It’s 2015.  Not sure what to expect from the New Year.  One thing that will be new is Republican control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Well, good luck to all of us for this menacing development in our lives! 

I gave up on the partying, bar, nightclub, and vast gatherings scenes a long time ago.  Typically, we see a play or go to a movie.  This year we were at a friend’s house for dinner.   Saw a local DC news report that asked Washington’s residents what they were going to be doing New Year’s Eve and how they were getting home.  The “Designated Driver” category beat out taxis, Metro Rail, Uber and Metro Bus.  Surprisingly, 78% of the folks polled said they were staying at home.  I’m down with that.  It's definitely safer.  But it might be that folks are staying home since the temps here are below bloody freezing again.  Although I just saw that next Wednesday the high temperature is supposed to be 60 degrees.  That’s winter in DC for you. 

New Year’s Resolutions?  Don’t do them anymore either.   If I did though, here’s  a few suggestions for resolutions that I would consider for 2015:

1.  No more political donations to Democrats until they start acting like Democrats again rather than the Republican-lite candidates they’ve morphed into for the last few election cycles.  (Hillary, are you listening?)

2.  I promise that I will NOT listen to Rush, Michael Savage or watch Fox News for more than 15 minutes at a stretch.  After all I’m at the age when sudden strokes are not uncommon and I need to avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

3.    I will ratchet up my verbal and moral support for Barak Obama, Michelle Obama and the Obama Kids.  Oh, and that big black dog too.  And this will apply to anyone and everyone I run into including the Obama-haters.   Can’t you already hear the thunderous right wing cries of rage as the vetoes start piling up? 

4.   When we eat out in restaurants, I will no longer say to myself as the “wait person” plunks down a 24” multi-meat pizza glistening with a thin layer of yummy oil on top in front of me,  “Well, I haven’t had a pizza for at least a month so what could be the harm?”  

5. I resolve not to throw objects at the TV screen when it becomes all pixilated because the FCC hasn’t approved the Comcast/Time Warner merger nor scream obscenities at it when the “Netflix is currently unavailable. Try later.”  announcement appears because the Comcast guys are choking the chicken feed in their war with Netflix. 

6.  As to my personal exercise program, I resolve not to include my early morning opening the front door, reaching out my hand and bending down from my waist to pick up my daily Washington Post as fulfilling half of my daily exercise requirements.

7.  I resolve not to order any more double G&T’s to accompany my bag of medium popcorn at the E Street Cinema telling myself that I need the hydration.  Or that the slice of lime helps to prevent scurvy.  

8.   Continuing my volunteer public education efforts, I resolve to answer right wing comments posted on Yahoo and Politico with courtesy, deference and kindness despite the fact that these folks are just ignorant lumps of brainless protoplasm who wouldn’t know a fact if it slapped them across the face or was forced up their rectums as “data replenishment” therapy. 

9.   Finally, for the New Year of 2015, with the Good Lord's help, I resolve to wake up each morning for the next 365 mornings.  (That’s it.  At my age it’s enough!)



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