Are you surprised that a Black man is currently the frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination?   That he’s actually topped the white, yellow-blond haired, big time famous developer Donald Trump in the latest polls?  That despite some, how shall I say this without insulting the man, truly off-the-wall, loony bin, batshit crazy comments of late, he is still the darling of the Tea Baggin’ Right Wingers? 

Yeah.   You, like me, might have learned from the good Dr. that the Pyramids aren’t mausoleums for King Tut, Pharoah Khufu and Queen Hatshepsut, but were constructed, according to Dr. Ben, as grain storage facilities by the Bible’s Joseph, no less, out there in the Sahara Desert.  Or that he either did or did not have a violent youth including a knife attack on his mother or a friend (the story has changed) depending upon whether you take him at his world or the recollections of a bunch of folks who knew him way back when and don’t recall anything of the sort. 
And yet, despite an Easter Basket full of decoratively colored eggs he’s laid along his pathway to Presidential stardom, he’s become even more popular among a certain segment of the American populace.  Now on the other side of the race, Hillary Clinton was pilloried recently in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for receiving too many e-mails from Sid Blumenthal (Is he a Commie, maybe?) and for not instantly transporting herself via the Star Trek magic transporter machine to save the lives of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the three others who were under attack on September 12, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.  It would be amusing if all this Dr. Ben Carson popularity wasn’t so idiotic.

And now Carson complains that the LIBERAL MEDIA is attacking him unfairly.  Well, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in this LIBERAL MEDIA thing since blaming the LIBERAL MEDIA has become standard operating procedure when the Republican debaters don’t want to answer questions about their economic plans when the math doesn’t add up or when any Republican/Conservative/TeaBagger is simply caught outright lying through his or her teeth.  (Oh, sorry. That would be “misstating” in conservative parlance.)

But Dr. Ben?  He’s tripled down on all of his crazy-ass statements (If Jews had been armed they could have prevented the Holocaust; Evolution is the offspring of Satan; He really did knife someone in the belt buckle although he can’t recall exactly whom.) and his poll numbers have climbed.  Personally, I think he’s never going to be able to produce a birth certificate (whether from Michigan, Kenya or Hawaii) because I have a hunch that his origins are not of Planet Earth!  (I mean how else to explain why an educated scientist could possibly believe that the Pyramids were grain storage silos?)

But I’ll let you in on a little secret.  You see, the right winger Tea Party folks saw that we, the sane side of the political spectrum, elected America’s first African American (I won’t use the term "Black" because every time I do some bad-ass right winger blasts me because really Obama is only “half Black,” (sigh!)) President back in 2008.  And, here’s the kicker, we actually re-elected him in 2012 EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNEW HE WAS THE ANTI-CHRIST, A SECRET MUSLIM AND THE MOST CRIMINAL PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY!  Oh, another factor to keep on mind: we elected him the second time by an even greater margin than the first time although there is a question about the 5,000,000 votes that came out of Chicago since the Windy City only has a population of 2.7 million.  (Naturally, Obama secretly did this, miracle worker/master criminal that he is.)

So, to the addle brained minds of the right wing crowd, they’ve concluded that we will always vote for the Black Man if there is one in the running no matter what.  They think that we are trying to prove to America and the rest of the world that we liberals and Democrats are not racist and will keep on trying to prove it at every opportunity. After all, we’ve had over 400 years of Black suppression, first through slavery and today through Red State Voter ID Laws and there is, therefore, no greater task that we can undertake than proving to the world that America is indeed the unbiased land of the free.

It goes without saying that the Republicans cannot win the Presidency without resorting to trickery and malfeasance, Voter ID Laws for example, and they are very much aware of this situation particularly after the surprise, shocking and unexplainable Mitt Romney loss to the Black Community Organizer last time around.  If folks like us with political views to the left of Hitler won’t even vote for a moderate, sane, good looking family White guy like Mittens, just what the hell do they do?  So put yourself in the mind of a racist, bigoted, right wing Tea Partier (only for a couple of minutes though, any longer might lead to permanent brain damage) and does the strategy become clearer?  Of course it does!  If only they can nominate a credentialed Black Man, let’s say a professional surgeon with a trunk full of awards, achievements and accolades, how could we liberals not vote for him?   Just as long as there is no Black man running on the Democratic side, of course.  Hillary may be an evil, lying criminal (there’s that term again) but she ain’t Black.  And, since we have been so uncritical and, indeed, even praiseworthy of our current Black Community Organizer President, isn’t Dr. Ben Carson the perfect candidate?

But the workings of the right wing mind are indeed strange. To be kind.  What they don’t get (still don’t get after seven and a half years of that treasonous, anti-American Black man and his gorilla wife occupying the White House) is that we didn’t vote for Obama solely because he was Black, which meme, in my online forays, is forever how the right wing characterizes our voting record.  Sure, many of us thought that the first time around, electing a Black man to the Presidency might go some distance towards restoring the promise of America that has been stolen by conservatism over the past thirty years, but to us he was also a Harvard Graduate, intelligent, short on Senate experience maybe, articulate and someone we thought would make a good President since he seemed to understand the real issues that faced America back in 2008. 

But you see, the Tea Baggers don’t get this.  They still believe that we only voted for him because he’s Black.  And there you have the entire political strategy of the right wing in supporting Dr. Ben Carson and his whacko thoughts, feelings, beliefs and views since they know that if the good doctor is nominated as the Republican Presidential Candidate, we will vote for him.  Because he’s Black.   History repeating itself, as it were. 

Now I can’t say for sure that this is the right wing’s overall strategy.  And I’m damned sure that it isn’t Karl Rove’s.   No.  I’m speculating here.  But you know that under “normal” circumstance, right wingers would never vote for a Black man under threat of being shipped down to Guantanamo Bay and tortured. (And, of course, they believe that Obama’s Blue Helmeted U.N. troops bivouacked in the White House Basement could readily do this to them.)  They certainly didn’t vote for a Black Man in 2008 or in 2012 even without the treat of bodily harm. There’s been some huge tsunami of racial attitudinal turnaround, a collective, divine revelation that’s shown them the error of their ways?   Hmmmmm…… My guess, absent the imminent threat of The Second Coming, is probably not.   In fact, I would bet my entire 401(k) savings that I’m right on this one.  

So I ask you, do you have a better explanation for what seems to be the mystery of the Dr. Ben Carson except that they think this is supreme cleverness and strategic political strategizing on their part? 

No you don’t!

Have a good day!


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