Was listening to the Diane Rehm Show last Friday (pre- Snowzilla) and since it was a Friday, it was the Friday News Roundup and, naturally, most of the talk centered around The Donald.  Probably a third of the air time – both of the panelists and the call-in and e-mail-ins – dealt with immigration.  And just as the sun will rise tomorrow morning (and my car will still be penned in by plowed snow!) the anti-immigration folks who called in were: 1) White; 2) Don’t consider factual information relevant; and 3) Want American society to be like it was in the 1950’s.  (As to this last point: at least it’s better than the Tea Party’s wet dream of taking us back to the 1700’s.)

You’ve probably noticed, as I have, that facts just don’t have a long half-life among the right wingers who want to “Make America Great Again.”  In fact facts, data, statistical information have NO life in the fantasy Tea Baggin' world of “America is going to hell and only us White folks can stop it.”  There was one White “gentlemen” caller-in who said this about immigration:  “The makeup of America is changing so fast and no one is doing anything about it.” 

Frankly, I applaud the gentlemen for saying clearly what was on his mind rather than being “politically correct,” since after all, the bottom line, let’s say, is that the guy is absolutely, 1000% correct in his take on American society in 2016.  This “White Folks Are Going To Be A Minority” fear is nothing new.  Been around for a couple of decades if not longer.  Here’s a breakdown (data) of American society by origin as of the 2010 Census:

So as of 2010 Whites still make up the majority of the U.S. population at 64%, Hispanics make up only 16%, but the growth of White population has flatlined while the growth of Hispanics had climbed form 14.5 million in 1980 to over 55 million today. 

But here's the kicker and why the Tea Baggers and Donald Trump are are apoplectic about our changing demographic profile:  

Hispanics are the fastest growing group among American Citizens and this trend, since 93% of all Hispanic children under the age of 18 are U.S. born citizens, this dominance is only going to increase.  So looked at from the Tea Bagger/Trump/Cruz point of view, this trend does mean that by 2050, by some estimates, White Americans will be a minority in the mixing bowl of minorities that make up the make-up of America. 

So there you have it.  On the other hand, with Trump’s and the rest of the Republican hopefuls, their anti-immigration rhetoric is very much misplaced no matter what they may say,  if they are talking about Mexicans, Muslims or other immigrant groups.  Here’s some data:

And as for those nasty illegal Mexicans Trump demonizes:  

And as for the Obama Administration's record on deportations, there's this:

If you’ve followed my blog, you will know that my take on the whole Tea Bagger movement – including those elected to Congress and those elected to State and Local legislatures all across the country – have been principally motivated by racial animosity, the major rage-inducing vitriol producer being the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  But, as the rise of Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated as has the continuing anti-immigration stance of the Tea Party groveling rest of the Republican field, there’s much more to this animosity than just against one group or another (Blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, Syrians, etc. etc. etc.).   It appears that, rather than being some interesting statistical revelation, the coming loss of Majority White Status in America has generated a level of fear, animosity and other-loathing previously unknown among the children and grandchildren of former White immigrants.  

Here's the 2060 Population Chart that scares the bejeezus out of the right wingers:

All this anti-immigration crap, the demonization of "the other," the xenophobia Trump and the Tea Baggers spout endlessly is nothing new.  The same nastiness has been expressed against the Irish, the Italians and Jews - to cite a few - in the robust history of the United States when it comes to immigration.  So this too will pass unless it doesn't and then we will go down that slippery slope that led to our Japanese internment camps here and Hitler's concentration camps in Germany.  

Me?  I'm sad that I won't be around in 2060 to see the new American melting pot!  


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