From the moment Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) introduced this chart showing a dramatic seven year increase in abortions by Planned Parenthood and an equally dramatic decline in non-abortion services that pretty much said all that needed to be said about this useless witchunt passing as a Congressional Hearing.  It’s probably not a coincidence that this is the same committee, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that “investigated” Benghazi. Representative Chaffetz made no apology for the "chart" "error", no “Sorry Ms. Richards for so viciously maligning you and your organization based on a falsehood,” in fact no comment except “We’ll check the source,” when it was pointed out to him that the chart had been prepared by the right wing, anti-abortion "Americans United For Life" (clearly shown on the "chart" itself) organization.  Then again, the smug smirk the good Representative from Utah wore during the hearing pretty much set the tone for the entire farce.    

The sole witness was CEO of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards (apparently the creators of the bogus videos that started this “scandal”, Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden, were "unavailable" according to Chaffetz) and true to form the Republican members of the Committee (both male and female in case you were wondering) were uniformly disrespectful, spoke over Ms. Richards responses to their questions, lobbed leading, disingenuous, questions out into the chamber then immediately claimed that their time was up leaving no opportunity for response, insisted on their own set of “facts” even when confronted with proof that they were wrong- in sum, pretty much like the ongoing, three year old Benghazi hearings or the IRS hearings, and the Republican House of Representative’s continuing patriotic march to irrelevancy

The Democrats were uniformly polite and attempted to bring some level of sanity to the whole double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and caldron bubble witchy proceedings.  That, too, is to be expected but then one has to recall that this farcical House committee hearing that we, the taxpayers, are footing the bill for, are based on lies.  But I think what impressed me more than anything else, is the total disrespect that the Republican members of the Committee showed toward Ms. Richards.  Maybe they forgot that their show trial was actually based on doctored videos that, as Carly Fiorina would have you believe (her status as Republican Presidential hopeful notwithstanding) showed doctors ripping apart babies in order to harvest their organs for sale to the highest bidder.  In fact, the videos – I’ve seen two of them – show nothing of the sort.  Now, perhaps Ms. Fiorina has seen the video she describes and has insisted this is what the Center for Medical Progress video shows in the face of factual data to the contrary, then I would have to question just what types of online videos does Ms. Fiorina seek out?

But I digress.  Congressman Cummings (D-MD) stated that the full, un-doctored videos tell a very different story.  I’m not sure where he gets this information since all the Center for Medical Progress videos have been embargoed by a California judge hearing a lawsuit against the video makers, but I’m willing to bet that somewhere the full videos do exist.  Representative Cummings, by the way, was the only voice of sanity during the cavalcade of smoking guns that never quite appeared during what was called the House Committee on Government Oversight and Operations (note the new term “Reform” in the Committee’s name) investigations into the hot topic, "Why Hillary Clinton Is Responsible For the Deaths of Four Americans, Including US Ambassador Chris Stevens" Benghazi Public Hearings. 

But I digress still.  Obviously the Republicans are being driven to their uniformly batshit stances and positions about Planned Parenthood by their equally batshit “BASE.”  And base is probably the perfect moniker since they appear to be the basest level of what American society produces, bar none.  Still, here we are spending time and money on a reality show witch hunt that has come about from a series of videos that have already been shown to purvey misinformation and lies.  Is this what we pay these shitheads for?  Apparently, yes, we do. 

But I have to give a shout out to the CEO of Planned Parenthood, Ms. Cecile Richards who remained calm, cool and collected in the face of one of the most contemptible performances by elected pubic officials I have ever seen.  (Well, there was that other Republican House Member who claimed that women could self-abort a pregnancy due to rape, so that was probably more egregious but on the other hand so God damned fucking insane as to be totally off the charts.)  She comported herself with dignity in the face of the extremely undignified behavior of her inquisitors.  She deserves an award for this.  In fact, I hope Obama awards her the Medal of Freedom. 

You can watch the entire hearing on CSPN or see it on YouTube.  

Have a good day. 

The full hearing is here:


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