Do you ever feel as if the entire world has just gone crazy?  Sunni’s and Shiite’s slaughtering each other in the Middle East. Cops in Texas wrestling 14 year old bikini clad females to the ground with drawn guns?  An NAACP local chapter “White” president passing as a Black woman?  Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair for some reason I can’t fathom?  Twelve, sixteen, twenty (I’ve lost count) Republican Presidential contenders still spouting the same old conservative economic and social policies that have proven so disastrous to us ordinary Americans?   More stand-offs out West over grazing fees on Federal Land?  Republicans still trying to make Obama a one term President?

WTF?  What is this?

And then, along comes old, wrinkled, dyed-hair, has-been Grandma, no accomplishments to her credit, Hillary Clinton with her official announcement that she is running for President.   And guess what?  She’s heard us.  Or she’s heard Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  She has come out strongly to the left of what I will call the “Bill Clinton/Barak Obama” Center-Wishywashiness that has characterized the Democratic political landscape since Bill’s election in 1992.  Hillary’s announcement is a breath of fresh, liberal, air and I am ecstatic. 

Until now, Hillary has wisely refused to answer reporters’ questions about the Benghazi e-mails, her position on the TPP trade agreement (until yesterday), the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation, the Vince Foster murder charges and a host of other right wing alleged criminal charges that have surfaced over the past twenty years since she was First Lady.  If you don’t patronize the Yahoo and Politico comment exchanges you might not have any idea just how deep a certain segment of public’s suspicion is over Hillary.  Suspicion, that is, among the “vast right wing conspiracy out to get her and Bill” as she so presciently observed back in 1998.  “Cankles” is by far the most popular moniker for Hillary among the right wing stupidos.  And never fear, this vast right wing conspiracy is still with us, just more organized and more potent today than in 2015. 

Frankly, I can’t fathom the depth of animosity towards Hillary and I’m not sure where it comes from other than the right wing’s abhorrent aversion to anyone to the left of Hitler.  Me? I met Hillary a couple of times and had a couple of brief conversations with her while she was First Lady.  How did this occur?  Well, my daughter and the First Daughter at the time, Chelsea, attended Sidwell Friends School here in D.C. and Hillary, like me, attended our children’s field hockey games whenever other pressing business allowed.  We chatted a couple of times about our respective offspring.  Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, pretty much like any other exchange on the grassy playing field that any two parents would engage in.  She was quite personable although very much interested in what was happening on the field.  From my daughter came the observation – I asked her, of course – that Chelsea was well liked among the student body even though they weren’t all that enthused about the Secret Service guys sitting in the hallways every day . 

Then there was Back to School Night where I literally bumped into Bill (Chelsea and my daughter were taking the same AP Biology Class) and I took it upon myself to chat a bit with fellow Sidwell parent, Hillary.   Another pleasant exchange, nothing of great import.  But if nothing else, my brief interactions with Hillary in the context of our daughters’ school, were no different from countless other such interactions with parents whom I didn’t know all that well.

Did these encounters set me up to be a Hillary supporter in 2015?  No.  But I was impressed at how “normal” Hillary was – how she interacted with the other parents, watching her speak to Chelsea’s classmates, her relaxed, approachable demeanor in the midst of us normal folks all the while being trailed by black-suited Secret Service agents lending an air of surrealness to what would otherwise have been mundane encounters.

But now we are looking at the Democratic frontrunner to be the next candidate for the President of the United States.  I’m not 1000% in Hillary’s corner.  I have yet to see how she intends to overcome the middle-of-the-road-centrist stance of our past and present social and economic malaise that, if continued, will only continue to lead to more Working and Middle Class destruction on the altar of Unfettered Free Market Capitalism.  This is a tough task given that we are in a state where corporations have free reign to do whatever they feel like to ensure that they remain unfettered no matter how much destruction they wreck upon us and the planet.  That must change and I’m not sure that Hillary, given her vast connections to the powers that be in our country, is up to the task.  Barak was not, even though in 2008 he seemed like the go-to candidate to accomplish this much needed overhaul. 

But will I vote for Hillary presuming that she is the Democratic candidate?  You betcha.  All you have to do is look to the hoard of Republican candidates and you will see that not a one has even the vaguest clue as to what’s happening out here in the real world.  At least Obama got it right on the money about what Americans were looking for in his 2008 campaign even if he did not deliver.   All the Republicans are still yapping about “cutting taxes creates jobs” in some outdated saw that continues to enthrall them but not the rest of us. 

La Lutte Continues.  On to 2016.


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