A recent article on Politico entitled “Haters For Trump” commented on what seems to be a growing movement among both apathetic and disgruntled Americans to support The Donald on his Merry Making America Better Carnival Campaign for President.  Based primarily on the belief that the American political “system” is broken and/or that politics is now a “joke” throughout the country, the Politico piece speculates on Trump’s popularity among progressives and liberals, folks who otherwise wouldn’t hesitate to wipe their muddy feet on a Making A Better America Trump campaign poster after demonstrating in support of Planned Parenthood.  In the absence of any data about the strength of the “Haters For Trump” movement, I think the authors of the Politico article just might be correct. 

We have reached a point in our political “development” where Congress seems unable to actually accomplish anything other than voting 54 times to kill Obamacare and shutting down the government to defund Planned Parenthood.  Plus, many State officials (okay, Republican Governors) appear to have tripled down on “cutting taxes creates jobs” propaganda-masquerading-as-public-policy and other duly elected country officials  refuse to discharge their oath of office to obey the law and serve the public by invoking God’s will while wearing multi-thread clothing and mounding shrimp from Denny’s hot bar high on their plates and schtupping the fourth husband in 39 years, it’s no big mystery that some folks have simply given up on the rescue of our politics and will vote for The Donald in the primaries to make the point that we no longer have a political system but a national reality show that might be titled “So You Too Think You Can Govern The Country While Masturbating To Ashley Madison’s or Anthony Weiner’s Hot Pics.”

But for me, I too have hopes that The Donald will be the Republican Candidate for President in 2016.  Could he beat the Democrat's expected nominee, Hillary Clinton? Who knows?  It might be that cooler, more rational and saner heads will prevail among the general voting populace here in the great United States of America between now and 2016, but then again maybe not.  Would I vote for The Donald if he becomes the Republican candidate for President?  I might.  And here’s why.

It’s not because I believe that our political system isn’t broken or that politics hasn’t become akin to reality shows like “The Bachelor” and “Caitlyn Does Dallas” or even that Congress isn’t dysfunctional but simply broken.  No, that’s not it. The preceding pretty much describes precisely where we are in 2015, but they aren’t my reasons for even considering a vote for The Donald. 

My reasoning, like one of the folks quoted in the Politico article, runs in a parallel path to his:

“This is the candidate America deserves,” said Jeff DeFlavio, 29, a small business owner registered as an independent in the nearby town of Lebanon. He said he plans to vote for Trump in the primary, but adds, “His immigration policy is disgusting to me. It’s absolutely revolting … I really don’t want him to become president ever. Ever.  He would destroy the world, which is what’s so wonderful about him.”

Now Jeff may be thinking that The Donald would serve as a shining example of just how insane our political system has become and, therefore, he would have no chance of becoming President.  But I beg to differ, in part.  Trump is indeed, 1000 percent the candidate we Americans deserves right now since he perfectly reflects the public’s penchant for conspiracy theories, baseless propaganda, instant cures, the exciting but meaningless “spectacle” and the unshakable belief that all we need is the perfect, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, no bullshit candidate who will immediately right the ship of state as it perches over the dark cliff of annihilation and total destruction.

It is no secret that conservatives, right wingers, and Tea Partiers seem to think that all of our problems can be solved by the right candidate winning the Presidential Lottery Election.  Bolstered by the ravings of right wing radio pundits and the blathering blubber heads on Fox News, I have no doubt in my mind that this is exactly how they see The Donald, someone who will swoop in like Green Lantern, Spider Man or Batman and slaughter all the bad guys.  Or maybe like a personal tooth fairy with gossamer wings who will slip a satchel of gold coins under our pillows one night as we sleep dreaming of  Paradise and 72 Virgins.  Oh. Wait. No. That’s the wrong one.  I meant, of course, the Heavenly Garden of Eden.

And as shocking as you may find it, I think he should become President.  And just like Jeff is quoted as saying “He would destroy the world,” I pretty much believe the same although not the world.  Just America.    Trump would be an unmitigated disaster for America of this I am sure.  The man has no concept of the real world living his entire life, as he has, ensconced in the protective trappings of his father’s and his own wealth.  He believes that, just like in his business world, he can order things to be done and they will be done like a God on high with an army of angels ready to sacrifice their halos to do His Bidding.  And this Holy Warrior Image of Trump, no matter how tattered and thin beneath the trappings of his Reality Show Campaign, is exactly what the right wingers - evangelical in their praise and adoration – have been desperately searching for since Ron Reagan burst upon the political scene with his Grandfatherly Wise Old Man Persona that the country lapped up like a bunch of hungry kittens surrounding a bowl of warm milk.

But I’m thinking this, the Donald Trump Presidency, is precisely the “cure” that we need to shock the instant gratification folks out of their fantasies and conspiracy theories (Trump, by the way, was the Champion Birther conspiracist last time around), their desire to fix everything with no pain and little effort and sacrifice, and their deeply held religious belief that if only all the libruls would simply disappear from America (shades of Hitler here) everything would become instant paradise much like all the reality TV shows they love to watch. 

I mean if the biggest worldwide economic collapse since the Great Depression, if being the country with the highest percentage of its population in prison, if the shredding of the economic fortunes of America’s working and middle classes over the last thirty years, if the total domination of corporations over every friggin’ aspect of our pitiful lives, if  CEO’s making 400 times the salary of their employees, if the slaughtering of five and six your old kids in Newtown, Massachusetts, if the wealthiest 10% of Americans owning 70% of the nation’s entire wealth, etc. etc. etc. isn’t sufficient evidence that the conservative propaganda that passes for public policy has been an absolute disaster since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, then I say Bring On The Donald! 

Rather than the slow, constant and insidious draining of blood from the inert, marginally comatose body of American society we’ve seen over the last three decades through endless cuts to our corpus commonus, I have a feeling that the four years of the Trump Presidency – there will only be four because after Year Four we will either be under martial law or gunning each other down in our streets – will have caused the slow drip our lifeblood to explode into a massive, swift flowing river of sanguineous bodily fluids. 

Personally, I have no idea, given that a Trump Presidency would surely result in social and economic chaos, how I would survive.  I mean my retirement account has dropped in value by about 20% as a result of China’s economic slowdown, a relatively measly downturn compared to 2008.  It’s my best guess that a Trump Presidency would totally wipe away the remainder of my savings like the tsunami wiped away the nuclear reactors at Fukushima.  And, of course, The Donald would surely end welfare thus leaving me few options other than hitchhiking to a warmer climate where life on the streets isn’t so bad during the winter months.

The full Politico article is here:


Have A Good Day While You Can!  We Might Be In For Some Rough Weather Ahead.    


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