Was just watching Fox News this morning, where Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was once again telling America that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing and that we need to send 100,000 troops to Iraq to take back Ramadi from ISIS.  Both memes are classic Graham.   What I find slightly troubling, if not astonishing, is what seems to be Graham’s lack of knowledge about what ISIS is and what it wants.  (On the other hand this ignorance is rife among most politicians but strikingly common among Republicans and the party’s candidates for President.  Intelligence and common sense seems to have flown the coop since the Paris attacks on Friday.  Not that they’ve displayed all that much historically.) 

First, ISIS is a sophisticated organization and relies on publicity and propaganda to lure recruits to its cause.  Second, the establishment of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria last June, engaged the apocryphal aspects of a world wide religious war rooted in Koranic mythologies (in much in the same way as the Bible’s Armageddon.) Now Senator Graham might see ISIS as just another terrorist organization like Al Qaeda but Bin Laden and his followers believed that the ultimate battle for world domination would not occur during their lifetimes.  ISIS?  With the establishment of the Caliphate, ISIS believes that it is engaged in this apocalyptic battle of all battles, the End of Days, right now.  Today.  And where does this final battle occur?  According to Koranic scriptures in the small town of Dabiq, which is located in Syria near Aleppo.  ISIS already controls Dabiq and is awaiting the arrival of the enemy armies.  Dabiq is also the name of ISIS’ online magazine, thus pretty much defining what their end goal is.   Sending troops to Syria is exactly what ISIS wants since such an action would prove that the West has also engaged in the Final Battle To End All Battles and would swell the ranks of recruits to ISIS from thousands to tens of thousands.  Frankly, I don’t see this as a good strategy to defeat ISIS, one that actually fits deftly into their final worldwide religious war to end all wars. 

We may dismiss this call to worldwide arms to bring on a new Islamic Golden Age, but to young, disaffected Muslims who don’t see a future other than their current poverty and rootlessness, it is a powerful call, one that follows un-interpreted Koranic teachings particularly after the establishment of the Eighth Caliphate in June a call that essentially energizes and undergirds this view.   

Graham also bashed Obama for not insisting that Turkey do its part in the war against ISIS and closing its border.  But here’s the reality of that situation – one that apparently has not revealed itself in some Divine Revelation to the good Senator:  The very Kurds who just last week retook Sinjar and cut off ISIS' main supply line (from Turkey, by the way) are the very same Kurds that Turkey has deemed terrorists and separatists for decades.  And now we are expecting our NATO ally to simply say to their home grown terrorist Kurds: “All Is Forgiven Now; Let’s Work Together.” Right.  Like that’s going to happen.  Perhaps there might be some means that the U.S. could persuade Turkey (our NATO ally) to close it’s border with Iraq and Syria to prevent the free passage of people and weapons, but Graham’s apparent ignorance of Turkey’s hatred for the Kurds speaks volumes about his interventionist proposals. 

As for Graham’s attacks on Obama?  Well after 9-11 I can’t recall a single Democrat who engaged in such political opportunism at the time.  We all closed ranks around our President back then but apparently Graham won’t let even the ugliest of tragedies pass without taking the opportunity to blame Obama.  And appease his right wing batshit base.  It is disgusting.       

And now onto the rest of the Republican crowd including 29 (update: 31 now including one Democrat) state governors who have banned Syrian refugees from their borders. Why is it that the Republicans continue to embarrass the entire United States of America?    Here’s a sample:

Ted Cruz:  Introduced a bill in Congress to ban all Syrian Muslims from resettling in the U.S. while recommending that all immigration to the U.S. stop.  “President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s idea that we should bring tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees to America: It is nothing less than lunacy.”

Paul Ryan: The newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives calls for a “pause” in admitting Syrian refugees.

Donald Trump says that allowing Syrian refugees into the U.S. could be a Trojan Horse.

Jeb Bush: The U.S. should only allow Christian Syrian refugees

Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey and Republican Presidential candidate) proposed that the U.S. should bar Syrian widows and orphans from entering the U.S.

Mike Huckabee Republican Presidential Contender:  Syrian refuges should not be allowed into the U.S. since their religion is not common in the U.S. and their presence would be disruptive.

And then there was the utterly insane attack on a French Muslim Scholar yesterday by two CNN News Readers about why France’s Muslim Community didn’t alert French Authorities that the Paris attacks were about to take place.  I mean, I have no fucking response to this piece of brain dead stupidity. 

There are dozens if not hundreds of similarly stupid comments particularly if you include those of our 31 governors ( 30 Republicans and 1 Democrat – see below) who have “closed” their states to Syrian refuges.  An action, by the way, since the Federal Government has exclusive control over immigrants and refugees, that has no practical application.   But never let it be said that Republicans don’t take every opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the world just how ignorant and bigoted they are while displaying not a shred of human compassion.  They are all an embarrassment to the rest of us. 

But what about in France, where the attacks actually took place and 129 people were actually killed by ISIS terrorists: 

Francois Hollande (Oh, wait:  President of the French Republic for those Republicans who haven’t connected the dots) has reiterated his pledge that France will accept 24,000 Syrian Refugees DESPITE the terrorists attacks last Friday, the worst since World War II.    And you fools are refusing them?  Such courage.  Such bravery.

Here’s the length of time it takes to process Syrian refugees into the U.S. of A.

18 Months 

Here’s the number of Syrian refuges who have entered the U.S. of A. since 2011:


And remember, all of this explosion of stupidity stems from the discovery of a fake passport that was miraculously found legible and intact near the body of one of the Paris terrorists in the Bataclan Theater.  And our domestic idiots don’t seem to understand what may be the manipulative ingenuity behind this single ploy?  It has sparked exactly the response that ISIS intended. 

As we sit here in the alleged Capital of the Free World having been designated a target of ISIS, as armed police patrol our METRO system, as we are encouraged not to gather in large groups, as groups all across the country cancel trips to D.C., as we go about our daily lives wondering if “this is it” at the sound of every siren outside our homes and places of work, (there have been three past my house since I started posting this piece) we must also be subjected to the idiotic ravings of these lunatics?  Please.  I don’t often invoke the power of God being that I trend agnostic, but tonight maybe I’ll reconsider and pray that He strikes these fools deaf and dumb.  It would be a great service to humanity.

  NOTE: There is one Democratic Governor who just yesterday also joined the chorus of barring Syrian refugees, Governor Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire.  She is running for the U.S. Senate hoping to take a seat from arch-conservative Republican Kelley Ayote.  Her husband, Thomas Hassan, is president of Exeter Academy, an august institution that has produced several Presidents.  If you Google his name you will find hundreds of right wing articles slamming him as a secret Muslim terrorist even though neither he nor his Governor wife are Muslim.  Here’s one post about Hassan’s tenure at Exeter:

…On Thomas Hassan’s watch, numerous Islamic scholars and activists with ties to radical Islamic groups have been invited to address student assemblies and other student forums. Among them, Hadia Mubarak, former president of the Muslim Student Association, spoke at a PEA assembly on Oct, 1, 2007. Founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the MSA was labeled “a virtual terror factory” by terrorism expert Patrick Poole. Its former members include such notable jihadists as Anwar al-Awlaki, Ramy Zamzam, Omar Hammami, Abdurahman Alamoudi, Aafia Siddiqui and Ramzi Yousef.

And here’s another: 

“Democrat Maggie Hassan is running for the most powerful office in New Hampshire. But there are emerging questions as to whether she’s got the right sense of judgment necessary for the office stemming from her husband’s ties with radical Islamistsmany of whom belong to organizations with terrorist connections.”

There are hundreds more such screeds based on a family name.   None, of course, hold a scintilla of fact and truth. 

Still, Governor Hassan, attempting to win an election is no excuse. 


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