I mean you see this all the time don’t you?  You’ve heard it on Fox News, you’ve heard on Rush Limbaugh's and Michael Savage's radio broadcasts, you’ve heard conservative Congressmen and Congresswomen say that the reason American is in such bad shape is the fault of the Liberals. Socialists and Communists, too, but let’s keep it simple.  So let’s take a look at the kinds of policies, laws and attitudes that have been adopted over the past thirty years here in America.

Since 1980 (ground zero for conservative economics and the culture wars) these are some of the polices, laws and initiatives that have been instituted across America:

  • Voter ID Laws That Disenfranchise Minority Voters
  • Greater Restrictions On Access To Legal Abortions
  • Less Stringent Gun Control Laws
  • New Gun Carry Laws
  • Tax Cuts After Tax Cuts After Tax Cuts
  • Demonization of the Nation’s First African American President
  • Federal Government Shutdown
  • No Tax Code Reform
  • Demonization of Government Workers
  • Ballooning Incarceration Rates
  • Outsourcing Of Jobs to China (GATT & NAFTA)
  • Expansion Of Low Wage Poverty Jobs
  • Denial Of Unemployment Benefits Following The Worst Worldwide Economic Collapse In 85 Years
  • Naming the Working Poor and the Elderly as “Moochers”
  • No Prosecution of Wall Street And Big Banks Who Caused Economic Collapse
  • Unlimited Anti-Competitive Corporate Mergers and Consolidation
  • Increasing Worldwide Hatred For America
  • Flood of Anonymous Money As A Result OF Citizen’s United
  • Decline of Unionized Workers From 30% to 12%
  • Decades of Climate Change Denial
  • Paltry R&D for Alternative Energy Sources
  • Decreasing Incomes for Working and Middle Class Families
  • Increasing Wealth Gap Between Ordinary Americans and the Rich
  • Exploding CEO Compensation
  • Hobby Lobby Decision Allowing Private Companies to Deny Birth Control Coverage to Their Employees
  • Flood of Chinese Manufactured Products Into the US
  • Religious Organizations Receiving Direct Federal /Taxpayer Funds
  • Increased Militarization of Local Police Forces
  • Increased Incarceration Rates and Longer Prison Terms for Minorities Than Whites for the Same Crimes
  • Continued Decline of Student Achievement Rates Compared to Other Western Nations
  • Creationism Taught as a Science
  • Overturning of Parts of the Civil Rights Act by the Supreme Court
  • Abandonment of the Space Program

Now it’s axiomatic that these are not the only policies and attitudes that we’ve been subjected to over the past thirty years.  No.  And there have been some Liberal initiatives, the ACA among them.  And Democrats are not innocent in where we’ve come and how we got here.  They too are complicit.  But on the other hand, in reading through my selective list, one really does have to admit that there are some very critical and wide ranging social and economic “initiatives” that have shaped American society and governance over the past thirty+ years.  They’ve had an undeniable impact on our daily lives and they all fall on the conservative side of the liberal/conservative agenda.  So:

To say that America has been riven, divided, damaged, destroyed by the “Liberal Agenda” is not only laughable on its face but downright wrong. 

Liberal Agenda?  Would That It Were So! 

That’s my view.  


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