Former Minnesota Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Enlightens Us With Another Vital History Lesson

A friend of mine forwarded this piece of insanity to me a few minutes ago knowing, as he does, in such high esteem, admiration and approbation I hold the former Congresswoman.  How Fucking Embarrassing!  This is what the Capitalist Center of the Free World’s political system produces?  Now you might think that Ms. Bachmann was just funning  us.  But you would be wrong.  Dead Serious.  You know I’m thinking that former Congresswoman Bachmann should hire herself out to Bill Maher or Chris Rock since she is a veritable, endless font of malapropisms that are perfect for late night comedians. 

Just to remind you of Ms. Bachmann’s legendary grasp on both current events and  American History, here’s a few of her prior lessons to us brought to us by Rachel Maddow who holds no truck with fools of any stripe:

And please don't forget that it was former Congresswoman Bachmann who brought us the Breaking News that the State Department under Hillary Clinton had been infiltrated with radical Islamic Jihadists  led by Clinton friend, and Muslim, Huma Abedin.  

Now in the current Republican campaign for the Presidency, it's Donald Trump who is lockstep following Bachmann right down the same road of idiocy.  Actually, so far, The Donald hasn't been quite as mystifyingly fact-averse as Ms. Bachmann but give him time. Here's an example of The Donald's latest musings:  

You might wonder why it is that Bachmann was such a darling to the Tea Party and right wingers and Donald Trump has more or less become the same symbol of truth, honesty and the American Way for the Tea Party and right wingers.  Here's the answer:


You know, like "truth to power" or "telling' it like it is Bro" or some such bullshit.  This is the reason why both Michele and The Donald are so ardently admired by the right wing crazies.  Both are not afraid to "tell it like it is" to the American public.  And, here's the kicker, it's doesn't seem to matter to the Tea Baggers and radical Republicans that Trump's and Bachmann's "speaking of the mind" isn't truthful or relevant or even makes good sense.  It's sort of like when I splout and shout at my partner for "Squeezing The God-Damned Toothpaste Tube In The Middle!  Are You Physically Incapable Or Mentally Deficient That You Can't Seem To Squeeze The Fucking Tube From the Bottom?"  See?  Right there is my personal example of my "speaking my mind."    It makes me feel real good, is, indeed, what's on my mind when I've picked up the Crest tube and it's a mangled mess and I suppose if my stream of consciousness tirade were televised on You Tube would get millions of hits.  But no matter how good it feels to me, no matter how much I've off-loaded irritation and aggravation, no matter how self-righteous I feel (since I'm right!) it's dumb.  And stupid.  And irrelevant.  But then, I'm not running for public office much less for office of the President of the United States, arguably one of if not the most powerful political position in the world (more or less).  

Trump Is.

(And God Help US!)

Have a Great Day While Those of Us Who Live In This Wild, Wacky, Great Country called the U. S. of A Ponder Where The Hell We Went So Wrong!


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