Thanks Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Matt Drudge

Another in a series of articles this morning in the Washington Post about the seven-state Jade Helm 15 military exercises later just underway illustrating the utter insanity of that Obama-haters or the resiliency of conspiracy theories.  Or both I suppose. 

It’s no secret that Jade Helm, another in a regularly held series of multi-state military exercises, has become a kind of rural myth among a certain segment of the American population, mainly among the red-necked, not-so-bright Southern conservatives who are also uber-patriotic American Freedom Lovers.   Although never before in the history of the nation have such exercises been deemed a plot to overturn America with ISIS jihadists and blue-helmeted UN troops and end forever the American the republic, we’ve never had a Black President before so all bets are off.  At least among our Southern wazoo friends and neighbors. 

As I was reading this article, I couldn’t help but wonder how it is that a substantial majority of us didn’t believe that electing America’s first African American President – twice - was going to result in the total destruction of the nation.  Then again, I suppose there’s no accounting for insanity.  Here are few of the juicer quotes from the article:

            Sign outside the Bastrop, Texas headquarters of the local Republican Party:
            “WISE UP AMERICA!”

            From Republican County Chairman Albert Ellison: “ Many Texans believe that          Obama was raised by Communists and mentored by terrorists.” 

            Some Bastrop residents suspect Obama is spying on them, wants to    confiscate their guns, and ultimately establish martial law.

            Signs at the County Courthouse:  “No Gestapo in Bastrop,” “Keep America      Free,” “Dissent is Not a Conspiracy Theory”

            Mark Peterson, Black Bastrop resident:  “What I hate to hear most is, “We      want to take our country back.” This is still your country.  Where did it go?  If   there were anyone other than Obama as President, this wouldn’t be an issue.

            After an hours long public hearing led by Lt. Colonial Mark Lastoria to explain           Jade Helm 15, Albert Ellison stated: “the fear factor is justified.”

            Obama has a history of attacking Texas from education standards [Common             Core] to environmental regulations to Obamacare according to Ellis.  “It’s not   that much of a leap to believe that he would try to employ the military like he           does the IRS.”

Carol Schumacher, a Bastrop artist whose property back up onto Camp Swift, laughed when asked about the Jade Helm conspiracy theorists.

“I think those people are crazy.  I’m more worried about them taking over.”

Now, except for Carol, doesn’t all this crap sound like utter silliness?  The ravings of mad men?  Is there some LSD in the drinking water maybe? 

But if you don’t know where all this craziness arises, I can tell you:  Right Wing Media – conservative web sites, conservative bloggers, and Fox News. Despite the fact that some Jade Helm Obama conspiracy has not a single shred of fact to support it, it has staying power.  And one reason for all the weird, crazy memes that continue to have traction is the lack of strong refutation in the press. 

The prime progenitors of Jade Helm 15 and nearly all of the other myths that surround Obama, Common Core, liberals, and socialism, is Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the web of conservative radio talk-show hosts around the country.  And they are legion.  Make no mistake, these folks have no qualms about both creating and embellishing all the craziness that the right wingers and conservatives foment because we have a Black President.  And despite the madness,  there is precious little response from our more “normal” media. 

Take this article for example, except for the closing quite (above) from an artist (not exactly the best authoritative voice one could cite if you are a raving Texan conspiracy theorist) the article actually does nothing to prove, intimate or dispel the reigning meme that Jade Helm 15 is some sort of Obama takeover plot. 

This is a problem with the Washington Post and, dare I say it, the liberal leaning media as well, other than Jon Stewart, who don’t seem to be able to, or see it as unseemly or ungentlemanly, to take on such nonsense directly, forcefully and dispel with facts these conspiracies and other results of the Obama-hatred syndrome.  Without such clarity these conspiracies keep on bubbling underground and seeping their toxic fumes into the air that we breathe, adding only poison to the narrative.    Or maybe the media knows that nothing they do will counter the effects of the Obama Hatred Syndrome. 


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