A Reply to a Politico Poster Who Maintained That Indiana’s Law Was No Different From all the Other State Legislated RFRA’s

  • Two Points. 1. “This exact same law is in the books of about 20 states, including Connecticut and
    Virginia.” . . . Wrong. You are a liar, and you and many other ignorant Republican leaning individuals and FA UX news can keep make that erroneously claim a million times, and you will still be telling a lie.
The Indiana law explicitly allows any for-profit business to assert a right to the free exercise of religion. The federal RFRA that Clinton signed does NOT contain such language, and neither does any of the state RFRAs except South Carolina’s . . . . The Indiana statute explicitly makes a business’s ‘free exercise’ right a defense against a private lawsuit by another person, rather than simply against actions brought by government . . . The Illinois bill that Obama supported is very different from Indiana’s. The Illinois law speaks of religious practices by a “person,” but does NOT offer a definition, while the Indiana law defines “person” to include corporations . . . . The Illinois law was written and designed to allow someone to change the government’s burdens on people’s religious beliefs. The Indiana law specifically says you can use the law in a lawsuit even if the government isn’t a party . . . . Illinois also has a statewide law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, but Indiana does NOT have a statewide law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation. Attempts to add provisions like this to the Indiana RFRA failed, REVEALING that the proponents of this law did indeed intend to authorize discrimination against LGBT people.
The above are irrefutable FACTS, but you can feel free to remain ignorant and ignore facts. Your reply is not surprising, because you and many Republicans run away from facts the way a roach runs away from light and bug spray. Facts are your enemy, and being uneducated and dumb apparently keeps you at your comfort level.
2. You are a big part of the problem, because it’s individuals like you who don’t want to accept and acknowledge the AWFUL TRUTH about many in the GOP – the party is rampant with and WELCOMES Bigots, including Racists. It’s just an irrefutable FACT, and if you support these Bigots, then you are no better than this GOP FILTH: OWN IT and wallow in the filth – Bigots in denial like many Republicans, are still Bigots.

End of reply.
Nicely done, I thought.  And she – it was a she – is absolutely correct about her analysis of the Indiana law.  I read an article from the Indianapolis newspaper a couple of weeks ago that pointed out the dangers of the law that were precisely what this commentator concludes as well.  The Constitution protects us from an imposition of religion by the government, the Federal Government in that case.  It does not protect private individuals or corporations if they attempt to impose religious restrictions on anyone else.   Except for the Hobby Lobby Corporation, of course.

NB:  Just as night follows day, the Republican crowd is blaming ‘the libruls” for all the fuss and pushback against the Indiana law.  This, of course, is right up the right wing’s alley:  They do something stupid and then they blame the liberals when we get pissed off at their stupidity.    

What? We aren’t supposed to notice? 


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