It’s been a rough few weeks for Republicans.  Sure, there’s the armed takeover of the vacant Information Center at the Malheur Wildlife Center that – unlike the Bundy inspired armed standoff with Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) black booted Nazi thuggies last year – that has more or less turned into a laugh riot (demands for snacks, dismantling of surveillance cameras, destruction of Federal-owned chain link fences, smarmy Brokeback Mountain style late night couplings, etc.) on Twitter.  Somehow it’s just not going well for the Oregonian revolution at the wildlife sanctuary.  Then there’s the Cruz inspired slap at Trump and his 8.4 million fellow New Yorkers for their “New York Values” that pretty much backfired.  Note:  I’m thinking that New Yorkers, who are a pretty tough bunch or they wouldn’t have lasted in the Big Apple very long, will survive this one.

No.  What I’m talking about is the inexplicable behavior of the evil government of Iran of late.  U. N. certification that Iran is living up to the terms of the Obama inspired “deal?” Releasing ten sailors after two days?  Releasing five American prisoners in exchange for seven Iranians imprisoned in the U.S.?    My God, what the fuck is going on?  Well, according to a bevy of red blooded American patriotic Republicans who happen to be running for President, here’s the real deal:

Donald Trump:  “This should have been done three, four years ago, when the deal was struck.”  I’m happy they’re coming back, but I will tell you it’s a disgrace that they’ve been there for so long.  It’s a disgrace, remember that.  A total disgrace.”

Ted Cruz:  “ We don’t know the details of the deal that is bringing them home, and it may well be that there are some very problematic aspects to this deal.”

Marco Rubio:  “The deal to grant clemency to seven Iranians charged in the United States in exchange for the Americans’ release opens the door for other regimes to try to use captured Americans as bargaining chips.”

Chris Christie:  “But you know, the Iranians have treated this President with disrespect for years, and he continues to take it.  I would not take it as President.”

Jeb Bush: “I would say…if you do not release them, that there’s going to be military action, that that’s an act of provocation, an act of war.” 

Ben Carson:  “The fact remains that President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is fatally flawed and gravely jeopardizes the national security interests of the American people, our ally Israel and other peaceful nations in the Middle East and around the world.” 
Rick Santorum: "Second, this exchange proves that Iran is no friend and continues to get the upper hand in negotiations with the Obama Administration. As I said in Thursday's debate, Barack Obama's deal with Iran must be shredded and I intend to do that on day one of my presidency."

But, Rand Paul who has zero chance of snagging the Republican nomination had a different (could you say “rational?”) take on the latest events with Iran:

“Even though Iran is a country with very limited freedom, we were willing to negotiate.  It goes to temperament.  All the other Republicans are telling you to rip up the agreement.  I say: “Really? Don’t we want to see if it works first.” 

And there you go: one lone, rational voice among the pack of Republican fools who think they can do it better than Obama.  Who will do anything – even jeopardizing America’s security – to let no opportunity no matter how egregious, no matter how disingenuous, no matter how just plain stupid and ridiculous – because they MUST satisfy the blood lust of their Tea Party sycophants, that cabal of Koch funded assholes who want to “Make America Great Again By Restoring Bigotry, Xenophobia and Racism As The Highest American Values.”  Yeah.  Right.    Diplomacy, that age old reconciliation technique that empires have employed for centuries, is simply not a part of these idiots world view.  No wonder they hate Obama. 

What the Republicans don't take into account, if any of them are even aware of it, is the situation in Iran.  It's not good.  What the Iran deal has done as has the U.N. certification, the quick release of American military troops, the Iranian/U.S. prisoner exchange, the lifting of EU and US sanctions, have strengthened the hand of the moderates in Iran against the hard liners.  And this is crucial to the continued efforts by Iranians who suffer from the excesses of the regime.  Don't forget what happened back in 2009 when thousands of Iranian citizens took to the streets to protest what they believed were rigged elections in favor of the hard liners.   They were brutally suppressed.  They may have been silenced but, trust me, they are still there hoping that the Iran deal will lead to greater freedom for them and their fellow Iranians. 

As I said, it’s been a troubling few weeks for Tea Baggers and Republicans.  The right wing Republican blowhards can’t even recognize a good thing when it drops in their laps.  Of course they can’t.  Their laps are too busy accommodating the mouths of the Koch Brothers that are wrapped around their flaccid dicks. 

Have a good day. 

 BTW:  Which photo in your mind represents the best picture of the Iranian detention of the ten American sailors as it turned out over the course of two days?


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