Not only does Planned Parenthood provide abortion services, but also uses thousands of human embryos each year in their evil campaign to provide ingredients for IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, as it’s known among childless couples and fertility clinics.   Oh. Wait.  Childless Couples?  Fertility Treatments?  Yes, folks, that baby killing abortion machine that Conservatives, Tea Baggers and Republican members of Congress have vowed to defund to stop this organization from destroying American families and ripping our culture to shreds is, in fact, a vital source of embryos for couples who want to have children but have been unable to conceive by natural means.  In Vitro Fertilization is one of the means that couples turn to in such cases.  Women who have abortions may donate their embryos to medical research for IVF or for other scientific research into cures for Huntington’s Disease, ALS, and other diseases through stem cell research.   And, shocks of shocks, as Planned Parenthood points out, only about 3% of their activities are abortion related, while 35% of its services are directed towards STD detection and treatment and another 35% towards contraceptive services.   

These are the facts and you can verify them yourself if you need to.   Now given the right wing's penchant for propaganda and lying, the facts of what Planned Parenthood actually does is irrelevant since it's God's Will or some such divine proclamation/intervention that overrides science and factual information to these idiots.  (Does he communicate directly with these folks?  If so, didn't we used to call that insanity?) So it would appear that unlike the evil-baby-killing-family-values-slaughtering organization depicted by the usual low-information suspects on the right, Planned Parenthood actually does a great deal of good for men, women and children particularly in light of the right wing’s war on abortion and women and their misanthropic stance that “no one should have sex outside of the family values dictum that sex is solely for procreation”.  Right.   It doesn’t take Einsteinean genius to figure out that this policy is doomed, given – as the late, great Robin Williams pointed out on stage:  “If sex is so bad, why did God make it feel so good?” 

But here’s the irony about the right wing’s war on Planned Parenthood as that war is directed towards 3% of its activities:

Embryos for In Vitro Fertilization come from abortions so why isn’t there some huge outcry against this practice as well which is precisely the same as the “selling of baby parts” that the fake organization, Center for Medical Progress, “exposed” with their doctored videos?   Then again, I suppose that the Center for Medical Research and it’s leader, David Daleiden, an anti-abortionist since the age of 15, were so laser focused on  attacking the “Breaking News” worthy topic of abortion that men seem to be so apoplectic over, they missed the IVF bonanza entirely.  I suppose In Vitro Fertilization just doesn't have the same truthful ring as abortion does.  

In order to receive an embryo for IVF (the embryos are cryogenically frozen and stored in fertility clinics) all a couple needs to do is sign a single form.  That’s right – one form.  Contrast that with what women go though to avail themselves of the procedure (abortion) that results in cryogenically preserved embryos used in IVF in many states now:

1.         State-directed counseling to discourage a woman from having an abortion

2.         State-mandated 24 hour waiting period after counseling

3.         Undergo an invasive (and unnecessary) ultrasound

4.         Watch a video about how the fetus is human

5.         Listen to a lecture about how an embryo is human

6.         Wait an additional three days

Now not all states require all the procedures listed above, but these are some of the recently enacted state statutes designed to discourage women from having an abortion.  And these impediments apply to Planned Parenthood clinics as well.

It’s no secret that the right wing’s war on women continues unabated, the “defund Planned Parenthood” battle cry only the latest in decades of this kind of crap.   Over the past years of the right wing’s war on women,  27 states (Red, Republican controlled  legislatures) have enacted a plethora of new restrictions designed to prevent women from getting abortions, which procedure, by the way, is still legal in the United States.

No one, at least no sane person, believes that having an abortion is the same as ordering a skinny latte at Starbucks.  It is a wrenching decision and one that can engender life long feelings of guilt and shame.  My own views about abortion have been influenced by the death of a beautiful young woman from Texas, whom I befriended in college, from a botched abortion.  Abortions were not legal back then and if the right wing crazies have their way, they will be illegal once again. 

I’ve written countless times that I would be in favor of outlawing abortions if the anti-abortion folks signed a contract to adopt every single baby born to women who could not avail themselves of abortion and agree to raise the babies that result and provide for their welfare until the age of 18.  But for all the times I’ve proposed this solution, I’ve not had a single taker. 

Let’s be crystal clear about the right wingers’ anti-abortion stance:  they would force women who to come to term if  pregnant  – whether from rape or incest or from screwing up the timing of their periods while practicing the “Rhythm Method” – without accepting responsibility for the actual children, you know, real live, fully formed, living human beings who are born. 

And here I thought that these folks were all about “personal responsibility.”  I guess they are – when it comes to other people but not for themselves.

Have a good day!   


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