If you recall it is was Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-M) who, after the biggest worldwide economic collapse in 2008 since the Great Depression, worked tirelessly to establish the Federal consumer watchdog agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, designed to give us Main Streeters some protection against the excesses of the Unfettered Free Market system whose excesses we suffer from every day.  In fact, if you recall, she was designated by President Obama to head up the agency but her nomination was withdrawn due to vociferous Republican, Wall Street, and Banking industry antipathy.  Then, of course, she ran for the Senate from her home state of Massachusetts and won.

And, if you recall, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was set up so that it was insulted from Congressional meddling, not of course, that anything like this has happened in our history.

But here's what's happened to the agency Senator Warren almost singlehandedly created according to the 'Protect America's Consumers" (a not for profit, public service organization):

By the way, all of these screen shots were taken directly from their web site.  They have a very nicely designed site.  Here's the link :  PROTECT AMERICA'S CONSUMERS.   And here's what they expose about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

Lack Of Accountability:

Hostile Work Environment:

Padding Their Pockets:

Living Living Large on the Taxpayer's Dime:

Plagued With Scandal and Corruption

What the fuck is going on here?  I mean this is a pretty damming picture of an out of control, rogue agency that seems to be bent on scarfing up as much of our tax dollars as humanly possible.

When I first accidentally stumbled upon the Protect America's Consumers site, I wanted to find out who was it that is behind it.  Most not-for-profit organizations list a a contact person or a Director or sometimes give a list of their entire Board of Directors.  Not so with Protect America's Consumers.  There was nothing.  Nada.  Undo.  Zip. Zero.  Then too, as an architect, I thought the comparison between the construction costs of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas was a bit odd.  If you've been there you know that it is a gorgeous. lavish, over the top complex complete with interior canals.  But the Bellagio was constructed in 1998, seventeen years ago at a cost of $1.6 billion so I wasn't sure what the "Protecting America's Consumers" had in mind with the comparison to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's $216 million, an amount, when it comes to Federal agencies seems pretty reasonable especially when compared to the $3.5 billion the new DHS headquarters was estimated to cost some six or seven years ago now. 

Needless to say was a bit suspicious.  After all, we've all seen "Public Service Ads" created and sponsored by all sorts of biased folks even though they are not supposed to engage in partisan advocacy.  So, just like when I discovered that the "bi-partisan," issue oriented, not-for-profit American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - the folks who brought us "stand your ground laws," "the criminalization of agri-business and food precessing whistle-blowers" and a host of other "bi-partisan" laws passed by Red States across the country, had a Board of Directors composition that was weighted about 8 to 1 of Republicans to Democrats.  Could have been five to one.  It's been a while.

But here's what I discovered in two clicks while attempting to find out who is actually behind the "Protect America's Consumers" website:

With help from Emily Kopp

ANOTHER CFPB ATTACK, WITH POSSIBLE KOCH TIES: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in its first five years, has made no shortage of enemies: banks, payday lenders and car dealers among them. A new campaign launching today, called Protect America's Consumers, wants people to tell their senators that the agency "plagued with scandal & corruption" needs to stop its "abusive practices."

The website doesn't have any information about the group's sponsors, because "we don't want this to be seen as a partisan issue," said spokesman Steve Gates. But the organization's Warrenton, Va., address matches that of a lawyer who has registered several Koch-linked or -funded groups, such as Americans for Responsible Leadership and American Future Fund. Gates denied there's any relationship: "In no way, shape or form is this a Koch brothers thing. I'm a registered Democrat all my life." (A Koch spokesman didn't answer a request for comment.)

Read more:

And if you were to Google the "Consumer Financial Protection Board" right now this is the first entry that you would find:

The top hit in your search won't be the home page of the uniquely named Federal "Consumer Financial Protection Board," it will be the Koch Brothers funded "Protect America's Consumers" web site.  But I suppose that the Supreme Court is correct when it said that "unlimited money = free speech" in "Citizens United" just a long as it's not associated with an identifiable candidate running for political office.   I'm just not sure where this propaganda piece fits into the Supreme Court's view of what constitutes Freedom of Speech.  In the case of "Protect America's Consumers" it's not only buying political influence by billionaires, it's Freedom To Lie with impunity as long as you have the money.  

So the next time you read some article or see some news reports about the out-of-control Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, beware of big money bearing false claims.  And you will see them. Trust me.

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