I believed that Governor of Ohio, John Kasich (R), was pretty much the only “sensible” Republican chasing the nomination for the Presidential nomination, and I said so here a couple of times.  He seemed to set himself a bit apart from the Trump’s and Cruz’s of the Republican campaigns by not demonizing immigrants, not advocating dumping the ACA, and sounding reasonable (for a conservative Republican) when discussing his policy proposals.  He did, after all, expand Medicaid for Ohioans under Obamacare which to my way of thinking was a good thing.  Apparently a lot of folks in New Hampshire felt the same way I did.

But I was wrong.  Maybe I just wasn’t paying close enough attention.  Or maybe the Trump saturated airwaves blocked him from the my and the public’s view.  Fresh off his second place “win” in New Hampshire, he jetted down to South Carolina where primary day is Saturday, February 20 for Republicans.  (In some strange electoral phenomenon, the S.C. primary for Democrats is the following Saturday, February 27.)  He will be battling front runner Trump, and third, fourth and fifth place New Hampshire “winners,” Cruz, Bush and Rubio.  Should be an interesting contest since delegates are awarded proportionately in South Carolina rather than “winner take all.”

But into my judgmental positiveness about Kasich comes this news piece from today's Washington Post:


What the fuck?  So this pretty much blew any favorable musings I might have had about him straight out of the park.  By way of background:

Also by way of deeper background, Ohio is a swing state, voting for George WMD Bush in both 2000 and 2004 but went for Obama ion 2008.  With a population of 11.5 million, Ohio wields 18 delegates and ranks fifth behind CA, TX, FL and IL.  In presidential election terms, Ohio matters.

Apparently John Kasich is shoring up his bondifides in South Carolina and swing state Ohio by attacking the ever unpopular Planned Parenthood among conservatives, evangelicals, and believers in fantasy over fiction voters in his home state.  Yes.  A fairly typical Conserva-Rebublican response to the much debunked Center for Medial Progress’ videos showing the selling of baby parts for profit even though that organization’s head, Primo-Sleazeball David Daleiden, has been charged by a Texas Grand Jury with a couple of felonies.  On Wednesday the Ohio state legislature proposed to cut $1.3 million in public health grants and prohibits the Ohio Department of Health from giving state or Federal grants to organizations that conduct or “promote” abortions. 

Many states (Texas included) have passed laws to defund and eliminate funds for Planned Parenthood but Ohio’s law has a much broader reach.  It also targets state and Federal programs that fund HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, infant mortality, among other serious health issues.  A Kasich spokesperson says the Governor will sign the bill as a “fiscally responsible move.”  Right.  I’m wondering how much it will cost the state when HIV/AIDs cases skyrocket as they have in other Republican ruled states that have cut funds for Planned Parenthood. 

Ohio Right to Life President, Mike Gonidakis, is thrilled over the bill that Kasich said he will sign as a boost for his South Carolina campaign to solidify his bonafides with Southern State Evangelicals:

“We have the most pro-life governor in this presidential race right now.  If the life issue is the number one issue determining who you will support on the Republican presidential ticket, there’s no better candidate than John Kasich.”   According to Right-To-Lifer-In-The-Womb-But-Hell-No-Post-Birth Gonidakis (Sounds like some sexually transmitted disease to me.  Oh, all right already.  I apologize.  Sheeeesh!) Kasich has signed 16 initiatives put forward by his organization that have helped force many abortion clinics across the state to close. 

Let’s backtrack here a second.  Sure, I’m well aware that abortion is a “hot-button” issue among conservatives; conservative men, in particular.  But Cecile Richards, who is President of Planned Parenthood and who testified before Jason Chaffetz’s (R-UT) House Governmental Oversight Committee last year, stated that only 3% of Planned Parenthood funding (and no Federal funding since such funding is illegal thanks to Congress) goes towards abortions.  The rest is spent on STD testing, counseling, cancer screenings and other health services.  And, thus far, no one – including the uber-active Right To Life organizations - has been able to debunk these facts.  Unlike, let’s say, Center for Medical Progress’ claim of “selling baby parts for profit” even though just-dropped-out Presidential contender and former Destructo-CEO of HP, Carly Fiorina, apparently will forever believe that PP did until her dying day.

So naturally, the Republican response to the not selling of baby parts, the indictment of two Center for Medial Progress leaders, that data, facts and statistics that show that the bulk of Planned Parenthood monies are not used for abortions, is to cut off Planned Parenthood funding and shut down women’s health clinics around the country.  Makes perfect sense.  In some parallel universe, I guess. 

Yes.  This is the sad reality. 

And now I’ve come to my reality based  conclusion that Governor John Kasich (R-OH) is only a cat’s whisker to the left of Trump, Cruz, Bush and Rubio which basically puts him and the rest of the Republican Klown Cavalcade just millimeters to the left of Hitler. 

And, as for Ohio Right to Life President, Mike Gonidakis, he was born right around the time that the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973 legalized abortions under certain conditions.  Me?  I was in graduate school at the time.   I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to say that Mike probably doesn’t know – or knew – any woman who died from a botched, back alley abortion pre-1973 when all abortions were illegal. 

I do.  And I will never forget her. 

More later.  


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