I’m lucky.  Over the years I’ve come to know any number of Muslims, mainly Muslim-Americans let’s say, but not exclusively.  I have Muslims friends, acquaintances and business associates from Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, the UAE and Indonesia.  Now, there are differences between Islam and Christianity – some theological, many more situational – and we Christians aren’t required to pray five times a day, not that most of my Muslim friends do, but that’s another story. There are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world and it is the second most “popular” religion in the world after Christianity.  There are about 2.6 million Muslims in the United States or less than 1% of the population.  So it’s not all that surprising that you don’t run into an Imam every day here in the U.S.  Although we think of the Middle East as having a lot of Muslims, in reality it’s Indonesia that has the largest population of Muslims at 205 million.  Pakistan comes in second with 178 million and India ranks third with 177 million.  Saudi Arabia, in contrast, has about 29 million. 

For those readers of mine (that’s presuming I have any) who may not have any close Muslims friends, acquaintances or workmates, and may not, as a result, know much of anything about Muslims and Islam, I wanted to give you a couple of examples of how a certain slice of the American public thinks about Islam and Muslims.  I’ve seen literally
hundreds if not thousands of comments like these and worse over the past few years and it behooves all of us to understand just how vitriolic is the propaganda against Muslims among that ignorant segment of our society, basically the same slice who believe that Obama is a Muslim.  Let’s just call them lo-info conservative bigots.

Here they are:

Thomas  •  1 hour 16 minutes ago Report Abuse
Wow, it truly is an outdated philosophy. These people are weak minded #$%$ that need to be exterminated. I am tired of all the hate and violence on innocent people. At some point someone needs to be the bigger bully, we need to throw out political correctness and have some public executions of these parasites of the world. I feel as if this sector of people have not evolved one bit in a 1000 years. It seems as is if they are jealous of people who can think on their own. Bunch of brainwashed morons.

Grumpf  •  17 minutes ago Report Abuse
I would recommend that their corpses be defiled by definition of the laws of Islam and then be burned and dumped in a landfill mixed with pig guts. Make sure the Muslims know that this is what will happen to them if they are "martyred". Terrorists and murderers do not deserve to find redemption after they die no matter what faith they adhere to. They will be a lot less likely to sacrifice themselves if they aren't guaranteed a place in heaven. They belong in hell. Send them there.

Cat  •  44 minutes ago Report Abuse
We need to deal with these "people", and I use the term loosely, just like we deal with rats and other vermin. Don't wait until they show themselves. Put together an elite multi national mercenary strike force and hunt them down wherever they live. And I DO mean wherever. Exterminate them surgically and methodically. No mercy, no trials, no questioning. It's time to protect ourselves, and to do that, we must terminate with extreme prejudice.

MA  •  29 minutes ago Report Abuse
When will the world wake up and realize Islam is a violent hate-filled political ideology with a goal to take over the entire world.
The Koran promotes hate, violence and intolerance.
Islam and its supporters need to be eliminated from the face of the earth.

Arthur 6 minutes ago
Islam is barbaric... and a plague on the modern world. Muslims, including the "good", are all backwards. It is ironic that Muslim have the audacity to actually complain, about the fictitious persecution of Muslims, in the U.S. and other western countries. Even if it was true, that Americans constantly goes after Muslims, it is not like they haven't done anything to deserve it. There is no ideology, that is as evil, as Islam. From crucifying children to stoning gays... the intolerance amongst Muslims, is unbelievably great. Muslims are racist bigots, who persecute everyone, but when a cartoon is drawn of their religion(Islam), they murder, in the name of Allah. At some point, if Muslims keep going down this road, of murder and terrorism, the entire world is going to turn against Islam. At some point, the world might realize, that the only way to have peace, is to COMPLETELY eradicated, the religion of Islam... for the safety, of everyone, because these zealots will keep on trying to push Islam on people of other religions and killing, in the name of Allah.

So there you have it. These comments were from a Yahoo news article, not some ultra right wing Nazi site.  There were hundreds of them from this one article.  I have no way of knowing who Arthur, Cat, MA, Grumpf and Thomas are.  I don’t know if the are Jews or Christians.  Nor to I know their ages, race, or ethnicity.  One thing I do know with certainty, is that none of these upright Americans know the least bit about Muslims and it’s highly doubtful that they have even spoken to a Muslim in their entire lives.  I mean at less than 1% of the U.S. population the odds are not great.   That they could spew such hatred out of such abject ignorance is, I suppose, where we are here in America today, the land of the free and the home of the brave. 


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