This is an article about a poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal in the wake of Eric Cantor’s primary election defeat a while ago.  I think it speaks volumes – no matter how “inaccurate” the numbers may be according to the right wingers – to where the majority of Americans stand on several “hot button” issues across the country.  Even a curt analysis of the data shows that the country is definitely not where the Tea Party is and basically reveals that we are not so divided as the right wing Blatherers (Yes, you, Rush, Hannity and Savage) would have you believe.
As House Republicans pick new leaders in the wake of Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat last week, our new NBC/WSJ poll finds that the Tea Party is in a VERY different place on key issues -- than both non-Tea Party Republicans and the general population. It’s a stunning contrast. Take the supposedly politically charged issue of Common Core education standards (Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is seeking to end his state’s involvement with these standards). Tea Party Republicans oppose them by 53%-38% in our poll. By contrast, the country at large supports them by a pretty non-controversial 59%-31% margin, and non-Tea Party Republicans narrowly favor them, 49%-42%. On immigration, the poll shows that 68% of Tea Party Republicans believe immigration hurts the United States, versus just 47% of non-Tea Party Republicans and 42% of all Americans who say that. And on the environment, Tea Party Republicans disapprove -- by a 74%-23% margin -- of a proposal that would require companies to reduce greenhouse gases, even if it means higher energy costs for consumers. By contrast, 57% of Americans and 50% of non-Tea Party Republicans APPROVE of the proposal. What’s more, 39% of Tea Party Republicans think that concern about global warming is unwarranted, while just 13% of all Americans and 7% of non-Tea Party Republicans believe that.

Breaking down the numbers:
Here are the numbers above again:

Does immigration help or hurt the United States?
Republican Tea Party supporters: 68% hurt, 19% help
Non-Tea Republicans: 47% hurt, 40% hel
Country at large: 47% help, 42% hurt

Support or oppose Common Core?
Republican Tea Party supporters: 53% oppose, 38% support
Non-Tea Republicans: 49% support, 42% oppose
Country at large: 59% support, 31% oppose
Approve or disapprove of proposal to reduce greenhouse gases?
Republican Tea Party supporters: Disapprove 74%, approve 23%
Non-Tea Republicans: 50% approve, 47% disapprove
Country at large: 57% approve, 39% disapprove

What to do about climate change?
Republican Tea Party supporters: 39% global warming is unwarranted, 38% don’t know enough, 16% some action should be taken, 6% serious/needs immediate action
Non-Tea Republicans: 43% some action, 31% don’t know enough, 17% serious/immediate action, 7% unwarranted
 Country at large: 31% serious/needs immediate action, 30% some action, 24% don’t know enough, 13% unwarranted

I thought it worthwhile publishing this now since immigration has replaced Obamacare as the conservatives shiny object of the moment domestically and with the downing of the Malaysian Airlines 777 and a loss of 298 lives over the Ukraine, foreign policy (one of the right wing's favorite topics to prove Obama’s incompetence) is in the news once again. I do this just to remind us that the Tea Party, Ted Cruz and the right winger "patriots" might dominate the media but these folks and their bigoted, selfish downright cruel ideology don’t represent the views and attitudes of the majority of ordinary Americans. 

What the survey shows is basically why Obama was re-elected in 2012 by such a solid margin.


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