the Republican candidates.  Her seven state win last night, was no surprise to anyone. Does she have the nomination locked up?  Maybe.  Probably.  But Bernie has some states coming up where he could do well.      

As for the eventual election on November 8, 2016?  Anyone who, today, predicts the outcome of our upcoming national election is a fool.  With over 80% of House and Senate seats up for grabs, the emergence of Trump as the Republican frontrunner, the successful campaign of Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders (I-VT) clearly shows that between now and that fateful date, who the hell knows what the hell might happen?  As for me, my ideal scenario is that Trump or Cruz is the Republican candidate and Hillary is the Democratic candidate.  I will caveat this scenario if Bernie Sanders continues to do well.  His candidacy as the Democratic nominee will upset every previous meme about American politics.  No question, I’m in favor of his Socialist proposals, but I worry that in a general election – given the ignorance displayed by American voters time and time again – he might not be able to prevail over the onslaughts of the Republican candidate.  I can see it now, the RNC creating ads that proclaim that Bernie Sanders is a Communist Liberal that, unfortunately, will definitely resonate with a fairly large segment of the American population. Call them what you will  - low info voters, Tea Baggers, Radical Racist Right Wingers, Brain Dead Red Zombies - these folks VOTE!


Just saw a former U.S. Senator from Alabama, on MSNBC (I missed his name) who provided what might be a pretty decent insight into Trump’s future.  As he explained it, in those states with open primaries like Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia where anyone can vote for any candidate regardless of party affiliation, Trump has done well.  But in those states where only registered Republicans can vote for Republican candidates, Trump hasn’t done as well, in Alaska, for example.   He may be correct if the stories about Democrats voting for Trump just to be sure he is the Republican candidate are true.  But he maintains that with more closed primaries coming up before the June convention, Trump may not do as well as he has thus far.  It’s an interesting theory.  Well, well see, won’t we. 


After a few days with beautiful, sunny, blue-sky spring weather, we here in your Free Market Capital of the Free World, Washington, D.C., are about to be plunged back into Winter.  Yes.  If our meteorological astrologers are correct, we are due for some snow tomorrow and maybe on Friday too.  Nothing like Snowzilla last December, but maybe a dusting to a couple of inches.  Taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, I’ve been outside raking leaves that piled up during winter, trimming the bush roses out front, and  eyeing our planting beds in anticipation of several days of back-breaking work  turning over the soil and supplementing the beds with organic matter from our composter. 


You might have read my post the other day [ SEXUALLY EXPLICIT OPT OUT BILL ] about the Virginia state legislature crafting a bill to allow parents to choose whether or not their youngsters get exposed to sexually explicit literature like Shakespeare, Ralph Elision and Toni Morrison.   Well, yesterday as Trump rolled to victory (Trump – 33%; Cruz – 17%; Rubio-32%), the Republican Majority Virginia State Legislature actually passed the bill.  It now goes to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s (D-VA) desk for signature, which won’t happen since McAuliffe has a brain. 

Interestingly enough (and I suppose this is breathtaking progress on the part of the brain-less Virginia Republicans) State Representative Thomas Garrett, Jr. (R-Buckingham) actually read the rape scene from Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” on the floor of the statehouse before the bill was passed.  “How can we debate them if we don’t read them?” he announced to the assembled lawmakers.  Indeed.  My feelings exactly.  The passage he read was provided to Garrrett by none other than super moral soccer Mom, Laura Murphy who seems to be making censorship her life’s work.  I guess I’m struggling here to figure out how I feel about this.  I am hugely impressed that a Republican lawmaker actually read something about a bill he was voting on, unlike the vast majority of Republicans, in Planned Parenthood de-funding efforts among the Red States, for example, who don’t like facts to intrude on their moral cocoon of right wing comfort in fantasy land.

This is a tough one for me.  But, in a flicker of sanity and real life down in Richmond, here’s what Virginia State Senator, Janet Howell (D-Fairfax – a DC suburb, natch) had to say about the proposed law:  “Toni Morrison has won the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize and she is the last American author to win the Nobel Prize for literature,” she said.  “So let’s just make ourselves look ridiculous.”

LOL!  Ms. Howell had better be careful about what she’s saying even though she represents the same jurisdiction where Ms. Murphy failed to get the Fairfax County School District to pass a similar rule last year, because Republicans can act badly when confronted with actual, real, factual information. 

Ask Donald Trump. 

Have A Good Trumping Day!


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