African Americans In Mississippi Fight Back

 “Mississippi’s Low-Life, Underhanded, lazy Moocher African Americans Acting Uppity Again”

No, I haven’t seen this headline – yet – but there’s still time.  I’ll listen to Rush later today to keep you abreast of the latest right wing “Breaking News.”  

I find it ironic that this week is the 50th anniversary of the murders of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman – all working in Mississippi that summer of 1964 to register African Americans to vote – and Tuesday that effort paid off handsomely in spades! (Apologies where required.) 

Thwarting Tea Party darling Chris McDaniel’s bid to become Mississippi’s Republican Senate candidate, it’s now clear that it was the increase in voter turnout among Mississippi’s African American community that secured the nomination for incumbent Thad Cochran.   And, make no mistake about it, Mississippi’s African Americans understand fully that it’s not in their own best interests that a Republican represent them in the Senate.  But in a state that has sent Republicans to Congress for four decades, Cochran’s call for “crossover” voting in the state’s open primary to prevent uber-conservative idiot McDaniel from taking the race, struck a chord and they responded.     

By way of data, turnout was higher in this run-off election than in the June 3rd primary.  In a state with the largest percentage of African American residents (36%), 24 of Mississippi’s counties have majority Black populations.  Cochran won 71% of the votes in those counties where African Americans make up at least 60% of the population.  This gave Cochran an 18,000 vote margin and grew his vote total by nearly 40,000 over his totals in the June 3rd primary.  Cochran beat McDaniel by 6,693 votes out of a total 375,000 votes cast. 

Also, by way of irony, McDaniel is 41 years old and would have been no more than a wisp of DNA residing in his future parents’ cells and, therefore, would have no real world experience at how deeply shocked, traumatized and disgusted the country was with the murders of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman.  At 76, Cochran, on the other hand, probably remembers the galvanizing effect this horrific event had on the country.  He would have been 26 years old back in 1964.   On the other hand, (this would be my third “middle member,” if you know what I mean) I’ve found that American history – at least ACCURATE American History – is not a strong suit among the Tea Party members as they try to drag us backward to that Promised Land that existed in some mythical location at some mystical historical timeframe that was a cornucopia of freedom, liberty, democracy and personal responsibility.  

So it would seem that Mississippi’s “low information voters” (as the right wingers love to call anyone who disagrees with their Fascist philosophy) maybe aren’t so dumb after all.  Seems to me they were presented with a call to arms and, as real believers in the real America that responded to the call of the Civil Rights Movement, they responded brilliantly!  

PS: All the Tea Party blather about Cantor being ousted from his House seat I think is just plain wrong.  I usually describe Cantor as an “arrogant prick” (accurately, to my way of thinking) and it’s my hunch that his constituents finally agreed with me.  


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