Yup!  That’s right. One Hundred and Eighty Six (Count ‘em 186) page views of my blog on Saturday.  My usual count is around 40 per day so I’m not sure what’s going on.  Has the NSA determined that I’m a threat to national security?  Has Rush Limbaugh called me out as a Commie Librul on his radio talk show?  At least this time the vast majority of the lookers were from the United States and not Russia like the last time this happened.

Along the lines of all things weird, here are a couple of things that come to mind:

1.         Why is that the one time I leave the stove on – lowest flame possible - and fly to the Safeway for a quick pasta pick-up to allow for that the last hour of simmering so my tomato basil sauce tastes just like my Aunt’s Annie’s used to, I wind up behind some Mamma who’s using food stamps to buy lobsters, crabs legs and filet mignon?

2.         Why does it take only 3 or 4 minutes to book a flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Kochi International Airport with a connection in Doha but it takes an hour and a half to cancel it and involves at least three different phone calls?

3.         Sticking with the airlines theme, how come some airlines board in reverse order – highest seat numbers at the back of the plane board first (after the wheelchairs, kids, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Lead Frequent Milers) - and others just resort to the old cattle call method that results in backed up aisles and folks having to climb over seats to get by?   I mean every single ticket has  “ZONE NUMBER” printed on it.  What?  The ground crew folks can’t read?

4.         It used to be I could spend six hours skiing a Double Blue Diamond slope in the middle of winter in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and come away with aching muscles and a profound, yet satisfying, tiredness.  So why is it today I wrench my back carrying a bag of groceries from my car to the house?

5.         I used to be able to recognize every single song on the radio but today I have absolutely no idea who sings 98% of what I hear.   Then again, why are they so unmusical?

6.         When I research compost bins on Amazon and Home Depot, why must I be treated to those annoying ads for the next three days telling me that Sears or J.C. Penny’s or Sur La Table has better and cheaper compost bins?

7.         How come when I set Google as my default internet search engine the next day somehow Bing or Yahoo suddenly have taken over my default preference?  Yahoo has a search engine?  Who knew?

8.         Mystery of mysteries.   Why is it that after I upgraded to Comcast’s super duper faster than God internet service, I still get those annoying “buffering” messages with the spinning wheel thingy when I’m watching porn movies?

Ah!!!!!  The Mysteries of Life in the 21st Century!


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