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Since Barack Obama hit the stage as a presidential candidate, rumors that he is secretly a Muslim have been swirling throughout Republican circles, and they refuse to die.
President Obama has done almost everything in his power to put the rumors behind him. He released his birth certificate. He eats pork, he drinks beer, he’s never seen praying to Mecca and he never covers his head. In other words, if he’s a Muslim, he’s a very bad one.
Still, the rumors persist.
And truthfully, Obama won two elections, both in near, if not actual landslides, so it’s doubtful he cares too much. Still, he jokes about it. While speaking to the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday, Obama addressed the issue with his usual irreverent humor by saying that he was in good company, that our third president had the same accusations lobbed at him.

“Thomas Jefferson’s opponents tried to stir things up by suggesting he was a Muslim. So I was not the first,” Obama said, trailing off to laughter.
“No, it’s true. Look it up,” he said. “I’m in good company.”

It’s true.

Some Christians “viewed all Muslims as agents of religious error and a foreign threat.” The United States faced a hostage crisis, as many Americans were taken hostage by Muslim powers and freed only after a ransom was paid. In one country alone, “more than one hundred Americans had been captured and imprisoned.” Accounts of these captivities, even forced conversions, were often bestselling books. Piracy off the coasts of North Africa was a major problem for American cargo ships. A “social Christian,” hoping to preserve “a purely Protestant Christian America,” was worried that aliens might take over the reins of power in the country and opined that “the few … Jews, Mahomedans, Atheists or Deists among us” must, in the name of prudence and justice, be excluded “fromour publick offices.”
The time was not the 2000s but the 1790s, and the presidential candidate was Thomas Jefferson, who was, in Denise Spellberg’s words, “the first in the history of American politics to suffer the false charge of being a Muslim, an accusation considered the ultimate Protestant slur in the eighteenth century.” And it was not Captain Phillips who was taken hostage by Somali pirates. Much of Spellberg’s book is an account of those troubled times, and the remarkable efforts by a colorful cast of characters—many of the Founding Fathers, activists, clergymen, and politicians—to create a constitution that would, at least in theory, allow anyone who swore allegiance to it to become not just a citizen of the United States but even its president.
Source: New Republic (It’s a fascinating article – read it)

Despite all of that, Jefferson held firm to the concept that the United States was not a religious country and that no one, from any religion, should be excluded from civil rights. Now, if only he had thought that about black people and women, but we digress.
President Obama’s message wasn’t just one of humor. His speech was 45 minutes long and it was an attempt to make welcome a community that has been so demonized by Donald Trump and Republicans.
“There are voices who are constantly claiming you have to choose between your identities…. Do not believe them…. You fit in here. Right here. You’re right where you belong. You’re part of America, too,” Obama said, his volume rising as he said he was speaking in particular at that moment to young Muslim Americans. “You’re not Muslim or American, you’re Muslim and American. And don’t grow cynical.”

Who are we kidding, though. No attempt at bridging communities, no history lessons, in fact no logic at all, is capable of getting through the skulls of the people who gravitate toward the dangerous xenophobia of Fox News and Donald Trump.


Now for a change of pace, an alternate view of Muslim Americans let's say, here's what my favorite Librul Hater, the uber-patriot, Rush Limbaugh, has to say about Muslims:

In one Google search, (for 8 US Code 1182) I found the law that Rush is referring too.  And, in the typical, misleading, lying, propagandist fashion that is The Rush's trademark, this 1952 law, " Classes of Aliens Ineligible for Visas or Admission" does not support Rush's claim that Trump is right about being able to bar all Muslims from entry into the the United States if he were President. 

What the law actually - in reality, in truth, for real - says is that the President has the power to deny visas for aliens who have communicable diseases that would pose a public health hazard, have been convicted of a crime of "moral turpitude,"  are traffikers in controlled substances, are entering the country to engage in prostitution, have engaged in money laundering, and have been engaged in terrorist activities. There are a few more, but you get the idea.

Now unless one believes that all Muslims are terrorists or by practicing Islam are spreading either terrorism or a communicable disease that threatens the public hearth, Rush is just plain wrong.  This law does not permit the President of the United States to bar all Muslims or any other group for that matter, from entry into the good, old United States of America.

What Limbaugh quotes is how the President is empowered to enforce 8 US Code 1182 should any alien who is covered under the prior sections of listed causes for denial of a visa.  It does not give the President the kind of blanket power to exclude all Muslims as Rush would have his listeners believe.

But this is how Rush rolls.  In addition to his oft cited "sources who must remain anonymous or the Dictator Obama will incarcerate them" and the "I have the documents right here under my desk if I could find them" this selective, out of context rant of his about how Trump is right that the President can bar all Muslims is precisely how he misleads his fans.   In fact, every time I've researched the truth of one of Limbaugh's outrageous rants, they've been very easily debunked.   I'm assuming that Rush can read (I'll give him a break here) and even if some slime research staffer of his had written his rant for him,  he - just like me - could have checked out how false is this claim in about 2 seconds.

But then, so could his listeners, those who can read, let's say.  But they won't.  And they won't because they want to believe.   They want to believe that America is on the wrong track due to political correctness and liberals and Black Obama.  They are lazy and this laziness leads to gullibility.  And despite Trump's shortcoming in the Iowa caucuses, they want to believe in The Donald.  Facts simply don't matter. 

And then there's this from a true American: 

Have a good day.  


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