It’s Friday, 9:00 AM, and all of us are awaiting our latest Snowmageddon, due to begin this afternoon and last until Sunday.  Here in the city, the weather folks are predicting a snowfall of between 18” to 24”.  Out to the West – i.e. West of “America’s Main Street,” Interstate 95, snow is predicted to be a bit heavier, between 20” to 30.”   This time, it does look as if we are going to be buried in the white stuff.  METRORAIL, our hit-and-miss subway system, will be closing down later tonight and remain closed through the weekend.  Same with METROBUS.  The Feds are closing down at noon, most schools are closed, and every grocery store, Home Depot and CVS will have sold out their stocks of shovels and salt and by the end of today (if they aren’t already gone)  I’m sure that milk, bread and toilet paper will be cleared from the shelves as well.

We didn’t do much to prepare – bought some wine, salt and groceries yesterday,  – parked my car at the corner to make it easier – say on Monday or Tuesday - to free it from the mounds of snow that our snowplows will leave as they clear the streets.  I’m pretty sure I have a snow shovel down in the basement,  although because I haven’t been here in D.C. over the winter in five years, I’m not sure.  I’ll check on it later.   The one thing that we are not prepared for, is a power cut.  I’m just going to hope that here on Capitol Hill it won’t happen.  If it does, well, who knows?  We’ll deal with it.  Somehow.

Washingtonians don’t deal very well with snow.   Yesterday’s one-incher basically extended the evening rush hour to six hours as folks tried to get back home.  This one?  Who knows?  The 1979 blizzard – the second largest in D.C.’s history - left us all homebound for four days.  And then it took an additional two weeks to actually clear the streets.   Why is the region so unprepared for snow?  Well, because we don’t get all that much snow normally.  It makes no sense for local, country and state Pubic Works Departments to invest in those huge snow melting machines that must cost a few hundred thousand dollars each when they will only be used once every  nine or ten years.  So we get it.  We understand.  Doesn’t make us all warm and fuzzy, maybe, but we accept the practicalities of the situation and just deal with it.  

But as all of us are hunkering down to weather the coming weather, I was taken with an article in the Daily Kos, the headline of which is above.  Here’s the article:

Thursday Jan 21, 2016  6:04 PM EST

Jeffrey H. Cohen D.C. “unexpectedly passed away Sunday morning at the age of 70 in the Squirrel Hill home where he was raised.” This is how his obituary reads in the Legacy section of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

He joins his parents, Dr. Harold and Harriet Cohen in the next world. As a teenager, Jeff spent his summers working at Bear Creek Ranch in Montana, where he learned to ride horses, chew tobacco, and "shovel more horse manure than you've ever seen in your life." He took pride in being the only Jewish cowboy that he knew of.

The obituary is a real beauty of a piece. It covers his life as a chiropractor who ended up with a business that included many sports luminaries, Olympic and professional. It tells you about his large family, a wife and four sons. It is clear that Mr. Cohen has a sense of humor. The final line is probably the best quote on the internet today.

Jeffrey would ask that in lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Donald Trump.
(Also acceptable - donations to the Nimmo Educational Foundation - www.nimmoed.org - or a charity of your choice.)

I did not know the man and most likely neither did you. But he sounds like a good-hearted and fun man with a very full life. Read about him here and give this cowboy who has finally shed his mortal coil and rode off into the sunset, his final wish—don’t vote for Donald Trump. 

A Jewish Cowboy?  Well, all right!  Did he wear a Yarmulke under his Twenty Gallon Stetson on Fridays?  I jest.  But apparently Jeffery Cohen was not.   As a final word to all of us, he could not have come up with a better final request for America. 

Thank you Dr. Cohen.


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