Last night, President Obama laid out for you the Democratic platform that will bring you success in this year’s elections.  Don’t ignore him like you did in 2014 or you will surely suffer the same fate this year as the disaster that was 2014.  Don’t run against him as some of you did in 2014.   Apparently too many of you have been paying way too much attention to Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Klowns running for the Presidency.  Don’t become trapped into responding to the idiocy and fictions on the right.  We don’t care about that.  Show us that you have the courage this year to let America know what we Democrats stand for. 

Take, for example, the economy.  Obama has done a stellar job in engineering our recovery from the disaster that was 2008.   Run on it.  Congress may have forgotten about the Great Recession but Americans have not.  They – we - are still leery that it might happen again.  They – we - are saving more, a practical response to the greatest worldwide economic collapse since the Great Depression.  Americans feeling like the recovery hasn’t benefited them?  They are right.  The data proves it.  The already wealthy have benefit the most - by far - from the recovery.  But we aren’t blaming Obama for this situation.  Of course Tea Baggers and Republicans are despite every bit of data to the contrary.  But if you need to understand what Americans are concerned about when it comes to the economy, ask yourself this:  “Why has Bernie Sanders been so successful?”  He has been a surprise to everyone – a Jewish, life long socialist from Vermont.    Who could have known?   Two years ago could anyone have predicted that a Democratic Socialist would mount a successful challenge to Hillary Clinton?  Americans understand that the deck is stacked against them and this is what they want you to change.   Bernie gets it.  And every single Democrat running for office this year had better “get it” too or you will be defeated. 

Also, look at this “the majority of Americans feel the country is “headed in the wrong direction” poll stuff.   That’s an open ended question that both Democrats and Republicans could legitimately respond to with a resounding “YES!”   For Democrats, it’s because the conservative policies of the past thirty years have wrecked havoc upon ordinary Americans.   Republicans blame us libruls for this.  But ask the question and you will get an overwhelming “YES” from both sides of the political spectrum.   But we know that it’s not because of Obama and his policies.   Of course, there is the “Blame Obama for Everything” crowd and they are the ones who get all the attention.  But they are not America.   Why do American’s think the country is headed in the wrong direction?   It’s because of Citizen’s United and the corruption of our entire political system.  Or the dismal job that Congress had been doing even under Republican leadership.  Their popularity has never been lower.  This is not directed at Obama.  It’s directed at the do-nothing Congress.  Or take foreign affairs – the Middle East for example.  The American people are adamantly opposed to sending American troops to the Middle East by a wide, wide margin.  Obama has kept our troops out of the Middle East.  Both Republicans and Democrats alike are unhappy about the Middle East, ISIS and the mess there.  But for very different reasons.  Republicans because Obama hasn’t sent U.S. troops to fight ISIS; Democrats because we see it as a quagmire that has no immediate solution and it’s best to simply keep as far away as we can.   Again, both sides see America heading in the wrong direction but for very different reasons.   Defense?  Sure Americans might think we are headed in the wrong direction here too.  But for us it’s because the defense budget is too bloated, too loaded with unnecessary stuff.  Republicans?  They think that the Defense Budget is too small.  So once again, ask if America thinks the country is headed in the wrong direction on this topic and you will once again get a resounding YES from both sides.

And PLEASE remember that every single one of the Republican Candidates – with the possible exception of John Kasich (R-OH)  - and look where he is in the polls – is appealing to their Bright Red Tea Bagger Ultra-Conservative Base.  And the sad truth is that they MUST demagogue to this base in order to snag votes in the primaries from Iowa, New Hampshire all the way through the rest of the primaries before it all ends.  DO NOT think that their over-the-top bombastic rhetoric represents the views, feelings or sentiments of the majority of the American people.  They do not.  Planned Parenthood?  The majority of Americans support this organization.  Obamacare?  More than half of Americans support it.  Immigration?  The vast majority of Americans support comprehensive immigration reform.  Gun restrictions?  The vast majority of Americans support background checks as we support bans on the sales of AR-15’s and AK-47’s and 100 bullet magazines.  Banning Muslims from America?  The majority of Americans find this reprehensible.

Are you getting my point?  Stop paying attention to and playing to the insanity on the right wing because Americans are more clued in today than they have been in decades about the empty rhetoric, sloganeering and propagandizing of conservatives, Tea Baggers and Republicans.  We The People are simply not there.  But We The People have watched in dismay as Democrats stood by and watched silently as the prosperous, fair, admired and loved America that we grew up in has been systematically deconstructed.   It must stop. 

President Barack Obama laid out for you the Democratic campaign platform for 2016.  Take heed.  He’s absolutely right.  The majority of Americans have finally understood what Republicans are all about.  Or at least sufficient numbers of Americans have finally seen the light after more than three decades of conservative rule.  The “cutting taxes creates jobs;” “minimum wages destroy jobs;” “Government regulation is killing the economy;” “Barack Obama is un-American” and all the other ridiculous planks of the Republican platform are bullshit.  It just won’t wash any more. 

And if you watched Nikki Haley’s response to Obama’s State of the Union Address last night, you will note that she did an excellent job.  (Well, she’s getting royally reamed from the Republican Tea Party wing for criticizing their anointed one, The Donald.)  Until near the end of her address when she rattled off the same old, tired, failed policy proposals that Republicans have been promoting for over thirty years and that have profoundly damaged America.  Frankly, I don’t think the vast majority of us believe in them anymore.  And neither should you.

Run on fixing Congressional redistricting that creates “safe districts” to ensure predictable election outcomes.  Run on reforming our political system.  Run on making election day a holiday.  Run on expanding the right to vote for everyone including prisoners who have done their time.  Run on reforming our truly fucked up justice system.   Run on overturning Citizen’s United.  Run on equal pay for equal work.  Run on making Obamacare better.  Run on protecting Social Security and Medicare.  Campaign on reining in Wall Street and the Big Banks.  Run on making America prosperous for EVERYONE not just the rich.     

What you need to promote is the idea that conservative – both Republican and Democratic – policies have put America in the situation that we find ourselves in today in 2016.  It means that as a Democrat you will have to acknowledge that you too were bamboozled by the promises of Milton Friedman Unfettered Free Market Economics.  You will have to admit that GATT and NAFTA resulted in a flood of manufacturing jobs fleeing the country to low wage nations leaving American workers in the lurch.   That America’s working and middle classes have born the brunt of the damage done to us for decades.  You will have to acknowledge that the rhetoric of fear and fear-mongering is not a legitimate platform for achieving this nation’s future success and prosperity.    Remember:  as Franklin Delano Roosevelt so eloquently stated “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”   

Be truthful.  Be honest.  Admit that Democrats stood silently by and even encouraged the destruction of unions.   That Democrats were complicit in crafting the laws that led to the Great Recession.  Acknowledge that mistakes were made.  And then tell America that Democrats are truly the party of We The People with the policies that will restore Working and Middle Class America again.  That only Democrats truly want every single American regardless of class, age, sex, religions, ethnicity, race to be an integral part of the America that we all want.  

Run against the Republicans, not Barack Obama.  Do so and you will find that America will stand by you. 


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