[From November 5, 2008] 

That was good news, but here’s the sum total of the Washington Post’s Page One Headlines for today February 26, 2016:

“South Of The Border, Trump Stirs Resentment” 

This article quotes two of Mexico’s past presidents about how The Donald’s (the Republican front-runner, don’t forget) is damaging our relations with one of the Planet’s most beautiful countries (my view) and how your ordinary Mexican citizen is beginning to think that maybe America isn’t the paradise they once thought.  Well, no biggie here.  The Donald’s rabid mouthings seem to be effective which is a good thing, of course, since it might also be an indication of how effective he might be as President.  He certainly thinks so despite a scintilla of supporting evidence. 

Trump Pursuers Blitz Him in Texas

Last night’s Republican debate revealed that the Republican Establishment (spearheaded by Cuban Birther Marco Rubio(R-FL)) have finally caught onto the fact that Trump is the Republican Frontrunner and just might wind up as the Republican nominee this year after six months of basically wishing and hoping that he would just go away.  (Like the rest of us, I might add.)

Saudi Pivot To Austerity Could Stoke Civil Unrest

The Earth’s Poster Child for reliance on a single product to support a national economy, has been cutting back on subsidies and social programs for its citizens in the wake of collapsing oil prices.  Sunni Saudi Arabia appears quite willing to risk domestic turmoil in order to undercut Shiite Iran’s re-entry into the world oil market based on a 1400 year old religious dispute.  Not exactly sure what the Kingdom’s leaders were thinking when they failed to cut oil production as crude prices plummeted from $140 a barrel to today’s $34 a barrel.   But, as the old saw goes, you reap what you sow or should it be keep on pumping and consequences be damned?

In Abortion Debate, A Space Between

Really excellent piece about Melissa Madera, founder of the “Abortion Diary” podcasts, where women are telling their stories about abortions they’ve had.   Some are from the 1950’s when abortions were illegal, some from young women today.  It’s a compelling article that, like Madera’s gathered stories, doesn’t come down on one side of the abortion debate or another.  Just allows women to tell their universally difficult and often heart rending stories.  

Kansas Gunman Kills At Least 3, Injures At Least 14

Because this article is about another mass murder, it warranted the smallest headline of any Front Page piece.  Sad.

Bill Would Let Parents “Opt-Out” On Literature
Once again, the Virginia State Legislature seems to be leading the charge towards revamping itself into the Fascist Commonwealth of the Great State of Virginia, a rather dubious distinction among our 50 states to my mind, but then I’m just a radical DC – "Capital of All The Gays In America" – Librul.  Just yesterday I posted a piece about the Virginia Senate proposing to create the Virginia Secret Police State [VIRGINIA PROPOSES CREATION OF SECRET POLICE STATE ] and BINGO!  today the “Virginia Is For Heterosexual Lovers” state legislators outdo themselves in Fascist activities.

This bill would allow parents to de-select their precious K – 12 youngsters from reading such “sexually explicit” literature as Toni Morrison’s “Beloved” or Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man,” Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales” and Anne Frank’s “The Diary of a Young Girl” all egregious examples of smut, writ large and foisted upon an innocent, pure and unsuspecting populace by Commie-Marx-Indoctrinated Libruls. 

Virginia Senator, Charles “Bill” Carrico (R-Grayson), said he had not read “Beloved” but based on his opinion on excerpts, which he said could poison the minds of young people and that “Evil is just – when you plant the seed, it’s a kitten.  You feed it, it becomes a lion and it eats you.”  (I can’t really think of any appropriate response to this analogy.  Charles “Bill” Carrico apparently has more experience in raising “kittens to lions” than I do.) Jesus Christ – please save us!

This not the first time that the “keep Virginia’s youth safe from smutty literature” bill’s progenitor, Virginia Mom, Laura Murphy, has attempted to force her reactionary, puritanical views on the state.  Back in 2013 she took her "great literature is simply too smutty to allow our kids to risk being exposed to this deadly virus" campaign, to the Fairfax County, Virginia, Board of Education in an attempt to force Fairfax County pubic schools to allow for parental notification.  She was successful since the Board has amended its rules in response.  (Where does this parental notification stuff end?  When parents must be notified when their children use the bathroom?)

In a letter to the Virginia State Legislature, the National Coalition Against Censorship, stated that under the proposed rules – teachers would be allowed to determine which books of literature are too deep for youngsters - most works of William Shakespeare would fall into the “opt-out” sexually explicit category including “Romeo and Juliet,” which as we all know is nothing but the “story of illicit teen sex and teen suicide.”  Indeed!  And, naturally, we wouldn't want our kids to be exposed to this dumb, stupid, disturbing piece of smutty trash would we?  

And there you have it folks, the sad, sorry state of affairs in the Commonwealth of Virginia to say nothing about the rest of the country.  Frankly, I wouldn’t call this a slippery slope issue, rather I would call it an Olympic Gold Medal Ski Jump issue that plunges us into the collective pit of oblivion. 


Have A Good Day!

PS: Apparently as a result of a flurry of highly negative publicity, the Virginia State Senate yesterday tabled the “Creating the State Secret Police” bill I informed you about yesterday.  So pushback actually does work occasionally. But I doubt we’ve seen the last of it.    


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