Muslim-Jihadist-Terrorist-Criminal?  You Decide!

Now that dictator-psycho-Obama-Satan has more or less decided not to run for a third term, all the Obama-Hatred-Syndrome folks have switched their massive front line attack machine to target Hillary.   Small article in today’s WashPo perfectly illustrates my thesis.  If the name Huma Abedin brings back memories (she was an aide to Clinton while Hillary was Sectary of State and is now number 2 in the Clinton Presidential campaign) you might recall that this is the Lebanese heritage woman who then-sitting Psycho-Representative from Minnesota, Michele Bachmann accused of being a Muslim Jihadist Terrorist.  Some other wacko sitting Congressman joined genius House Representative Bachmann-Our-Founding-Fathers-Worked-Tirelessly-To-End-Slavery in her campaign to out the 20 or 60 or so (the exact number is irrelevant, suffice to say that according to Bachmann the State Department was crawling with them) Secret Muslim Terrorists that Hillary had installed in the State Department to bring Sharia Law to America.   But he’s unimportant. 

Well, taking up the uber-critical to national security cause is another Wacko-Republican, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) by name, who is demanding a Congressional investigation into Abedin's receipt of an illegal payment of a whopping $10,000 in salary when, as Grassley alleges, she wasn’t entitled to it.  Oh, and he also wants an investigation into her outside employment while serving that evil traitor Democrat Hillary Clinton.   Apparently – and mysteriously – Grassley was provided information from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General who, Grassley claims, found that in the Abedin case majeure that there was “at least a reasonable suspicion of a violation” of the law concerning the “theft of pubic money through time and attendance fraud.”

Okay.  If you need to re-read this viciously criminal activity, i.e. stealing taxpayers money though time and attendance fraud, I’ll give you a moment to let it sink in.   I mean, God forbid some Government official would falsify a time and attendance record.  That has to be right up there with Reagan's illegally selling arms to Iran.  (Yes, the same Iran that today Republicans are rabidly frothing at the mouth over.) 

Now that you have the severity of the alleged crime firmly implanted in your brain, let's proceed. 

This reasonably suspicious traitorous illegal action came about as a result of Abedin being overpaid during a ten-day trip to Italy where, it is alleged, she did no work yet did not take leave according to her official timesheet.   Definitely need a full-scale, multi-million dollar Congressional investigation over this one, right?  I mean, after all, we can’t have government employees – suspected Muslim terrorists in particular – ripping off the government.

But wait.  According to the WashPo article, the Inspector General’s Office, you know, the guys who are actually responsible for ferreting out criminal activity in the Department of State rather than some random Senator who happens to dislike Hillary's new hairdo, they found that, indeed, Abedin did do extensive work while on that ten day trip to Italy.   Huh!  So what is it that Grassley is going on about?  Wait.  There's more.  

There are other issues, however, and Grassley has been houndogging them for over two years now.  The other issues involve Abedin’s “special government employee status” which during the final six months of her tenure at State allowed her to take outside work with the Clinton Foundation and Teneco, a firm led by longtime Bill Clinton aide, Douglas Band.  But wait!  The timeline of events in this case does not support Grassley’s’ allegations of favoritism in attempting to secure a position in the White House for a friend of Band’s.    The friend was named to a White House panel in 2010, before Clinton's charity hired Teneco and before Teneco hired Abedin.   And if friends in high places hiring friends to political positions is some sort of crime, then we've just indicted all 100 Senators and all 435 members of the House of Representatives.

And let's all remember that Halliburton/KBR ripped off us taxpayers for the tidy sum of something like $1.4 billion during the Iraq War and there was not a single Congressional hearing on this issue but Grassley is hell bent on investigating the possible time and attendance sheet overcharge of $10,000.

So there you have it folks.  The sordid, sorry, tale of Clinton misdeeds, lies, traitorous and illegal acts continues unabated.  In fact, just yesterday I read a post that Hillary Clinton didn’t actually pull the trigger that killed Vince Foster, but that she directed the murder. 

And how long have the Benghazi and IRS investigations been going on?  Yeah. 

That’s the latest Breaking News Clinton scandal folks!       



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