(Maybe because it’s not all that pretty for them to remember?)

I reprint what was a response to a particularly vicious comment about Hillary Clinton a couple of months ago as she was on her book tour.  I found it in my “electronic file cabinet” and thought it worthwhile reprinting it in its entirety since our 2014 mid-term elections will be fast upon on us.  I, for one,  think it would be a good idea to recall the facts of our country's recent past. 

L. Streeter

Once again the American illiterate are demonstrating the failure of the country’s education system.  These, childish, ignorant and unfounded comments condemning Secretary Clinton only serve to confirm that thee is no mature, intelligent and valid argument against one of the greatest, most accomplished and intelligent women to ever grace the national and international stage.

It never fails though; mention a Clinton and the memory-challenged Republicans flash back 16 years ….forgetting the truth of what has happened since.  For example:

12 years ago (2000) George W Bush – with the help of his brother, the Governor of Florida; his campaign manager, Florida’s Secretary of State and Election Commissioner; and the Supreme Court, appointed by Daddy Bush and Reagan – shanghaied the presidency, but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget.

9 years ago (20 March 2003) Bush and his criminal cohorts lied to the country and the world about WMDs in Iraq; used those lies as an excuse to pursue their neo-con agenda and protecting interests of oil billionaires (Bush cronies), by illegally invading and occupying a sovereign nation that was no threat to the USA….but the memory challenged Republicans choose to forget.

Also 9 years ago (1 May) Bush made his infamous speech claiming “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” yet the wars waged on for the rest of his administration, taking the lives of thousands upon thousands young Americans, the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis, and never accomplishing his blustering goal of getting Osama bin Laden “dead or alive!”  But the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget. 

During George W Bush’s 8 years in office he more than doubled the federal deficit to a staggering $10.6 TRILLION (which President Obama inherited) but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget.

In 2008 Bush left the presidency and the country with a worldwide financial crisis, an American economy in free-fall, and two unwinnable wars; the legacy of George W Bush’s catastrophic eight year reign (all inherited by President Obama) but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget.

On the other hand, President Clinton presided over the longest period of peacetime economic expansion in American history, but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget.

During President Clinton’s last 3 years in office, the Congressional Budget Office reported budget surpluses of $69 billion in 1998, $120 billion in 1999 and $236 billion in 2000, but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget. 

When President Clinton left office he had the highest end-of-office approval rating of any US president since World War II, and his ratings in pubic opinion polls have remained at the highest levels ever since, but the memory-challenged Republicans choose to forget. 

The ONLY THING that the pseudo-puritan Republican hypocrites CAN REMEMBER is that 16 YEARS AGO Bill Clinton lied about an incident of fellatio – a private and entirely personal matter that was the business of absolutely no one but Monica, Bill and his wife.

Bush steals the presidency; lies to the world; illegally invades a nation that was no threat to the USA, killing hundreds of thousands, tarnishes America’s credit rating and reputation throughout the world; more than doubles the federal deficit; destroys the housing market; decimates American and world economies; and starts two wars that he was not capable of winning or ending; but the only thing that you clueless Republican hypocrites can remember is an incident of fellatio that occurred 16+ YEAS AGO!

You pseudo-puritan Republican hypocrites were totally clueless as the events of 3, 9 & 12 years ago unfolded, you have no memory whatsoever as to the skullduggery carried out by the criminal Bush Administration – yet 16 YEARS HAVE PASSED and you pathetic hypocrites are still obsessed with the fellatio.  Get Help. 

I don’t know who L. Streeter is. I think this was probably a reply on Politico, a site where I too often post comments.  But, while I don’t know if L. Streeter is male, female, young, old, it’s certain that there is a profound passion in his/her writings that just warms my heart! 

Have a good day.   


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