And our public officials continue to make assholes of themselves, embarrass those of us with even a bare minimum of functioning brain cells and who are apparently bent on making sure that America is acknowledged as the world’s foremost bastion of bigotry, hatred and stupidity.  One would think from all the “we must take action” “we can’t be sure that three year old orphans aren’t packing explosive vests” “Obama is the worst President in history” (Sorry, that’s an old one.  I didn’t actually hear Lindsey Graham say this but I did hear him say that Obama was inept and his foreign policy is a shambles on Fox News yesterday.)   One would think that it was the Trump Tower in New York City that had been flattened by ISIS bombs rather than the 130 folks who were killed in Paris. 

Jeb Bush, Republican Presidential candidate and the “smarter” Bush Brother, in a rousing speech down in South Carolina the other day, came out and flatly stated that the U.S. needed to send troops to Syria and Iraq in order to kill ISIS.  Until now, I too had thought he was the smarter Bush but I just deleted him from my “conservative pigs but at least they are smart list.” (It was a very short list.)  And then there’s the Mayor of Roanoke, Virginia.  And if you’ve never heard of Roanoke don’t be embarrassed.  It ain’t much of a city stuck as it is way down in the southern reaches of Virginia not far from the North Carolina border.  It’s about as far from the intelligent Northern Virginia, D.C. suburbs (with their polyglot ethnic communities from North Africa, The Middle East, India, Asia and God alone knows from where else who seem to be living together just fine, thank you very much) as one can get.  No. Roanoke is not exactly a hub of enlightenment and diversity and Mayor David Bowers (a Democrat) pretty much nails that coffin up tighter that a virgin pusssy with his reference to the Japanese Internment camps established in America during World War II in a letter explaining why Roanoke couldn’t accept any Syrian refugees.  Democrat though he might be.

That’s right Mayor Bowers, those bloody orphans are just too damned dangerous to allow them some respite from the years of warfare they and their families have suffered through and maybe find a new home after their own homes, their own communities and their own towns and cities have been destroyed by the multiple armed groups, militia’s, army’s and terror groups that have ravaged Syria.  Yeah, way to go.  Frankly Mayor Bowers, you are just one dumb, big, fat, bigoted, asshole fuck.  Hope the tourist season in Roanoke – when is that again?  Between 8:00 and 9:00 PM on the fourth Sunday of March? – doesn’t suffer.     

I suppose that it’s more than appropriate that it would be Jeb Bush who’s leading the charge for sending troops – lots of them – into Syria and or Iraq or wherever the hell he said they should go into the chaos that is the Middle East.  Surprisingly, although if he’s forgotten, we haven’t, it was his brother the “George Bush Kept Us Safe” guy who happened to be President when 9-11 occurred and led the U.S. to war in Iraq which country and whose leader had absolutely nothing to do with 9-11.  The unholy mess that is the Middle East today?  The birth of ISIS in Iraq?  The Syrian refugee crisis?  The Sunni-Shiite warfare?  The rise of Iran’s influence again in the Middle East?  Well, I don’t want to necessarily “blame” former President Bush for this disaster – Oh, no, wait just a minute.   Yes, I do blame the unholy mess on Jeb Bush’s “Dumber Brother.”  Jeb “The Smarter Brother” Bush is now calling for U.S. troops to be sent back to the hellhole that is the Middle East?  Really?  Has he just plain lost his mind?  HE WANTS TO REPEAT THE SAME BLOODY MISTAKE HIS DUMBER BROTHER MADE?

It is really just too astonishing to contemplate.  For the past day or two I have FINALLY heard former CIA folks, FBI folks, NSA people, a former Defense Department secretary, even one member of Congress (talk about astonishing!) and other seemingly smart and experienced men and women reiterating that sending ground troops to Syria or Iraq is exactly what ISIS wants us to do since such an action would drive thousands of new recruits into their arms and further legitimize the Eighth Caliphate.  

Note to Jeb:  I realize that your presidential campaign hasn’t been going all that well which, I’m sure, has been a shock to you and Karl Rove since you were pegged as the leading candidate before all the Republican campaigns launched.  And, your batshit radical right wing base doesn’t want anyone who has governing experience as their candidate.  (Viz: Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson.)  Sure, desperate measures, from your point of view, might be called for and sure, carving out a radical stance compared to the nonsensical bleatings and blatherings of your fellow Republicans might boost your standing with your right wing base even though you aren’t really conservative enough for them.   But, Jeb, what we’re dealing with here is not some Kabuki Theater piece at the Kennedy Center or a Sixth Grade Elementary School production of Winnie the Pooh, but the real world.  Try to keep this in mind, okay? 

On a serious note, the current explosion of anti-Obama and anti-Syrian rhetoric is undoubtedly due, at least in large part, to Republican hatred for and constant disrespect to Barack Hussein Obama.  After all, they cannot conceive that here in the United States of America a Black man was elected President of the United States.  Twice, no less.  Apparently that is an unforgivable state of affairs here and they have spared no effort to counter his every policy since he was sworn into office on that bitterly cold January day in 2008.  (I was there and it was hellishly cold.) But it’s also a signature effect of the past thirty years of conservative rule (and I include Bill Clinton’s Administration in this conservative package as well) that has consistently eroded the values we used to associate with being Americans.  This includes helping the less fortunate among us both here at home and abroad; that violence and war should not be the first and only means of settling disputes both domestically and internationally; that this country should serve as a beacon of hope, freedom and democracy to other nations around the world; that we are a generous, kind, open and welcoming nation; propaganda substituting for facts, data and scientific inquiry.  There are any number of other  “quaint and nostalgic” notions and values I could list, but you get my point.

The very fact that so many Republicans and others could say such indefensible, inhumane and downright un-American mouthings during this time of great tragedy and great danger is evidence of just how far they/we’ve fallen in living up to our own ideals and values, at least as we once cherished and embraced them.  Used to be we called such folks “the lunatic fringe” but today they are our elected leaders. 

How times have changed.  


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