I Reprint In Full An "Informed Comment" Reply To An Article About POW Bergdahl

“six U.S. soldiers were killed during the searches…” Well, we’re into Scandal-land, now aren’t we, where the broad view and what, proportionality and balance and all that, go out the window as the yapping dogs of DC get their sharp little puppy teeth into another boot from the mud room.
How many “US soldiers” (and British and French and Canadian and those other Willing Coalition units) were killed kicking in doors in Kandahar and Wardak, those places that their officers assured them (before zipping back to rear areas) would be where they would earn their place in history by “defeating the enemy” and “winning this war?”
No hit on you, Jack, you are just reporting what’s been said, but Pat Tillman died on one of a practically uncountable (because buried deep by the System) number of idiotic “missions.”( One hint: Obama, and the machine he represents, could care less if you support him/them or not.) How in hell does even “defeating (now reduced to “weakening”) the Taliban, that collection of groups of warriors and thugs that we happily bribe and get in bed with when it suits us,” advance our security and “national interests?” Let alone the interests of the great mass of ordinary people who pay for all of it? Put a “forward base” or embassy in the middle of a place where you don’t really know the human or physical terrain, impose a bunch of rear-area-generated requirements for “missions” and “patrolling” on the troops from a morally bankrupt “doctrine’ that is all about EMPIRE and its commercial aspects, and you get Kill Squads and torture and rape and “dead of small arms fire,” and “injured by explosion, Wardak, March 15,” and the circle of revenge, the pitiful macho dance that warriors do when some of them kill some of us so we kill some of their “side” so they kill some of our “side, and repeat until once again “we,” finally and expensively, “move in a direction away from the enemy.” Which by the definition we wrote is “out of the country,” since “the enemy”as we define it is ALL AROUND YOU.
So now all of a sudden, instead of this being “about” EMPIRE and its futilities (albeit with some of its Rulers getting to live really high on the upside and most of the decline), it’s “about” one dude who may just have sickened of the whole thing and tried to walk away — though given the noise and fraud that our MSM and Rulers can generate, one wonders if we will ever know the “truth”. A very few troops walked off into “the economy,” and more effectively stood down by stuff like fake patrolling, in the Vietnam thing, especially toward the later stages as the desire not to be the last one to die in futility grew more poignant. So to protect our internal Narrative, we are going to have to make a traitor, a deserter, a nut case out of Bowe Bergdahl, rather than just a human who was maybe too much human and not enough stiff-necked Troop to Man Up and go on with the Idiocy. And now has his Swift Boat moment…
I wonder if those “deaths” that the Narrative wants to hang around Bergdahl’s neck will get any detailed attention, with careful interviews of the survivors, gimlet-eyed review of after-action reports (those deep reservoirs of fraud) and so on. 2 to 6 months after? What were the mission parameters and threat environment and all that? Ah, sh_t, it doesn’t matter — it will all be just more of the effing same, more Vietnam, more Grenada, more Panama, more AFRICOM now, more War is nothing but a Racket, now slightly displaced into automation-moderated and -facilitated involvements in killing, for the sake of WHAT, again? The ultimate interoperability of the military caste, all over the planet, so the Brass can take what they want, when they want, but on a more elegant and better PR’d scale than Boko Haram’s Gunmen?
Ignorance In Action


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