I’ve been impressed of late with two Washington Post editorials, one last Sunday about Planned Parenthood and one this morning laying out the plus side of immigration.  Perhaps stirred to action by the misinformation (propaganda, contra-factual “facts,” lies) swirling around both issues thanks to the fake organization The Center for Medical Progress and the very real but tragically fact averse current leader of the Republican pack of uber-propagandists, Donald Trump, the Post has, perhaps, finally given up on its “fair and balanced,” “there are two sides to every issue” and “every question deserves rational discussion” approach to reportage and come down on one side of both the Congressional de-funding Planned Parenthood efforts leading inexorably to another Federal Government shutdown and Mexico is purposely sending rapists, murderers and drug mules over Rio Grande to flood America with  undesirable “Messicans,” a Trump fantasy currently raging across the good old USofA.  On both issues, the Post’s editorial board has landed on the correct side of these raging issues. 

Today’s pro-immigration editorial points out that immigrants (legal and illegal) are a net positive to the U.S. economy, paying $12 billion in state and local taxes in 2012, comprise about 5% of the workforce, and 70% of them holding jobs, more than in the general population.  As Donald Trump maintains: “It’s disgusting what’s happening to our country.  We are becoming a dumping ground for the rest of the world.”  A century ago, Edward Alsworth Ross, a prominent sociologist at Stanford University, described Poles, Italians and Jews as lacking “the convenience for thinking, morally warped, inferior” and possessing “twice their share of insanity” as the rest of the population.  Sound familiar?  

Note that overall rates of immigration have been declining since 1990 and the Obama Administration has deported more illegals than any other Administration in our history.  Facts.  The Post immigration editorial is here:   

Now to Planned Parenthood.  Really informative piece entitled “At A Planned Parenthood Clinic, Reality Belies Perception,” a first person article about a day at the Planned Parenthood Health Center in Akron, Ohio.  Spoiler alert:  a day at this clinic bears no resemblance to the wheeling and dealing in the sale of baby parts so vilely depicted by The Center for Medical Progress.  In fact, following the clinic’s lead clinician, Brittany Moore as she  deals with patients and security for an upcoming demonstration by the right-to-lifers, (she suggests that the staff not wear their uniforms that day) it’s all pretty mundane and kind of boring.  As the national Planned Parenthood organization has stated, the bulk of Moore’s day is devoted to dealing with STD testing, birth control enquiries, prescription refills, and pregnancy tests, for both scheduled patients and walk-ins. 

The Akron clinic does not perform abortions.  It does, however, see 7,100 patients annually, administers 3,400 pregnancy tests, writes 2,900 prescriptions for birth control, and provides 13,200 sexually transmitted disease screenings.  The majority of these services are provided at reduced cost, funded in part by Medicaid reimbursement and family planning funds from Title X federal grants.  There is no other Title X provider in Akron and the largest health provider in the area has a three to six week waiting list for family planning appointments.    Particularly poignant is a young gay man who’s partner had belatedly informed him that he was HIV+.  The young man’s HIV test administered by the clinic also turned out to be positive. 

Now I’m assuming that the piece is accurate and here I’m relying on the Post’s (tarnished) reputation for accurate investigative reporting.  Hey, I suppose Brittany Moore could be lying through her teeth and no one actually visited the Akron clinic and the entire article is imaginative fiction, but I’m going to side with the Post this time.  Until I find some factual information to the contrary.  Now, would that Congress, Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican wazoos vying for the Republican nomination for President, adopt the same stance.  But they won’t.  Which is why I’m looking forward to tonight’s second episode of the “Republican Candidates Reality Show” (aka “debate”).

As for me, I’m coming down on the side of historical precedent:  I’m betting that the 17 or 16 or 40 Republican candidates, as well as their cohorts in the Congress of the United States of America will continue to forge public policy based on the over-wrought fantasies of their Red Meat Base as opposed to facts. 

NB:  One issue I’m with the Republicans on: crime.  Last week we had four nearly ripe butternut squash stolen from our front yard garden.  Can you imagine?  Such fucking lawlessness right here in our Nation’s Capital?  I mean right here not four blocks from the Capitol Building!  It is outrageous!  What happened to Family Values, for God’s sake!  We need to get much tougher on this horrendous criminal behavior.  I’m sick of all this coddling of law breakers and criminals who are destroying the very fabric of American society.  And no one can argue with me on this one.  It’s based on my personal experience and not from some librul blog. 

Have a good day!       


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