South Carolina 'Creationist' Science Quiz Is Real

Yes, we've moved on from the critical issue of public education and Creationism in this political campaign season. Why?: Trump.  But even though our attention has been riveted to our televisions to catch the right wing candidate slugfests, aka Republican Debates - forget those polite, boring Democratic ones - and glued to the movement of Donald Trumps lips so that we catch every syllable of his next lame-ass utterance, life in America does go on.  And our children are still being taught all over the country five days a week.  Here's a story about what our children are being taught at one private school in South Carolina.   

Daily Kos

This particular Christian Academy is a tiny school, it's private, it's got Christian right there in the name so you know where they're coming from, and like a good portion of America's much-heralded private schools it apparently exists to give children the shittiest possible education that your limited money can buy, the sort of education that will get them laughed at for the rest of their life. Or something. No, there's nothing in American law that says you can't give your children the silliest possible education—if you want, you can teach them that the sun is a 50-year-old man from Orlando who just got fed up one day, tied balloons to his belt and lit himself on fire. It's not nice, but you're allowed.

This has been floating around for a while, but it looks like Snopes has now confirmed it. It's real. The above is an actual science quiz given to 4th graders at Blue Ridge Christian Academy in South Carolina. Here's page two:

The origin of the quiz is interesting. According to Snopes, it's the result of a lesson based on an "educational" video from the (truly loony) Answers in Genesis, the proprietors behind the Creation Museum, a truly glorious Kentucky-based shrine to, well, all that crap you see up there. Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs, the earth is 6,000 years old, radiocarbon dating is an abomination unto the Lord, etc.—oh, and they're building an ark, too. A Kentucky-based, dinosaur-having ark theme park, and that has the potential to be the most awesome display of technology used to rebut technology that you can possibly imagine, if they don't cheap out on us.
As their actual, let's call it educational efforts, Answers in Genesis provides study guides, videos and other materials teaching and/or explaining how to teach all of the aforementioned silly things—the "Were you there?" rebuttal to all of human history before their personal birth is one of their hallmarks, for example, and can be seen on page two of the quiz. So yes, there's really, truly a certain population of the country that teaches it to their children in lieu of actual science. Then those children grow up and are elected to Congress, so you can't say there's not a career path there.

NOTE:  Sorry if I offend anyone, (actually, no, I hope I offend every single person who teaches this crap) but these folks should be stopped and sued.  Fine, have your private religious school to avoid having to have your kid exposed to real science, or because you believe the Bible is God's word, or you don't want to have you kid forced to sit next to a Black or Messican or whatever the fucking reason might be, but teaching our youth these kinds of false "facts" only pushes us further along to path to dissolution as a nation.  Why the fuck would ANYONE want our children to grow up believing that the earth is 6,000 year old?  Or that dinosaurs were all plant eaters?  So that by the time they are 18 and ready to fend for themselves in the real world the only thing they are functionally and intellectually equipped for is taking our order at McDonald's Drive Through or sweeping up the stock room at Walmart?

This entire movement is fucked up.  Sure,  I have no problem with kids learning about religion just like Catholic kids and Jewish kids did and still do after school and on weekends.  But NOT in school. Not sitting for six hours a day in an environment that is anti-science, anti-intellectual and the very essence of blatant ignorance.  It's a crime against these kids and they deserve better.  They deserve to be taught science.  Not biblical pseudo science.       

And just in case you think this is the fault of one school, maybe a single teacher, take a look at this:

ANSWERS IN GENESIS  a popular web site for Evangelicals and Creationists where they have all the tools and answers for teachers in private Christian academies.  These are the same folks who are gifting America the "Creationist Museum" under currently construction here in Washington.

Here's where the Dinosaur Test came from:

And there is a whole lot more Biblical Science videos from Biblical scientist Ken Ham that provide all the scientific questions and answers from the Bible for every young, enquiring mind.


This is not education, it is indoctrination and brainwashing, pure and simple.  

These folks are just plain nuts.  Period.


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