Been in a mild to moderate funk this last week due to the falling stock market, the DJ Industrial average is now at 16,459.75 which is down nearly 2,000 points since its all time high of 18,288.63 on March 2 of this year.  Why does this matter to me?  Well, since I was forcibly retired back in 2010, it’s my brokerage account that I’m relying on the carry me through the one day or twenty years I have left to live, to put it bluntly. 

But this morning when I switched on my go-to news program, CBS This Morning, low and behold the Breaking News headlines were:

Three Americans Subdue Terrorist on Paris Train!

Way-To-Go America!  I shouted.  Not really but I have to say that I did feel a modicum of swelling pride since America’s reputation around the world for the past two to three decades has taken some significant hits.  We’ve gone from “the shining light of freedom and democracy” symbol among the world’s nation to “the world’s biggest bully and exporter of chaos” and worse.  So forgive me if I take a moment to bask in the golden light of self-identification when there actually emerges genuine American heroes on the world scene.

 As reported by the media, Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler leapt into action and overpowered a gunman sporting an AK-47 and a pistol on an SNCF train enroute from Amsterdam to Paris.  Police found a virtual arsenal of weapons and ammunition clips after the incident.   The three Americans, a National Guardsman, an Air Force member and a civilian, childhood friends, were on vacation one of whom had just returned from Afghanistan.  And by the way, despite all the racial strife you read about in the press, note that one of the “three friends” is Black, a not uncommon occurrence here in the U.S.

So as Donald Trump roams around the country dissing Mexican immigrant as rapists and murderers (and I know that Europe has its own immigration problems) and blames Obama for all of our nation’s troubles, please remember that all the 17 aspirants to the American Presidential throne are Republicans speaking crazy bullshit who are all out to win primaries and, therefore, must appeal to the basest of the base Republican, conservatives, radical right wingers and Tea Bagging, batshit Americans because they are the ones who reliably turn out in vast numbers to vote in our primaries that determine who will be the Presidential candidates for the Republicans.

But I like to think that Stone, Sadler and Skarlatos are actually much more representative of us Americans than are the media hungry bozos running for public office here.  That they sprung into action when confronted with deadly danger is not all that surprising to me, acting with the same spontaneous, cooperative effort as did the rugby players on United Airlines flight 93 who caused the hijacked flight to crash in a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001. 

So please, when you see another American town going up in flames as the result of our police shooting dead another unarmed civilian, or some nutcase shoots up another movie theater, or another candidate for President proclaims that women can self-abort a pregnancy caused by rape, please, please remember that these are all crazy outlier Americans, part of the cabal of conservatives who have had a chokehold on us normal Americans for thirty years now and they DO NOT represent us.  Rather recall the courage, bravery and non-political actions of Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, three American friends on vacation who took it upon themselves to intervene in the face of deadly danger and who undoubtedly saved lives by doing so. 

Would that our government would intervene around the world based on the same criteria, so remember that our government is not us, at least to those of us here in America with political and social views to the left of Adolph Hitler.

It’s already a good day!     


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