A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that no group of Americans is as bigoted and suspicious of Muslims as Republicans are.

Following in the footsteps of Donald Trump, still way ahead of the entire Republican presidential field, the new poll shows strong support among Republicans for a ban on Muslim travel to the United States. By comparison, both Democrats and Independents oppose the religion-based ban, as does a majority of all Americans.

All told, 36 percent of adults in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll support Trump’s suggestion, while 60 percent say it’s the wrong thing to do. Support reaches 59 percent among Republicans, who account for slightly fewer than a quarter of all adults. But it plummets to 38 percent among political independents and just 15 percent among Democrats.
There’s also a sharp difference in intensity of sentiment on the controversial issue: Forty-eight percent of Americans overall hold “strongly” negative views of Trump’s proposal, roughly double its strong support, 25 percent.
As has often been the case in the last few years on issues of bigotry, Republicans and conservatives are of one mind while the rest of America – the majority – stands together. The poll, along with others showing Trump maintaining or increasing his lead since his bigoted proposal, also proves that despite the claims of the media, it isn’t just Trump. In reality, Trump is appealing to a mindset that was already prevalent on the right. He didn’t make the right oppose and hate Muslims, he is just pandering to that mindset that is already there. It’s the same mindset that demanded President Obama show his birth certificate, and the same mindset that formed the basis of the southern strategy that allowed race panderers to turn bigoted Democrats into the base of the Republican Party.
The poll also shows that the claims from a few months ago that conservative Republicans would be the standard-bearers for “religious freedom” and “religious rights” were just chatter. When push has come to shove, conservative Republicans show themselves to be just fine about crushing the rights of Muslims and others who are outside their older, white, Christian circles.
It isn’t just Trump. He’s a symptom of the conservative problem.

NOTE:  Obviously, I’m not surprised at these poll numbers.  Our enabling conservative media and our weak-ass mainstream media have had three decades of allowing this kind of racism and bigotry to flourish all over the country.  Every Administration from Ronald Reagan to George Bush has been tacking rightward and this includes the Bill Clinton Administration.  Coupled with the right wing fundamentalists’ Culture Wars, it should be no surprise to anyone that Donald Trump can say the Muslims should be stopped from entering America and his poll numbers spike.   After all, we call Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik  (14 dead in San Bernardo) "terrorists" but we don’t call Adam Lanza (26 dead in Newtown), Dylann Roof (9 dead in South Carolina), or Dylan Kliebold and Eric Harris (13 dead in Columbine) terrorists, we call them "sick" or "disturbed" and we never enquire about their religious beliefs.  

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